A humble effort towards Astrology

A humble effort towards the evolving principles of Human Astrology

I am for Astrology as an art of psychology reading. I would like to emphasize that Astrology is not only ancient psychology, it is an all time relevant science the major aspect of which is not prediction but psychology reading to suggest prescription for careful actions and decisions. Unfortunately predictive astrology occupies the uppermost echelon of relevance in the labyrinthine staircase of this science. My contentions, as follows, may leave an impression that it is a quantum jump and variation from the traditional Astrology as if it were a new school of thought. But there is nothing like that. In fact a good astrologer has been always practicing or employing these things without being able to express those explicitly. But I think if astrology has to rise above the doubtful or suspicious glances of rationalist, these implicit issues have to be sorted out in a scientific manner. Till now Astrology has been wandering in a heathen of mysticism which I disliked right from the beginning. You see in animal world every species is ruled by only one sign and one planet. Once the species come into existence it’s relation with the cosmos is broken because there is no internal or latent world inside them, which is the prime distinction between animal and human being. The role of cosmos comes back when a sufficient force for mutation by the environmental factors has been generated and then a new species comes into existence. The different species are nothing but the different forms of intelligence devoid of any utility and concept of Karma because there is no concept of society or the internal world. But things changed with the advent of human body and mind. The concept of mutation was replaced with Astrophysical mutation. Our Astrology is caught somewhere between reality of cosmos and the limitation of animals. We need to rise above it. So I would like to call my concepts simply as Human Astrology. But in any case my arguments should not be construed as a negation or deprecation of the noble prediction methods as devised by the great Astrologers like Sri KrishnaMurti.


To begin with Astrology may be defined as a cognitive science of destiny, where sum total of good luck or bad luck is born out of evolutionary force and karma, with myriad dimensions. However, the term bad luck is misnomer. There is nothing like bad luck. If one harbors a complaint against one’s destiny it gives rise to bad luck. But then if you harbor complaint against your destiny it is also a part of destiny. Meaning thereby there is nothing like miracle about good luck or bad luck. It is all governed by laws of karma which is itself governed by the scheme of evolution. It is all play. Destiny is neither good nor bad. Whatever is preordained through any philosophy has to be first translated into law of Karma i.e. right or wrong decisions followed by right or wrong actions? Every destiny has a personal and social dimension with a purpose, depending upon space and time, which may span across thousands of years in sinusoidal fashion. One’s birth chart is complete graphical or pictorial representation of one’s being in seed form. Before we understand astrology a spiritual realization that all inanimate things have an involved life viz. consciousness into it is essential. Well that is easy to explain. Now all of us know plants have no brain hence no thought. But still plants have life . In animal kingdom we can at least try to visualize the place of life gripping somewhere around brain in hyperspace- a space where there is no concept of distance. But there is nothing like that in plants. Similarly the life in inanimate is of more sublime form than that in plants. Such a life is termed as consciousness. Some sane minded people dub Astrology as a fleecing gibberish as to how such distant inanimate stars and planets can affect our lives and destiny. The answer lies in another question ” Though every individual has a limited ORB of personality influence (or say aura) yet how do the things like ill-wishes(ABHISHAP), well-wishes(VARDAN) and clairvoyance operate in space-time independent manner, so for as propagation of those influence is concerned?.”


Then there is issue of evolution.. All of us know it starts with origin of matter through what we call Big Bang as if space exploded followed by firewall explosion. This system of infinite numbers of stars is the first stage of evolution. Each of the stars is like a creature on earth in the first stage of evolution. A question that has been nagging me around since my childhood as to what for god created those billion of stars to remain burning from time immemorial uselessly and doling out this small penny wise and pound foolish Sun for we mortals crying for each watt of energy. In fact this is like animals in a jungle wandering aimlessly for thousands of years and preying each other uselessly. So the stars are not burning uselessly but it is the first mode of the expression & enjoyment of God. Out of the infinite no. of stars a group of stars, what we call asterism now, represents the Brahmin or Priestly face of God. Then there came the second stage of evolution. This was creation of our solar system where on the earth, for some unknown reasons, the situation became ripe for origin & evolution of life. In the succeeding paragraph I am going to dwell upon the mystery of the origin of life on earth.

Our solar system is not only an assembly of inanimate planets tied together by law of Gravitation but is, in fact, an intermediate stage in the evolution of life. All planets have a particular but different form of consciousness to be further modulated by zodiac signs, which are constellation of stars the joint life of which determines the physical form & proclivity of the planetary life. The planets represent the phenomenal world. This was a stage when there was no time, only all pervading thoughtless, but not trait less, infinite consciousness in its various forms. Rest the story from amino acid to human being is well known. In fact the entire story of construction and destruction, including origin of life to death, revolves round the mysterious Rahu and Ketu (Dragon’s head and tail) which has no physical existence in cosmos. In Geocentric view all planets appear like moving in anticlockwise direction whereas Rahu and Ketu moves in clockwise direction. This suggests some relativity like the trees receding behind when a train moves ahead. The constant speed of receding of Rahu (retrograde movement) in relation to all planets is there because the relativity is due to speed of revolution of zodiac belt in anticlockwise direction, inductively w.r.t. some point in universe which may represent the point of origin of matter. Now this amounts to saying that Zodiac belt is revolving with the speed of Rahu, which is around 18 years, in clockwise direction. This is very absurd conclusion at the face level. Then The relative position of backdrop of zodiac stars appears to be fixed because sun ,or for that matter any star in universe, might also be revolving around a common universal axis with same angular velocity( Revolving universe theory. Pertinent question is under which force? Then does it mean that common universal axis passes through galactic center? Then there is no possibility of finding life anywhere other than that in solar system. I may be excused for this baseless speculation. The Galactic center itself might be revolving round ….. Actually we can say that at the center of universe there lies a Sun which is driving the entire universe.). I don’t know whether we can ever have  any scientific means to ascertain this proposition or not. Whenever a planet passes by this point or is in line with this point it is said to be in conjunction with Rahu. It is at this point that life and thought originated. In my personal opinion the word Rahu has been derived from the word Rah which stands for path in Hindi and Sanskrit. Meaning thereby Rahu may also stand for path consciousness. Associated psychology for such conjunctions is well known. For example Rahu in conjunction with Saturn may lead to Electra or Oedipus complex which can be said to be the tendency to go backward towards origin. So far Ketu is concerned obviously it represents some kind of shadow in opposite direction (or say antinodes). But now shadow of what exactly?. My reasoning fails to explain it on material plane. But philosophically it represents the physical aspect of being. Well all of us know that our body is shadow of our being. Snake’s physique consists of only head and tail. So I think the interpretation of Rahu an ketu as nodes and antinodes, respectively, of moon is not sufficient. Either it is a superfluous concept or two concepts has to be somehow reconciled. It is true that there is a motion associated with the clockwise precession of the lunar orbital plane itself about an axis normal to the ecliptic. The points where the lunar orbit intersects the ecliptic ,the nodes, also precess with time, completing one revolution in about 18.6 years which is , of course, almost equal to Dragon’s head time for one complete revolution around the zodiac. .But there is nothing like celestial equator ,ecliptic ,or moon’s physical orbit . Those are merely imaginary lines drawn in imaginary celestial sphere. So where is the issue of intersection? Gravitational pulls have no direct role in Astrology. Rahu’s nature is like that of black whole( Of course not as physical as Einstein’s black whole). Then for that matter in the solar system only hundreds of such nodes can be detected corresponding to 136 moons of 7 planets. Lunar orbit is not a fixed kind of thing. Moon is gradually receding from the Earth into a higher orbit. In about fifty billion years hence now Moon will circle the Earth in about 47 days which is currently 29 days. So its nodal position is also likely to change. Then , even if the existing theory regarding Dragon’s head is assumed to be true , the question remains what is so special about the nodes of our moon and moon doesn’t stay at nodal positions always so that the issue of celestial interference may arise..Dragon’s head is all time significant issue not only during occultation or eclipses . Further we can easily surmise that in such a case life is possible only on the planet having one and only one moon. Neither less nor more. You can’t accommodate two dragon’s head in one horoscope and there can’t originate life without reason. Astrologically Dragon’s head is a major factor of the origin of life on earth. In such a scenerio precession of orbital plane and the associated nodes of the moon becomes an essential condition for life to originate. This may imply that a planet-moon system must conform to Cassini state( a law established by Giovanni Domenico Cassini ,a prominent astronomer) for the life to originate on such a system. But the question remains why?


Philosophically this illusory space which comes into existence with thoughts also represent Rahu. But both are almost equivalent thing. It has been pointed out by someone that this illusory space consists of black micro matter transparent to light. Lord Krishna is said to owe his name to this black micro matter (which of course consists of neutrinos but personally I can’t make any meaning out of it. I have seen the horoscope of Lord Krishna. It is Gemini ascendant with moon, Jupiter in Pisces 10th house, Sun in Leo 3rd house, Saturn+Venus in Scorpio. So the only meaning that I could make out of it is that Jupiterian consciousness rules over space, though it rules over water as well ) . The different mythological stories centered round Rahu and Ketu, especially in Indian mythology , has been derived out of of some real or imaginary Horoscopic configuration to elaborate the concept , effect , influence and tendencies due to Rahu factor and its conjunctions. Rahu and Ketu have been dubbed to be immortal to emphasize upon some philosophical concept of necessary evils of construction and destruction in spite of their no physical existence. Anyway the movement of planets in their orbit represents Kal Chakra or Time cycle in which each of the configuration is unique including past ,present and future.


The Indian concept or the Vedic view regarding aeon is that it starts with Manavantra (43, 20,000 years, the period for one generation of Adam) consisting of 71 Great Aeon i.e. Mahayuga (4,32,000 years) followed by Cosmic evening (17,28,000 years) during which all the souls of previous Manavantra are liberated. There starts next Manavantra. This is assumed to be going 71st Manavantra. I will not go into the detail of this view because Indian view is not tenable by common sense even. But there is a cycle of creation and destruction is a fact. It may be regarded to be starting with creation of solar system and further precessional motion of earth around an axis normal to ecliptic, 26000 years for one revolution, may be associated with the concept of cyclic fashion of creation and destruction on small scale in a particular era due to natural or man made factors. Further sometimes a wobble is expected in that course. This phase of creation is passing through Cenozoic era, starting at 60 mya is well known.    I would dwell upon this issue in detail in next article which would be basically on the calendar system of the world.

But in any case the fact is that in the memory of mankind no planetary configuration is going to repeat itself ever.( This may also be said to be a face of infinity, even though it can be questioned mathematically ) . So that is why no two individual, and hence no two horoscope, can ever be exactly identical (yes for the exactly same birth moments even) and no human science can be 100% methodical. It’s bound to be further constrained and colored by seer’s perception. Astronomy alone usually is not sufficient for prediction. Doesn’t this remind us of the age old Heisenberg uncertainty principle? In fact it appears to me that if we apply all the rules of astrology on to any horoscope on the earth the sum total of prediction will remain same, just as the sum total of all the thoughts and desires, good or bad, on the earth remains zero in self adjusting manner! Does not this suggest that there must be something else behind this all simple permutations, combinations and interference effects of planetary consciousness ?


The lots of confusion about predictive astrology prevails because there are lots of unwritten truth about astrology. The planetary system and its various configurations are like an ocean and its tides, which of course are predetermined and coincide with a thoughts pattern of procreating mother or parents as determined by evolutionary course. Each individual is moment plucked out of the current of time. At the face level each individual represent complete universe in itself as is evident from anyone’s birth chart. Then why this gap & difference in the stature and life pattern?.


1) Firstly because some of planetary consciousness rule over our front aspect of existence which may be termed as ‘Native Planets’ and others represent the latent aspect which may be termed as ‘Relative Planets’. These may be different from person to person even if their birth time is same. Native planets represent the personal appearance, traits or qualities of the native. Relative planets stand for the native’s significant associates and the physical, psychological , financial or interaction benefits derived from them. But ,of course, the things will be determined by overall configuration of native’s natal chart and time factors in which Rahu plays a dominant role in the name of outer world and conceptual desires.


2) Secondly the point of view of creation is represented by Lagna or Ascendant aspect which may also be different.


3) Thirdly ,and the most important of all, is that all planetary consciousness can’t be activated by all mothers. Only those planetary consciousness are activated which is ingrained into the life philosophy of mother or parents. Remaining one will though appear to be there but will not effect the existence. In that case the aspecting , transit or dashas of the planets does not carry any meaning . Whenever a particular planet comes back in the same zodiac sign in which it was posited at the time of birth and was activated a resonance is established .( We often tend to equate this resonance with our electromagnetic resonance. But the two are different things like space and hyperspace. ) This strengthens that particular aspect of personality and may lead to good or bad action , behavior or decision and the consequent fruits. But I don’t know whether or not astrologically it is possible to ascertain which planetary consciousness has been activated . May be some day we can find a key for the same. The positioning of the planet at a particular longitude in natal position and the resulting dispositions may appear to represent it but this does not seem to work always. For example on the one hand we say that if a planet lies in first 1/3rd part of odd rashi or last 1/3rd part of even rashi then it is in awakening state. If it is reversed it signifies dreaming state of the planet. But, on the other hand, moon is exalted in 0-3degree(first 1/3rd part) of Tarus which is an even rashi. So it should be in dreaming state which is malefic. Then in the middle 1/3rd part all planets are in sleeping state which is equivalent to inactive state. But there are exceptions to this rule as well. <Meaning thereby the rules regarding dispositions at different longitude in a house or rashi have to be planet dependent.> We need to resolve these contradictions and inconsistencies. Here there is another factor which counts. A relative and active planet may be represented by the entry of a person in anyone’s life during a particular, good or bad, transit or dasha. Now the issue is whether that planet will signify male or female, depending upon which the effect may be quite different. For example a planet or planetary conjunction posited in sixth house signifies enemies. But it may also stand for a romantic interlude if the planet is to be represented by a member of opposite sex. After all enemies are destroyer, and male female attraction and romance is the instinct for constructive destruction of each other. This is just like saying that a malefic planet is benefic in retrograde motion (though it is not the right analogy). In Lord Krishna Horoscope Saturn+Venus conjunction in Scorpio ( lord of war and secret organs) as sixth house was represented by Radha, his beloved, who was much older than him . That affair lent him cosmic and energy strength to defeat, in due course, his enemies , Kauravas , who were much more senior and powerful than he and his associates were . That is why Radha Krishna affair is held to be sacred and venerated .


Assuming that we have arrived at a definite rule for activation, if we try to delve deep intuitively into the issue of Native and Relative planets we can realise that Sun, Moon, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu may always be treated as Native planets . Remaining planets may be identified & isolated through interaction , depending upon the genius and acumen of Astrologer , because they have direct bearing on the look and physical aspect of being. I think this is somewhat akin to the relation between medical science and medical profession. However it has to be emphasized that the influence of any planet on the native is always there in a sublime way no matter whether it is Native or Relative. The only difference it will make is in interpretation. For example Rahu in conjunction with native female planets leads the native to sadistic or ignominious tendencies. In case of Native male planets it lends the native self destructive or masochistic tendencies. If the planets are Relative the effect is just reversed on the native. (I have a personal observation that Rahu in Pisces has almost nill influence whatever may be the planet. ) So Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are Relative planets only if they are in rapt conjunction with a Relative planet otherwise they are always Native. It is next to impossible that in a rapt conjunction one of the planet is Relative and other is Native, except in the case of Sun and Moon which, as mentioned above, are always Native. So Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus should be called Primary Native or Primary Relative. Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are Secondary Native or Secondary Relative depending upon conjunction. Sun and Moon are Absolute Native. In case of Primary if there is a conjunction; care has to be taken whether it is rapt or wide. In case of rapt it is all Native or all Relative. In case of wide a careful discretion has to be applied after studying the visage and temperament of the native but the chances are that one is Native and the other is Relative. The general criteria for rapt and wide conjunction should be that the planets should fall in different constellation (asterism) with minimum 10 degree separation. For conjunction we should rely upon tropical signs or sidereal rashis because house is a man made criteria. The significance of wide conjunction of Native and Relative planet will be that they will become associated with each other from the very teenage till the end of life whether as spouse or friend having deep influence on each other persona and life course. I would deliberately avoid quoting a live case. An inactive Primary Native planet in lordship or exaltation will not have influence after teenage. I would also like to mention that a Relative planet may not necessarily stand for a replica shadow outside. For example if say in any natal chart in 7th house there is Tarus Venus as Relative planet then the native will apparently be shy ,innocent and handsome or beautiful looking with latent liking for amorous activity under the influence of the same but its external image may not be necessarily someone with Venus in Tarus. It may be Piscean or Scorpion Venus because it is shadow house of Tarus for spouse or some other factors may determine it. So again Relative planets primarily speak for the liking and preferences of the native as opposed to native’s own traits. The traits of the native will be determined by Native planet with a mix of the disposition of the Relative planet consciousness. The astrological influence of extrovert traits of someone always goes to make the other side introvert. Further criteria may be developed on empirical basis.

(There is one problematic issue very difficult to be identified . This is that when a person is having more than one native planets but those are not in conjunction , that is to say falls in different houses or signs. In that case i do agree that it is difficult to go for any prediction before the age of 16.) 


If the issue of male- female is to be represented by Sun-Moon Hora concept then it needs serious attention. But what I have found is that the Hora of the planet merely indicates the nature of the person , Some male are of female tendencies and vice versa. If we ignore the issue of native and relative planet then in general we can say that

1) Moon Hora for a active male planet is favorable in a male’s horoscope

2) Sun Hora for a active female planet is favorable in a female’s horoscope

and so on for all possible combinations. These issues are analogical to the issue as to why exalted position is superior to lordship. This issue underscores a trivial but very important fact of philosophy that ultimate index of successful life is salvation which does not lie only in worldly success like name-fame, immortality and money . It lies in the pleasure, bliss and ecstasy which one derives out of life without inviting any extremist opinion from any quarter.( An ideal salvation (Nirvana) can be defined as the daily process of killing self, evolving spirit and thereby enjoying the bliss of nature as per one’s own disposition devoid of externally fostered desires. The process eventually paves the way for liberation from the bondage of will power which brings an end to the journey of birth or rebirth , merging everything about existence with infinite timeless Super consciousness. )The rules of longitudinal position remaining same as it is, except Sun and Moon all planets have lordships in two houses, one of which is male sign and the other female sign both of which have streak of extremism thereby reduce its strength to half. But in exalted position a native enjoys best of both the world in term of psychological satisfaction( Female charm & back force and male dynamism & erudition) .  In debilitated position it misses both the things. For example Jupiter in Capricorn leads a tendency to use (or prey) others in the garb of being used eventually missing both. The traits of the native are opposite to that of what is expected normally in part of the native planet concerned. Sun provides energy for rational actions making it a wholesome experience. He is exalted in Aries because that is beginning point of its journey and has all the advantage of nascent energy devoid of any philosophy. Moon is a female planet giving bent of self realization and intuitive knowledge through reflection into itself so it is exalted in next entry point that is Taurus which is a female as well as sign of action. Starting from Aries all signs are ruled by Sun and Moon in alternate order i.e. Aries(male)-Sun,Tarus(female)-moon,Gemini(male)-Sun, Cancer(female)-Moon, Leo(male)-Sun, Virgo(female)-Moon and so on. This is indicated by the first Hora of a sign as well. In Libra Sun is in transition to celestial waning phase which is a troublesome experience and hence debilitated. The same holds true for moon in Scorpio. Jupiter, Mercury and Mars (ruled by Sun) are male in nature because they have least worldly attachment. Moon, Venus, and Saturn (ruled by Moon)are female because they are the prime instrument of enjoyment always given to attachment, knowledge or enjoyment whatsoever . Sun is neutral, however, it imparts extrovert or male temperament to the native. This interpretation has only a philosophical connotation regarding the prime bent. Here “Female planets” stands for the fact that they don’t believe in divine definition of detached action leading to salvation. Saturn is also said to be father of Venus and Mars. In fact if you combine the two, Venus and Mars, it becomes almost equivalent to Saturn in terms of achievement but devoid of sense of fatherhood. On the other hand Jupiter in any sign other than that in prime lordship and exaltation is as good as female. So in worldly sense the interpretation may be quite different. It only speaks for the fact that a planet in Sun sign ( not radical Sun) will serve as a leading force of action and in Moon sign as a back force of knowledgeable advice, command or blessing but given to comfort. The effect may be further modulated by the house position (Bhava). It has nothing to do with the fact which one will make a good male or good female.



Then the aspecting may not be necessarily between planet-planet or Rashi-Rashi (Vedic Astrology). It may be between planet and Rashi as well. If a planet , in its significant position (karka) but not in its own rashi , is aspecting a lord rashi ,with or without planet, of the planet as per the standard rule then whenever planet will transit through the aspected lord rashi all the backlogs of the conscious good action or aspirations as per talent will be fulfilled. For example Jupiter in Leo in 10th house (10th house is karka for Sun,Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn. I am not talking about planetary significators for a particular prediction issue( KP System)) will have 5th aspect on Sagittarius even without any planet . In this particular case (and if Jupiter is in Scorpio as well) both the rashis aspect each other by the rule of 5 and 9 for Jupiter. In such cases there are possibilities of finding an exact or replica associational shadow outside (as per the planet & lord rashi) at least in one major transit during life but association is likely to be temporary. However, the influence will always be there during all such transits in the life. So it may be known as Transit or Dynamic Aspecting. In fact in all major natal planetary (planet-planet) aspects there is always the above mentioned possibility of finding replica associational shadow (provided aspecting planet is in significant position ) but in such cases the association may become permanent provided aspecting planet is not in conjunction with Rahu. Doesnot it appear like that my theory of Native-Relative planet is conjugate to the aspecting concept ?In fact aspecting carries meaning only if at least one of planets, aspecting or aspected, is Relative and the other is Native. Furthermore the dictum of Bhavat Bhavam of Vedic Astrology may also be relied upon for Dynamic Aspecting. Intuitively and conclusively we can say that aspecting is more important than the planetary position itself. I have seen a natal chart with semi Rajayoga( Ascendent Moon+Jupiter in Cancer) as Relative planets but having no aspecting ( in either side) with Native planet Mars in Virgo( I agree this in itself is weak but would have not mattered if it would have been aspected by the Ascendant). So it never materialized though it had bearing on the look and temperament of the native. Aspected planet influence the course of achievement of the aspecting planet . Aspected planet ,however, will derive only psychological satisfaction out of the same.


Then all astrological systems are of the view that 4 cardinals ( 1-Asc,4 IC,7 DC,10 MC) speak for four prime relations in life .Those are self, mother, spouse and father. Though this is partially true but basically it speaks for two facts, assuming that all other factors ,like Rahu , are congenial. First is the influence of the relations on the self viz. native and second is the psychological bent of the native. It is not as simple a thing as native’s relation with mother, father or spouse. Meaning there by the four cardinals determines the weightage of the four categories of psychology & mode of action present in everyone . Every individual’s psychology is sum total of these four psychology.( Though this is equally true for other Bhava or house psychology but for the issue of Native and Relative planets. To digress a bit the net prediction , as it is well known, is determined by the five variables namely signs, houses , sign lords, occupant planets and aspecting or aspected planets followed by star lords and sub lords ( as per the divisional & sub divisional rules of Vishmotary Dasha of 120 years cycle for 9 planets) of the house cusps & occupants for analysis of particular prediction issue in hand. The issue further determines prime significant house and the planets in which the sign lords and sign occupants of all significant houses are star lords as well ,followed by the sub lord of the prime significant house If we ignore the issue of signs and rashi , as per tropical and sidereal Astrology , the only controversial issue is whether Zodiac of House or Zodiac of Bhava should prevail because the former takes conjunction of cusps or houses and the later takes mid cusp of the Bhava into account . Here again my scale weighs in favor of Zodiac of Bhava so for as the issue of finding star lord and sub lord of the houses is concerned. The conjunction of cusp is relevant in case of finding the house in which a planet falls.) Now , for example, 10th house occupancy as a Native planet stands for the fact that the person will be of fatherly bent always being concerned with the welfare of youngsters and society in a self responsible manner, of course as a vector of relational father’s psychology. He or she will always think and talk in term of good and bad for the youngsters and trying to determine their future course through learning , advice, command or help. So in due course this may determine one’s occupation at social plane as well. He or she may not be an out performer oneself but will definitely lead to exceptional progenies. The minus point will be that the native will appear to be always self convinced in the first half of life. If it is Relative planet then he or she can well afford to be self complacent as if God were always there to take care of him or her. But the native will have high regard for learning and seniority. The native will meet such a mentor in the favorable transit or dashas. As a fourth house occupancy the native will be primarily a vector of the psychology of mother so he or she will be passive guide to the youngsters but the concern will remain confined to the welfare of one’s own children. But his or her temperament will be pleasing for everyone at the first encounter. In occupation native may act as a good assistant to the boss or junior manager , akin to managing house hold chores. If the planet is Relative obviously native will be of peace loving bent always trying to seek shelter in the umbrella of motherhood aspect of women . As a 7th house occupancy for a native planet the native will be exceptional spouse . If it is male it may bog down to the extent of being obedient house-husband. And so on.







To sum up a software generated prediction is a only a broad generalization of real underlying issues. A face to face in depth study of the native is also required. I think Astrology will be completed as a science on the day when Astrologer can predict whether native is male or female through horoscope only, I mean without having a look on the native. I agree this is too much but let us digest it for the sake of optimism. Then Astrologer should be able to identify what are native planets and relative planets for the native and which relative planets are active. In a science there should not be any scope for personal speculations.


So for as reincarnation and law of Karma of Vedic Astrology is concerned all these are determined by evolutionary course. In Vedic tradition action translates into two words-Kamas and Karmas. But there exists a confusion about the twain . All Kamas are not Karmas. Only those kamas are Karmas which are predetermined . Only a Karma can bear fruit. Both Karmas and fruits are predetermined. Kamas may be anything. So the question whether we can change our destiny through Kamas is meaningless. If it is to be there, it is also predetermined. There is nothing like freewill. Will is itself a bondage. But we don’t know what are Kamas are Karmas for us .There in lies the zest of life. This is the message of Gita as well-You have control, as opposed to right, over actions but no control over fruit because the latter is predetermined. Astrology and self realization seeks to help us in this direction . Predetermined Karmas determine happiness, fulfillment and salvation whereas instinct of Kamas determines the evolution in the form of Astrophysical mutation which may be translated into next generation or through rebirth. Rahu is the prime force behind such karmic evolution and also serves as a carrier of the impressions of previous birth on psyche in the form of its changing position in natal chart and as reflected into moon Gita emphasize upon keeping check over the instinct of Kamas so that it may not interfere with Karmas and waste the limited quota of energy meant for Karma. Often Gita is described as a paradigm of Bhkati Yoga( worship and devotional state of knowledge), Gyan Yoga (complete knowledge of God, nature and soul) and Karma Yoga( knowledge based actions leading to happiness, fulfillment and salvation). As it is well known Yoga stands for unification of the different incoherent thoughts and desires through concentration for which a sound health is the first prerequisite. But this is relevant only in Raj Yoga. Basically Yoga is a commentary on one’s Horoscopic mindset, which actually Gita refers to. All of us are subjected to the laws of Karma which includes Karmas of previous births ,if there was any. Accordingly a person may be born in any of the three kind of yoga. As per Vedic Astrology (I tender my apology to Sri Yoganand because I am going to do a little alteration ) there are three types of Karmas in anyone’s life. Those are Sanchit Karma( All of Previous births actions-super conscious or unconscious mind represented by different Astrological Yogas also standing for right or wrong decisions in part of Satavagun viz. at intuitive plane),Prabdha Karma( Previous birth actions ready to bear the fruit- conscious mind represented by transit of planets relative to the natal positions, also standing for right or wrong decisions & actions in part of Rajogun ) and Kriyamann Karma( subconscious actions represented by dashas of planets also standing for right or wrong actions in part of Tamogun. This is properly what is called Astrological luck of average person ( No, not common man. Because the word ‘common’ stands for intersection , which is most important from social point of view culminating into joint consciousness. ) Regarding the issue of transit of a planet , anytime in native’s life , through its natal position, my personal perception is that the net effect during that period will be to clear all the backlogs of past subconscious actions, good or bad , in the course of last one complete revolution of the planet. ) But I think the three can’t be segregated completely in this way. Then if a birth is the first birth of an individual what will happen to Super conscious and conscious mind because they are not present there, So does it mean a person in his first birth is fated to lead the life of drudgery? I think it is not. The Karmas of the forefathers are also transferred through a evolutionary scheme of the journey of mind or what can be said to be genetic thoughts. A child begins at the point where parents end in life, regarding the realization of truths of life which itself subconsciously shapes parents predetermined future actions, provided procreation of the child is not simple science. All laws of genetics and heridity (like that of Mendel and linkage of genes) are subservient to the issue. In fact in the cyclic process of evolution there comes a stage when we , ourselves, are forefathers for ourselves through rebirth . Evidently after such a stage the distinction between forefather’s Karma and previous birth Karma is almost blurred . Meaning there by after that the term forefather’s karma remains of of interpretational significance only . Basically it is all individual’s own Karma accumulated in successive rebirths responsible for his fate. But ,of course, in case of newly created souls this distinction matters . I think all these issues may be squared up in Ascendant or nineth house. If the active native planet, like Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus, is in Ascendant and is friend ,lord or exalted in the sign then native will lead quite an independent life by the grace of the actions of forefather and will reach to the highest echelon of success without much conscious effort. But the negative side is this that in spite of all well meant and sincere contribution few will accord recognition to the same at the heart level. Obviously such a configuration is likely to be found in a member of high placed family or lineage. If any of those native planets occupies the 9th house the results are similar but without any negative streak as such mentioned above because the results are based on the good actions of previous birth which always has a streak of Karm Yoga. So , in a way , we can safely conclude that Previous birth Karma and forefather’s Karma are always interlinked. That is why most of the good Yogas go by Ascendant, 5th,9th and 10 th house. In case a planet is native but not in Ascendant then all of its transit or dashas will stand for conscious or subconscious actions, past or present , in the same life. If it is relative planet only then it may stand for previous birth actions ready to bear fruit or even past actions in the same life(good or bad) during transit . If Ascendant is occupied by a relative planet then it may stand for spouse or life long associate , good or bad, depending upon the planet , house compatibility and rahu factor. Seventh house indicates about the nature of marital affairs which may not necessarily stand for spouse. But in case planet is not active in the aforesaid cases it’s effect will wither away soon after a little initial fervor. In this context ,I would like to emphasize that Karma yoga is rarely attained in the first life. The birth of Karm Yogi is based upon the knowledge accumulated in previous births so that each and every action itself turns out to be right for oneself as well as for the society even if it appears to be sometimes wrong at the face level or in the contemporary context. Our seers used to take Samadhi ( willingly leaving the physique and staying hooked in hyperspace until proper time and space comes for reincarnation) in quest of Karma Yoga and salvation in next birth. No one can attain salvation through Gyan Yoga. A person ,however, may be born in Karma Yoga in the first birth only, that is hundred percent planned creation, but still this rarely leads to salvation because the proportion in which a procreator, in such cases, thinks about all the happiness is inevitably followed by equivalent amount of unhappiness so that sum total remains zero. But no one plans for associated unhappiness in advance. If someone does it then it invites some great soul for reincarnation with suitable Astrophysical mutation.


Now without harboring any complex about the superiority of oriental system , I would urge western world to adopt sidereal system of Astrology . Human destiny must be free from all controversy. Tropical things are okay for National Calendar issue . In Astrology Tropical system is born out of temptation to subject Astrology to the exact astronomical precision. Properly speaking vernal equinoctial point and its precession has nothing to do with influence of planets and stars on human life, though its okay for standardization of astrological time as per right ascension , at the end whole process to be subjected to Ayanamasa to account for vernal shift. I am not interested to deprive Christ from his office. So far as other religious issues like the Cycle of Holy Cross is concerned they do have a broader socio-philosophical significance in the context of overall civilization issue or what we call evolving social destiny. But it needs to be demarcated from the exact or accurate prediction and psychological aspect of Astrology. You see the Erect Holy Cross has almost coincided with Unified Grand field force theory of Dr Abdus Salam. Don’t it appear like that it is exactly around 2000 A.D. that the intercourse of western and eastern culture has started in pursuance of reunification of consciousness and unified field perception? May I remind everyone that India’s first P.M. Late Nehru has around 5 degree Sagittarius Jupiter as Native Planet which is said to be Gate of God. And, of course , Late Nehru was reincarnation of Lord Budhha , contrary to the general belief that it was Gandhi(Sagittrus Jupiter+Rahu as Native planets). Gandhi was reincarnation of Mahavir-another seer.



Here I feel urge to express a few more out of the context issues which are exclusively my personal feelings. But before that I would like to mention , that the problem with present day Astrology is that we lay too much emphasis on the works of ancient great seers like Prashar and Varahmihir to the superstitious extent, so far as Vedic Astrology is concerned. There perceptions may be true in relation to the absolute issues of Astrology but so far as relative issues of predictive Astrology is concerned it is yet to evolve properly. Well coming back to the issue even the destiny of children may affect the destiny of their parents but ,of course , if it is preordained in the birth chart of parents themselves. This is possible if parents native planets like , Jupiter and Saturn , are well placed in Ascendant or 10 th house but afflicted with Rahu. Again the 9th or 10th house occupancy in child’s birth chart may indicate it.


Then a planet in any house always aspects the other planet in the next house ( not only the 7th house as is the general rule) which may or may not be compatible. In general it is good if a Native planet is followed by a Relative planet or vice versa.


Then stop calling Saturn, Mars and Sun as harsh, karoor, planet. 95% of the people have Saturn, 2% of the people have Venus , 1% of the people have Mars, 1.5% of the people have Juipter and .5% of the people have conjunctions of the same as native planet. From the perspective of worldly or material success Saturn, Mars , Sun and Mercury are good as Native planets and the remaining are good as Relative planets.


Then it is a misconception that in matrimonial affairs people of similar traits are compatible or right match for each other. Even most of the authors of Astrology and Astrologers speak for it. But it is just otherwise provided none of the significant planets is in conjunction with Rahu. Fulfillment lies in complementarity. One may often tend to like a person of similar traits in such issues , but basically it is marriage of convenience that happens under the mal-influence of Rahu devoid of significant result.


Then Mercury and Venus , astronomically called inferior planets , are instrumental planets always lying , in the inner side, between the orbit of earth and Sun. These two planets represent the two modes to power .Power through educational pursuits or power through artistic pursuits .The issue of combust , in relation to rapt conjunction with Sun , for Mercury and Venus does not arise. The more combust they are the more effective they are, however, this may leave the Sun itself to be not very effective. The Venus in conjunction with Sun as Relative planets may come into effect only after marriage. Prior to marriage it is troublesome in the sense it goes to make a native artificially introvert. The mercury rules over intellect if it lies in its own sign ,Gemini or Virgo, otherwise it rules over quality of voice. In any case in conjunction with Sun it goes to make a native a powerful writer, communicator or orator . However the overall result further depends upon the strength of Saturn, Jupiter and position of Moon because ,as I have mentioned , Mercury and Venus are instrumental in nature . Moon rules over private sector or profit making organizations and Sun rules over Govt organizations.




Then another issue , though well known to experienced Astrologers but never mentioned explicitly , is that there is a difference between Rahu’s retrograde motion and that of other planets. Rahu’s retrograde motion is sort of absolute whereas that of other planets is relative or apparent in nature. So the influence or conjunction of Rahu always leads to, whether as per natal chart or during transit or during Dasha , dominance in traits of planets (Rajogun,Tamogun, Satvagun) towards extremism or negativity. In case of other planets in natal position , which is a snapshot of the birth moment , it hardly matters whether its forward or retrograde because practically it is always forward. Meaning there by it does not necessarily portend denial of any result or anything untoward ,however there will be streak of occultation as per which the native represents the dead desires of the parents hence will always be dependent on parents regarding the decisions of practical aspect of life . That is to say native will be devoid of pragmatism not budging an inch from what has been ordained for and may always need the umbrella of parenthood . Rest it will have all other negative significance in case of transit only. Retrograde will also matter in Horary as rightly pointed out by Sri Krishnamurti.


<The division of Zodiac into houses, in Indian Astrology , presently follows what is known as porphyry system in West ( Finding ecliptic longitude (Geocentric or Heliocentric whatever) of MC rashi , after dividing sidereal time interval of day or night by 2, followed up by trisection of the longitudinal interval between Asc. rashi and MC rashi , and so on.) . Western Astrology follows Placidus system( trisecting each quadrant of the celestial equator as per meridian longitude, starting from the current meridian which serves as the beginning point of MC.) . What comes to my mind is whether it is possible to divide zodiac into 12 houses starting from the longitude of ascendant Rashi or Sign(of course not from what is called 180 degree from Chitra-Spica or vernal equinoctial point) as per the varying degree of distance traversed ( due to variation in speed ) by the Sun along the ecliptic ( as a minor factor of equation of time ) in 12 equal intervals of time. I don’t know whether it stands up to symbolism of Latitude and Meridian or not. But this will keep up with the principle of dynamic division of houses , taking into account the sidereal time, as well. I agree in such an approach the MC,DC and IC , as per the existing scheme of things in both the systems , may not coincide with the house cusp of 10, 7and 4 house respectively . But I don’t think it will make any difference . The new house cusps will serve the purpose. Regarding the rise time of signs we already have trigonometric dissections as per obliquity factor and latitude. My dilemma or concern is why should destiny be subservient to the interest of man made mathematical or symbolical standardization . It should be other way round. >Further international community of Astrologers needs to arrive at a common convention for Sunrise and Sunset time to avoid the minor but contentious issue of Solar disc width as well as asymmetry born out of equation of time.


Well whatever may be anyone’s birth chart as per Aurobindo Gosh there are overall 7 planes of intelligence.- Dreaming, sleeping, waking, running ,cosmic, refined cosmic and unity consciousness. The success or failure depends upon the fact at which plane of intelligence an individual is born. Sometimes it is pointed out that probability also counts in astrological predictions. I would like to mention that probability factor only matters in relation to social phenomena, events or issues. Individual life and psychology may be discussed wholly in terms of classical mechanics as tackled by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Social life is governed by Statistics & Quantum mechanics( e.g. Every social problem has two complex conjugate solutions x+iy and x-iy .  ). So it is possible to combine the three in relation of social predictions. However, individual destiny and social destiny are not totally separate things. Destiny is an independent as well as mutually dependent & intersecting concept bound by the mutually inclusive laws of Karma.


Meaning there by the study of Astrology can’t be complete without proper study of religion, philosophy , psychology and above all god gifted vision . But in the long run it is primarily a seer’s delight. No finite mortal can catch infinite into fist. Now coming to infinity I have some interesting discussion for all. The concept of Mahashunya of Buddhism as a definition of God is an enigma to everyone. For a layman God is infinite. Now when we say infinite what the maximum one can think of is a wide unending sky(Courtsey-Swami Vivekanand).Is it God? No it is the apparent manifestation of infinity. I would start with one indeterminate term of calculus.


“If you have 4 mangoes and 2 man how many mangoes each man will get.


If you have 1 mangoes and 1 man how many mangoes each man will get


If you have 1 mango and no man how many mangoes each man will get


Meaning there by when there is no man there is no mango . It is all infinite . Here mango symbolizes nature. Meaning there by when man or thought does not exist everything is part of infinite nothing else. So is it God.? No because the concept still exist in our thought hence within the periphery of time. Moreover it is real state. That is why 0 is regarded as real number Meaning there by 1/0 can exist physically. Our seers under meditation, quest of knowledge, used to attain this state . They use to go beyond thought but still remain alive and enjoy the ecstasy of timeless infinite, well as good as orgasm. But God is beyond thought ,beyond time.


Now if you have no man and no mango how many mango each man will get.


No answer. A meaning less concept. A concept beyond thought. It can be termed as Great Zero which can’t be symbolized. That is God. So in essence the concept of physical God comes into existence due to influence of Rahu factor.


A question that troubles all of us as to where God was before creation of the universe, why did it took so long to create the universe and where was the need at all in its part to create the universe. Well the term why and where is not applicable on God because these terms originated after creation because of thoughts and hence time. Actually this issue is inextricably linked with th concept of hyperspace which is , as I have discussed in one of the above paragraphs , an all prevading space without the concept of distance. It is something like this using an imagery. If you ask yourself or to the ocean itself as to what is the distance between two of its drops it cannot tell you because there is no concept of distance so long as drops are part of the ocean. The concept of space & distance comes into existence when drop is separated from the ocean. This separation gives birth to our space and time followed by thought. You can have and feel either the world of space or world of hypespace but not the two at the same time. Here God ( the Sun of timeless infinite Super consciousness ) is like a Sun which is reflecting itself into every drop of water (that is soul) seperated from oceanic consciousness of nature which itself emerged from God ( Qualified Monoism. This is in contrast to Monoism according to which God, nature and soul are one and the same entity, like the Sun and its rays. Each of the rays represents one chain of evolution) The measure of time in thoughtless life of nature, that is consciousness, is entropy which we use to our advantage in physics through mathematical tools. In our space our clock is simply a standardization of convenience. Though there are mathematical standardization of space and time as per the relative motion of matter yet conceptually there are two types of time . Individual time and universal time. Individual time is the velocity of individual mind which further takes into account the entropy of the mind . Universal time may be symbolized by anything like clock but basically it stands for nature’s entropy. The more the two are in unison(or in tune) with each other the more happy life is going to be. But well then what on earth Rahu will do ! Now does not it seem like that a human mind can be treated , to start with, as 5 dimensional Minkowski space having x, y, z, t, d coordinates (d standing for dragon ), because it is time sensation which separates mind from matter? I think Astrology in itself is capable enough to handle all such metaphysical issues in single lot.

 At the practical level God has fragmented itself into . Individual , Society and Nature. Each is governed by its own set of laws . The correlation and harmony among the three is the subject and essence of all religions. At this very point I feel a compelling reason to say something on religion because Astrology and religion are complementary to each other.

Since the very time of the inception of the concept of religion  a confusion as to what exactly goes to constitute a religion is prevailing all over world.  To begin with the word religion has been derived from the Latin word “Religare” which stands for something excluded. The Hindi equivalent of the word religion is Dharma which is an all inclusive, not exclusive, concept -”That which holds everything”.  But this is no longer time for such outdated controversy. The copious amount of blood shed in the name of religion is too old a story to be retold. Practically speaking there are only two religions in the world free from militancy and  controversy -that is Christianity and Buddhism . The later is properly speaking an extension or to say the zenith point of Hinduism. Hinduism has  transitioned across the concept of polytheism, dualism, qualified mono-ism and mono-ism  culminating into the concept of Karma Yoga and detachment.  Unlike all other religions Hinduism has been a  self evolving and resilient concept ever growing from truth to truth. The Hinduism derives its complexities  to the fact that from time to time several Astrological realizations were dumped in the name of religion because the two evolved hand in hand with each other. All of Vedic Rishis started off with the realization that there is life in inanimate  to be ruled over by some planetary gods which again symbolizes life in inanimate . Parashar Muni, father of Indian Astrology, was also the father of  Ved Vyas, the author of Mahabharta and Gita which are mainstay of present day Hinduism. It is true that Parshari Hora was given shape after the composition of Mahabharta but the things must be lying somewhere in psyche . Everything about Hinduism ,however, has been summed up in Buddhism.


But religion has come a long way ever since the time of Christ and Buddha . What I have discussed about religion in one of the above paragraphs is a matter of common sense now a days. Though Buddhism is ultimate in religion , still  it is    worth not more than being a social or statecraft religion. The mid path syndrome and concept of Mahashunya or ‘ The great zero’  leaves no further scope for any philosophical or intellectual   quibbling . However the question remained as to whether  it was possible for everyone to profess mid path philosophy . or ‘the own path is the best path’.  Leaving aside the useless issue of Hinanya and Mahanya, basically mid path stands for action without  reaction state of mind. There is nothing like absolute  right or wrong. Whatever has been created has a purpose depending upon space and time. Then everything is evolving towards a common goal. All seemingly tangible or intangible wrongs  are basically  intermediate stage of  right.. Both violence and non violence have their practical utility. Violence is the force of both construction and destruction . Only uncontrolled violence is a vice. So what is required only is to be capable of defense. Now the act of preying in the jungle is the primitive form of male-female  romance and free sex.   If to commit violence is wrong then to don’t commit violence at all is equally wrong . If jealousy is wrong then envy must be there and so on. So the only definition of wrong is extremism. God did not create happiness. The act of overcoming unhappiness is happiness. The issues of right act, right means and right intention are there to strike a balance between individual and social interest which invariably come into conflict with each other and spoils the show of  social management, though I don’t deny it is in force in everyone’s life. But all these knowledge carries meaning only if  it is congenital in nature. Rahu is prime instrument of evolution, which stands for the alternate cycle of construction and destruction .  ( Evolution is there in everything whether it is human body or political philosophy or economic philosophy . Now you see our human body  itself  is the first democracy of world. )  On the other hand the concept of Nirvana and it’s achievements through religious means like self penance is still an impractical concept. Further it has been declared in no uncertain terms that women can’t  achieve Nirvana which is , in fact , day to day requirement of them. Meaning thereby Buddhism  , but not necessarily Lord Buddha , fails in making Nirvana a concept of happiness.

Nirvana is possible only when a native becomes free from all bonds of good or bad impression, liking and disliking towards one’s Relative Planet’s dispositions or traits. This is not possible through simple renunciation. An active but detached involvement of mutual satisfaction is also required which is possible only in Karma Yoga. But it is not possible for women to adhere to such mode of Karma and .enjoyment. The influence of Scorpion Rahu ( not conjunction , the effect of which is just reverse and is determined by the attributes of planet in conjunction) always goes to make one philosopher , trying to fathom the secrets of life through simple renunciation or bookish study without involving the philosophy of secret organs as a source of knowledge , love and war. Though the knowledge is attained but one derives no worldly success out of it. Swami Vivekanand and his Master Paramhansa Ram Krishna both had such a configuration in their natal chart. Lord Budhha has realised all such issues. Such concepts are also enshrined in the philosophy of Shiv Ling worship which is  employed by several Tantriks in an artificial way for enlightenment and achievement . But this should be better natal in nature.  As Swami Vivekanand has said that conclusively we can put the God as an infinite  circle with circumference no where and center  everywhere  Out of the each of such centers there emerges three concentric circles of  finite dimensions, constituting the apparent manifestation of the part of Brahma within everyone . This system is  like the wave front of  rays  .emerging from the soul at the center . Those are Satyam ,Shivam and Sundram . Satya represents the creation in which everything is a face of God or Brahma and in which God wish is Supreme. The two halves of the circle are what is dubbed as right and wrong  , but are equivalent from Brahma point of view. The middle circle Shiva is said to represent the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent entity  which  divides  itself into two parts for the play of world . Those are Pursha and Shakti. Pursha establishes its  relation with the apparent or latent manifestation of the  whole Brahma through Shakti. But as a whole , in that process, Shiva stands for  having a complete realization of the external circle that is Satya. The dawning of this realization of Satya creates an inflow of illumination towards the third circle what is called Sundram or state of absolute bliss when the consciousness is concentrated or starts to reside fully at the center and is in full command of oneself.  Until the realization dawns the different system of the three concentric circles are likely to clash . Lord Shiva is said to have attained this state of realization. Shiva is a philosophy whereas Lord Shiva was a person. I still remember Indian Film director Raj Kapoor’s movie Satyam Shivam Sundram. The message did not reach to anyone. It was simple. This may be correlated with a elementary fact of physics in which two atoms attract each other so long as they remain within the range of prescribed distance because of the attraction between electrons and nucleus of the two atoms . Electron represents the trappings part and nucleus represent the ego part . So long as the two maintains the distance the ego part is not visible. If they come closer the repulsion starts because of the nucleus of ego starts to repel each other and overpowers the attraction part. There ensues the rift. That is why too much of intimacy leads to aversion. That is why the dictum of detachment is required for happy life   In the story of the movie the female lead must have her Native planet in conjunction with  Rahu.( In female this goes to make their voice additionally sonorous) which augments and portends  the problem of egoism represented by half burnt face. But the solution lies in accepting the two face of beauty or nature as it is.. In nature all fancy for enjoyments have two inherent faces. You can’t separate the two. In fact in any extremist sense of liking beauty and ugliness are two sides of the same coin.  All of our mythological stories are like that.  Christ had come with  a better solution with his “Love ethics” which, irrespective of interpretation or presentation by any sect or offshoot , sums up the requirement of individual and social happiness. Nirvana or salvation  is not a religious issue but is the  requirement and aim of day to day life which can be attained through a harmonious and romantic balance of individual & social interest and realization of the truths of nature. Christ has realized that the greatest impediment in the way of social happiness and growth is feudalism . All the gospels of Christianity are targeted towards this problem. Rest let one pursue one’s own path as per one’s own realization and one’s own choice. The Biblical dictates , on the issues such as mortal & venial sins  , are meant for putting religious lock on the things or issues of social relevance which an average person may not  comprehend or appreciate in right perspective. But the essence is same as it is with  almost all organized religions of the world. Though metaphysically it is okay that Christ willingly invited crucification to wean away  or to absorb the sins of society but this is really odd   that the  Godhood of Christ thrives upon his so dubbed resurrection . The Trinity is very much akin to Vedic’s concept of Brahmna, Vishnu, Mahesh as three  forces of nature, as an integral unit,  responsible for conceiving(Father the all pervading source) ,conducting(Son, a Saint like Jesus ,Rama, Krishna, Budhha ) and destroying or enjoying(The Holy spirit or Holy ghost). The Holy spirit enigma is nothing but a pointer towards the  purity  of soul which passes  through  several incarnations of enjoyment in quest of salvation The concept of salvation and its achievement is also not much different from the traditional oriental concept of the same but for the issue of indulgences the misuse of which was tackled by Martin Luther through Protestantism. The issue of indulgence is simply a message that piety, compassion and forgiveness are the qualities which elevates a person to  level of God’s son that is Jesus . Hence a contrite must  be given a chance to improvise so that world may have faith on noble things of life essential for upward march of civilization. No matter whether it paves the way for salvation of the contrite or not,  it does certainly  ensure the same for the forgiver. The concept of Satan is there to forewarn the society about the destructive aspect of ghostly  forces as a residual of  initial stage of evolution the come back of which  ,in new role model  to enjoy the fruits of civilization, may pose threat to existence of mankind. Or it may be  like a predator ,  our real forefathers , from jungle incidentally venturing into a city. Basically through such processes a saint is always trying , in addition to the realization of eternal truths, to learn and overcome  wrong tendencies within himself as deposited in his psyche by his forefathers .  I don’t think the holy cross can help a Satan from the menace of another Satan , though I don’t deny the metaphysical significance of the cross itself like that of fish. The controversy of literal and allegorical significance  of preaching, gospels and dictates is ubiquitous vis-a-vis all religions . It is only the part of and the faith in Christ that can help us. Still the myth and the faith prevails for the sake of sanity. I wish I could see the horoscope of Christ . Having said and done all  in practical terms Christianity is the most practical religion of the world. Here in India   it is an irony that in spite of Swami Vivekanand effort to place religion , specifically Hinduism, on scientific footing and Rajneesh’s effort to bring a reconciliation between the sex and religion ,we still regard only those  issues as a matter of religion which are  conceited or abstract in nature to the extent of being an impossible intellectualism for an ordinary mortal. In fact in India Religion is still a subject of mythology and philosophical speculations which are  the hallmark of entertainment .


At the end with utmost humility I am submitting a few  issues which have been  enigma to me right from the time I touched upon Astrology . First is  which of the two, birth time or conception time, is more important. Whether soul enters into the body at conception time or birth time. If it is birth time then how come Abhimanyu in Mhabharta listened the story of breaking a war barricade in his mother’s womb. Even if it is something symbolical the issue remains there. I think one’s soul is completely represented by one’s horoscope. As per a Tibetian Astrology it is conception time that should be considered rather than  birth time. No , I am not defying anything. Because, from this very  point of view ,I have tried to compare  the traits of certain people with their horoscope   and I found that it should be birth time. But logically it appears that it should be conception time. Till now in western Astrology they have been  rectifying birth time according to Pre-Natal epoch why not to do other way round and verify its feasibility. .I agree it will be again trying for too much of mutilation.

Second is ,  if birthplace is so important can a expecting mother, by choice , locate a  place to have a suitable ascendant for the baby to be born?  I know this is stupid question  somewhat akin to remedial dilemmas.  An Astrological event is itself determined in a subconscious manner. But still at the practical level the issue remains there. Regarding remedial dilemmas the maximum I can say is that alll joys , sorrows and diseases  are born out of a system. A system cannot be uni-polar. It is always bi-polar. If somehow we can make it to be  uni-polar it will cease to exist.




Thanking you

Ashwani Kumar


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