Para-pshychological reasonings

Para-pshychological reasonings

Though it is difficult to give substantive definition of  Parapsychology ,yet for  a layman purpose it refers to extrasensory perceptions which may seemingly violate or are inexplicable to the laws of physics and chemistry.

The term “parapsychology” appears to have been coined by psychologist Max Dessoir sometime around or before 1889, and it first appeared in an article written by Dessoir which appeared in June 1889 . Researcher J.B. Rhine probably did the most to popularize the term parapsychology in English and he was one of the first to engage in large-scale, organized study of the subject. Much of what lies behind parapsychology is the belief that the mind is independent of the body and that the field has the means of proving the truth of a non materialistic conception of life and the universe — the same premise that drives spiritualism.

Para psychological phenomena can generally be broken down into three general categories: telepathy, clairvoyance or precognition, and telekinesis. Telepathy is the ability to communicate information across space by the power of the mind alone. Telekinesis is the ability to move objects by the power of the mind alone. Clairvoyance or precognition is the ability to learn about future events which have not yet actually occurred.

There is a long history of people trying to solve crimes by appealing to supernatural and spiritual powers. That continues today with “psychic detectives,” people who claim to be able to use psychic powers to discover the location of missing people or the perpetrators of certain crimes. Although psychic detectives make dramatic claims on behalf of themselves and often offer their services to the police, very few police departments ever actually make use of them.  In 1986, the chief of the Dallas Police Department’s homicide division reached to a conclusion, stating:

“Not one time, one clue, or one piece of evidence or information from a psychic ever helped our investigations. Our experience has been that the only thing psychics do…is to take advantage of the emotions of the families.”

Media gullibility can also play a significant role in the promotion of the belief that psychic detectives actually accomplish anything. A psychic who can actually solve crimes is “news,” whereas the revelation that the psychic never did anything is boring and rarely if ever merits inclusion in the story. Reporters who bother to do just a bit of research with some follow-up calls would find that the claims made by and on behalf of these psychics simply don’t pan out; that reporters fail to do so is an abdication of their responsibility to the public and to the community.

In India any Para psychological evidence is not admissible in any court of law. In fact para-psychological evidence is a far fetched idea. A law Court does not recognize even Narco Test and Lie detector test. So far as brain mapping is concerned ,but for USA ,this too  is yet to have a validity status anywhere in the world. The logic is very simple that soundness of mind , brain and human relations rule the world, not the emotions of right and wrong. Yes any investigating agency can make use of these tests as a lead to truth.

But in modern time parapsychology is acquiring another dimension that is the effect of well wishes or ill wishes. This is Parapsychology because it has no index as such for any guaranteed scientific claim. Though our system of Vardan and Abhishap( blessing and curse) is a precursor to the open talk about such issues but in the long run the such issues are regarded to be quibbling of a berserk mind. Unfortunately I have taken note of growing trend among the modern generation people to openly refer to such issues.  I am of the opinion that such issues may span across centuries together. They are governed by the law of Karma. The seed of anything , good or bad, in such type of issues ultimately lie within the individual itself.  .  


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