**(This article consists of three parts. First part deals with,in addition to the issue at hand, the other correlated issues such as Dragon’s head & life.  All the three parts make the use of Astro-philosophy.

At the outset i would like to mention that i am not going to write on Astro philosophy which invariably involves the matters of CosmoGenesis. This is too vast a subject to be tackled through such article. However i would use such argument as and where necessary and is relevant in the context. The subject  has been already discussed in threadbare detail. But still there appears to be element of conceit and vanity into it which makes it unfit for ordinary mortals. I think that any subject should be of some direct utility as well for the mankind. Historical contexts of any issue must roll on to future relevance of the same with clarity of thought and expression. . Madam H.A.Blavatsky is, of course , regarded to be milestone in this respect having authored a book titled’ Secret doctrine’ in 4 volumes. This is of course a bible to Astro philosophers but still beyond the reach of most of the  philosophers. I have been always advocating the cause of  Astrology , to treat the same as a part of mainstream Philosophy. This is from the point of view of   making Philosophy free from the heathen of mysticism & abstraction,  not otherwise. I am here below quoting a passage from her book as quoted by a renowned Astro Philosopher(Mr. Bepin Behari) from India. .

 “Planet Mercury is more occult and mysterious than Venus. It is identical with Mazdean Mithra  ,the Genius of God, established between Sun and Moon, the perpetual companion of the Sun of Wisdom; he had wings to express his attendance upon Sun in its course; and he was called the sharer of light. .He was the leader or evocator of souls., the great Magician and Hierophant. Mercury is intelligent and wise because he is the offspring of Soma, the Regent of the invisible moon , not of  Indu the Physical moon……..

I would like to add that this is no longer the era of speculative philosophy, which comes to almost end with Buddhism. Buddhism through its eight fold path to Nirvana(salvation), which is summarized in the philosophy of mid-path approach, brings an end to all the controversies as raised in any kind of Scriptures.  To sum up, “Extremism is the source of all trouble otherwise everything is a part of the scheme of God. We harbor grievances against God because undue thoughts/desires are troubling us.  It is only through mid path approach that we can derive pleasure and attain salvation”. However  I think that this philosophy that ‘ mid path is the best path’, as represented by Jupiter in Sagittarius sign, can only be a social Philosophy. In the present day world all good and bad are confined to deceptive non-violence based on interest, if not mutuality. The scriptures like Upnishad have been replaced with structured system of law and justice. The philosophy pertaining to abstract issues like God, Nature and Soul has been dealt with in threadbare detail in Scriptures of all parts of the world. The Philosophy of cultural dynamics has also become irrelevant in the wake of real mass communication on global scale. In Indian context it was laid on scientific footing ,and reached to its zenith height, through the Philosophy of stalwarts like Swami Vivekananad, Aurobindo Ghosh , Gandhi, Nehru, Ravinder Nath Tagore, Rajneesh and Spiritual master like Paramhans Ramkrishna. It is well known that India has been pioneer in the Philosophy of Cosmo-Genesis. Scriptures like Rig Veda and mythological context of Puranas  are exclusively devoted to such issues. But now all such issues bog down to the issues of knowing about others soul if not one’s own. Issues like “Realization of infinite” and  “Self realization” is no longer the creed. I agree that we are passing through an era of harvesting as symbolized by Erect Holy Cross falling in the year around 2000 . This falls at around 5 degree in Pisces sign. The sign is regarded to be representing salvation philosophy. It is also agreed that spirituality is slave force. But still it represents the transition from Individualism to Socialism. So  it is the time to reinvent the wheel.

I cannot, however,  resist the temptation to quote a saying by Gandhi “There is always a special prize in store for those who are capable of self abnegation”


“Nothing exists in this objective and illusory world of ours which does not go to serve two purposes-a good one and a bad one”-H.A.Blavatsky
For the sake of pleasantry let us begin with a controversy around a trivial fact as to whether Conception time or Birth time should be considered for preparing Horoscope of a native. Logically it appears that it should be Conception time because the physique thing has to be developed in accordance with the soul. But practically it is not true. ‘Birth time’ is undoubtedly the right answer as per the empirical studies. So what the solution out is there. What comes to my mind is that Birth’s time is fixed at  time of Conception itself. So it is like preparing a house for a prospective visitor, knowing in advance who is going to stay in it. The sperm and ova is complete codification of one’s being. Meaning thereby it is a vector for the course of evolution as encoded in the chromosomes. Moreover so long as baby is in the womb of mother, the life is just like that noted in plant’s kingdom- devoid of intelligence. Soul enters into the slots exactly at the time of birth even if the baby is born through a medical operation. If the gap between Operation Time and destined Time of Birth is more than 24 hours then there is least chance of survival. Otherwise the baby remains in almost subconscious state until the birth moment arrives. From behind 24 hours the body in the womb comes under the influence of the orb of the destined astrological configuration. Such is the meticulous planning of the chemistry of super-consciousness revealing itself in various forms through the journey of mind. So the concept of pre-natal epoch in Astrology amounts to overstretching the nerves. Pre natal epoch refers to ascertaining Conception time from birth time.

I would like to quote a saying by India’s Late PM(India) Pt. Nehru
“Thought without action is an abortion and action without thought is a folly”.
In this context it assumes greater importance because all the worries about future arise on account of this conflict between Thought and Action. It is agreed that prediction is fundamentally wrong concept but still faith is astrology helps us to rise above animalism.  We all know that ‘Will’ stands for the consciousness involved in the life of animal kingdom, including  Homo ‘the genus of human being’. At the same time the word ‘will’  represents future tense as well. So if one comes to know about one’s future in advance it no longer remains ‘will’ and thereby eats out ‘will the consciousnesses’ in advance. However I have firm faith that astrology is an integral part of Religion or Dharma and helps us to discover order behind creation, life and associated ‘Joys and sorrows’. I hold that astrology should be treated as an integral part of  curriculum of philosophy as taught in universities, of course at post graduate level for the evident reason.  This is because even without prediction (which consists of primarily Period/Sub-periods and Transit issue) it is a world unto itself.

So it should be evident that I am trying to impress upon the fact that our horoscope represents our being/soul in seed form. Our horoscope is snapshot of the birth moment. There is nothing new into it. It is implied in  astrology right from the beginning because all planets,otherwise, leave their position in the sky/ecliptic immediately  after birth time   but we go on considering the static picture of birth time. So Astrology is concerned with the temporary conjunction of external planetary transit with the static picture as given in the horoscope and the resulting resonance (not electromagnetic but celestial) arising thereon. The evolution of life and its correlation with planetary position leads to journey of mind in predetermined order. From what i had discussed in the previous paragraphs, the remaining issue is what leads to diversity even for same birth moment & birth place. I had tried to attempt at this issue and its solution in horoscopy/astrology in the second part of this article(PART II) of the same. Mine is the thrust  on concept of Native and Relative planets as delineated in the same. It needs further elaboration.

The secret to understand is that there is life involved into inanimate as well and this is called ‘consciousnesses’. But consciousness works through Hyperspace not Space. Space is the translation of Hyperspace in the realm of thought. Just like plants have life but no soul & thought, inanimate too have life in more sublime form. When we are fast asleep without any bubble of thought in mind we remain alive still we are in the realm of hyperspace in which there is no concept of distance and time. Our seers in state of meditation used to attain this state-that is coming in sleeping state without sleeping. All inanimate have a life which is direct crystallization of Super consciousness. Hyperspace is the space of all pervading super consciousness  which is in continuum with material consciousness. As matter evolved from Eternal quietitude , Sun of Super consciousness, as perceived in the realm of matter ,  comes into existence . (I will come back to this issue) However, it is meaningless to imagine it through thought. This is because it starts where ‘Thought’ ends. However in the extreme state of meditations one can feel the same as an infinitely large Sun which is basically what we call Rahu or Dragon’s head. Super consciousness consists of two forces-force of evolution which represents the male force and force of involution which is female part attracting back the creation into itself. Though Grand force is said to be combination of four basic forces but basically these are the two forces out of which the four forces emerge as secondary effect of these two forces. The fragmentation of the two forces leads to concept of Rahu. Though on physical plane Rahu can be said to be the location of Big Bang but basically it is nowhere and everywhere. This entire space and specially the point of contact of matter and space also represent Rahu. It is this contact which fosters thought into matter. In horoscopy Rahu moves with a definite speed of 18.5 years per cycle in clockwise direction through Zodiac belt or ecliptic, while all planets move in clockwise direction When I attempted at astrology first time, just after college time, I noted this movement of Rahu. I had just finished studying Special theory of relativity. It spontaneously jumped out of my tongue-‘Hey, it is General theory of relativity’, while at that time i had no idea of what it was. But now i feel that it was not just rambling. It really represents General Theory of relativity. Rahu’s nature is very much akin to Eienstein’s concept of Black hole but in reverse direction.

In this context it is worth reminding that there are three stream of philosophy in this world-Brahama(The Father) symbolizing the philosophy of creation of space, matter/energy, life and evolution, Vishnu(The Son) for Law of Karma, philosophy of Statecraft and conduction of social life, Mahesh/Shiva( The Holy spirit) Symbolizing the male/female relation and Family system.
In the previous paragraph  I dwelt on the issue of Hyperspace and Dragon’s head ( Rahu). To sum up, Hyperspace is the Space of inanimate matter which has no associated concept of distance and time though concept of entropy remains there. In the realm of thought Hyperspace and Material consciousness can be represented by number 0. If a living person comes to zero state through prayer or meditation, the same will come in touch with the infinite realm of Hyperspace & Material consciousness and can thereby attain any knowledge about it or to say about Cosmo Genesis and one’s own soul. That is what Indian and Greek seers used to do. This is philosophy behind idol worship (and Kundalni Jagran of Hindu mythology). Super consciousness is represented by nothingness or Eternal quietitude(Maha Shunya(Great Zero)). So long as one is in the realm of thought it is futile to visualize anything about it, nay not even vacuum in space.
Rahu has four types of associated concept-Origin of matter, origin of life, ego center and womanhood (as encoded in chromosome). But all of those finally bogged down to the same point. Regarding the first one it can be said to be a window between Super consciousness and Material consciousness. But as because there is nothing like Super Consciousness which can be accommodated in thought so it is illusory concept. However it is through this explosion center that Super Consciousness precipitated into first type of subatomic particle or what we are searching for that is God particle. It happened under the spell of two components forces –evolution and involution which can be called man/woman or master/slave force. However Rahu is a hyperspace concept and cannot be realized in thoughtful state. We know that even Black hole cannot be seen with naked eyes. In thoughtful state this space itself becomes Rahu and grips the matter through force of involution which leads finally to gravitation force. It is said that our space is filled with black micro matter, that is neutrino, and light photon appears to be a packet of the transverse wave of neutrino particles. But I think for practical purpose the present concept of wave/particle regarding light is more than enough. The question arises that space creation is not a gradual process so how come all of sudden this infinite space was filled with some matter. Expanding universe theory is a superfluous concept, though there is no doubt that galaxies are flying apart. Then as per cosmology our solar system was created through a supernovae explosion, in the nuclear furnace of which all metals were generated. But as per Hindu CosmoGenesis Ursa Major(consisting of 7 stars in Magellanic Cloud) has a major role to play in creation of our planetary system. As per the same our planetary system is born out of the celestial marriage of the 6 starts of Great Bear with 6 stars of  asterism Kritika(Alcyone 2)

It is well known that the concept of Rahu for creation of life and ego centre as a vector of evolution has been encoded in the relative motion of moon and earth. Meaning thereby, though Rahu is defined as a point on celestial equator which is cut across by moon’s ever precessing orbit around earth with frequency of 18.5 years, yet it is not the point where moon cuts celestial equator but the point of intersection of the moon’s orbit itself which coincide with moon’s location through equator only once in a month. Meaning thereby Rahu location is ever changing on through the celestial equator but practically it is nothing. I personally believe that there happened such similar thing behind asterism or constellation in the beginning of universe. Rahu is not rotataing but shifting its location. It is still happening over there but its job of matter-creation is over. There appears to be one to one correspondence between the two concepts of Rahu.  Then Ketu is called shadow of Rahu standing for Rahu’s phenomenal/practical significance in term of worldly phenomena. Rahu imparts only psychology. Thereby two becomes the karmic agent of life. Rahu position in the horoscope of a person represents his ego centre or psychic under the motive force of which the person assumes ego-incarnate or what we call will-power or soul. In case of rebirth or reincarnation it may represent the impression of previous birth on psyche. If through meditation one comes in touch with this center one can know about one’s previous birth or whether there was really one or not.

In Hindu astrology there is concept of Kal Sarpa yoga(Time serpent Conditioning) which is pointer in that direction. This happens when all the planets falls on the one side of Rahu-Ketu axis( representing single minded devotion to the unfulfilled or residual desires of previous birth). This is called Time Serpent Yoga because desires are associated with serpent. The conditioning represents the desires born out of unfulfilled desire of previous successive births. This is ,after all, called  desire because aim of life is salvation not rebirth. Rahu-Ketu axis serves as rider, responsible for fulfilment of the same. ( Pt J L Nehru and Lord Buddha have the same axis). Such type situation arrives under two conditions-either it is case of reincarnation (as distinct from rebirth which may be accidental, not anything pre planned as such by the person oneself in previous birth) or if second house representing inheritance of past karma of forefathers is occupied by significant planet in one’s own sign. (If moon lies on the one side and all other planet to the other side of Rahu-Ketu axis then it may represent preparation for reincarnation. However there are other situation as well). Kal sarp Yoga is often dubbed to be  bad Yoga by the traditional Astrologers. But it is a misconception. The life of native having such Yoga may not be very happy. But it hardly matters to the person concerned. Such people are slave to the cage of their ambition. Kaal Sarp Yoga was present in the Horoscope of some important personality of world like-Margret Thatcher, Abraham Lincon, Adolf Hitler, Jawahar Lal Nehru, Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel( Runner for the post of first PM of India), Lata Mangeshkar( the renowned vocal singer of India), Dhirubhai Ambani( Industrialist from India) etc.I am not trying to advocate the cause of astrology as an instrument of prediction but it is definitely the source of all spiritual knowledge.

The philosophical matters as presented in this  paragraph may kindly be seen in the light of Geocentric View.We know that earth has three associated motion-Precessional, Annual and diurnal. Precessional motion is concerned with what we call Brahma philosophy which in the present state of being stands for evolvement of world consciousness defining different eras in that course. (I think that one era consists of the motion of vernal equinox through one sign which comes to be approximately 71*30=2130 years. As per Romak Siddhant an era consists of 2850 years. This evidently takes into account three whole asterism spanning 40 degree. Further every 90 degree movement of Vernal Equinox starting from 5 degree Gemini  can be regarded to be constituting a Grand Era of approximately 6400 years.). This is called microcosmic evolution. Then annual motion can be said to be representing Vishnu aspect of Hindu philosophy. Then diurnal motion represents Mahesh. In this context it is worth reminding that Shiva philosophy was originally a Dravidian philosophy as per which Shiva is almighty Supreme entity and fragments itself into Pursha and Shakti or Akasha and Prana(Aryan counterpart of the same). The philosophy is represented by three state of being-Absolute Truth(Satyam), Absolute knowledge(Shivam) and Absolute bliss(Sundaram). This is also represented as three concentric circles emerging from every point of Super Consciousness-in keeping with Sri Vivekananad’s statement that God is like an infinite circle with circumference nowhere and center everywhere. (Later on there lived some seer too with that name known as Lord Shiva. He is primarily an epitome of Scorpion philosophy. I would try to throw more light on the issue in PART-III of this article. ) With Aryan advent to India the Mahesh Philosophy appeared to be very near to Shiva Philosophy so it was accommodated as a part of Hindu philosophy generically. On the other hand individual’s evolution as represented by Horoscope is called macro-cosmic evolution or also called ‘freewill’.

Further ‘Satya’ represents the creation in which everything is a face of God or Brahma and in which God wish is Supreme. The two halves of the circle are what is dubbed as right and wrong, but are equivalent from Brahma point of view. The middle circle Shiva is said to represent the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent entity which divides itself into two parts for the play of world. Those are Pursha (Manhood) and Shakti (Female Energy). Pursha establishes its relation with the apparent or latent manifestation of the whole Brahma through Shakti. But as a whole, in that process, Shiva stands for having a complete realization of the external circle that is Satya. The dawning of this realization of Satya creates an inflow of illumination towards the third circle what is called Sundram or state of absolute bliss when the consciousness is concentrated or starts to reside fully at the centre and is in full command of oneself.  Until the realization dawns the different system of the three concentric circles are likely to clash. Lord Shiva is said to have attained this state of realization

In astrology there is concept called Sudarshan Chakra, as enunciated by Parashar Muni

( He fixed the Vedic Astrology to be used as a science of prediction, taking Atharva Jyotisha and Tatriya Brahmana as base. He authored so many  books. Laghu Prashari(Uday Parkash) and Parashari Hora are worth mentioning. However our present day knowledge of Astrology is based on primarily Vedang Jyotish composed at around 1400 BC. Parshar Muni was the father of Maharishi Ved Vyas, who composed Mahabharta after 3 year of Mahabharta war at around 1890 BC. Prashar Muni was himself grandson of Vashishta Muni, the teacher of Lord Rama. So there cannot be a gap of more than 500 years between Mahabharta and Ramyana’s time of event .)

Word ‘Sudarshan’ stands for  someone  looking  exceptionally good  and  ‘Chakra’ stands for wheel. This is represented as three concentric circles. The outermost one is the horoscope of the native taking Sun sign( radical sun) as ascendant. Second/middle one represents the horoscope with Moon sign(radical moon) as ascendant. Third /innermost is  normal horoscope with the  ascendant of Eastern horizon. The ascendant of  all the three horoscopes are aligned as first house and so on.

Upnishads are a stream of Hindu Scriptures which go to constitute real Dharma part  of Hinduism,, dealing with all divine laws & divine justice from the point of view of smooth conduction of social affairs and salvation.   Those are said to be more than 200 in numbers. Gita is the last Upnishad. As per a Upnishad there are three tripods of  the higher self of the soul of an individual- Atam,Buddhi and Manas represented by Sun,Moon and Mercury respectively . Here Buddhi stands for Wisdom and Manas stands for action thought. Atam stands for the via media by which Central Divine Impulse gives its command to the soul. Sun or Solar energy is, of course, nearest to the Sun of Super Consciousness hence Solar fire is sure source of all knowledge. This is presented as saying that Sun is the first preceptor of the knowledge of Gita having received it from Brahma directly. ( Lord Krishna has Sun in the Leo sign -the lord sign) However relative position of Sun in horoscope matters. If in a Horoscope Sun is combust ( less than 10 degree distance from the other) with any Planet , the latter’s celestial influence is spoiled. Sun in Leo is okay for only Jupiter because Sun in Leo imparts Philosophical knowledge and activates Jupiter fully. But capacity of intellectual gain  stands waned. So for the remaining planets its best position is Aries, that is to say ‘exalted’ position.

Lord Krishna is said to be the embodiment of the concept  of Sudarshan Chakra. He has  Moon in Gemini Ascendant (Bhakti Yoga), Sun in Leo ,  Jupiter in Pisces falling in  10th house. Sun in Leo and Jupiter in Pisces represented Karma Yoga. Jupiter in 10th house represented Gyan Yoga. He has Saturn and Venus in Scorpio which was responsible for his Kundalini Jagran. In this respect he has two ladies in his life-Radha and Draupdi.

If Sun or Moon happens to fall in Ascendent then Sudarshan Chakra consists of only two circles. If Moon in ascendent then it represents meditation amidst activity as a slave. Lord Krishna never became King. He was a minister of Pandavas. If Sun is in ascendant then it represents Philosopher the King. Sun imparts detachment which is the sure source of all knowledge without any meditation. This may be called Satyam quality. Moon imparts meditation or Shivam quality  for the sake action and salvation. The innermost circle represents mundane actions,joys & sorrows and liberation.  Mercury plays most vital role in it. If  both Sun and Moon happen to fall in ascendant(New Moon) then the three circles fuse into each other . This makes a person very confused philosopher devoid of sense of action and always groping in darkness. The net effect depends upon the whole configuration of the horoscope but amidst all fanfare the person lives the life of pariah. Two Such persons come to my mind. Paramhans Ramkrishna( Spiritual Master of Swami Viveknanad) has Sun ,Moon and Mercury( the tripod) in Aquarius falling in ascendent. The Indian industrialist Dhirubhai Ambani has also Sun and Moon in Sagittarius sign falling in Ascendent.   So in essence Sudharshan Chakram, Shiva philosophy and tripod of Atam, Buddhi and Manas are the three faces of the same Philosophy. However Sudarshan Chakra is only a contrived instrument to form a relative idea of the mutual impact of  different planetary dispositions as falls in different signs but same house.

I had said that if we exclude the concept of period/sub-periods and transit of planet then it is perfect instrument for taking ahead the chariot of philosophy. This is because the seers did not reveal anything about their source of this knowledge and it appears to be having no scientific rationale, especially behind the order and span of period. However philosophy underlying is this that heart represents is the most important thing and it passes through various phases which are all complementary compositely. In the course of macro-cosmic evolution, of course guided by microcosmic evolution, lots of desires enter into mind of procreating force and leads to several afflictions. But if one silently accepts the thing in its natural wake taking it as a God wish then during the subsequent phase of afflicting planets all ire would be overcome and everything would be settled.

In this context it is worth reminding that geocentric view is the egocentric view of the universe representing era of Kingship. In geocentric view it the Moon which counts hence it is night view of the Universe. Moon along with Rahu represents ego knot and represents the phase of self realization by reflecting back the different soul component into itself. Heliocentric view adds element of Universalism to the same. Sun at the center is like dispenser of justice which is pre condition for democracy. Geocentric view is the reality of world  or Human reality. Heliocentric view is the Divine reality. So Sun represents conductor the Vishnu force or what is called Atmic impulses. Practically it is fuel which is the common requirement. As per Hindu Cosmo-genesis there are two forms of energy-Solar energy called Suchhi and Rahu Energy, born out of the Sun of Super consciousness, called Pavamana.  There is nothing like Moon energy in absolute term. It is the outcome of capturing of Sun energy by Asuri ( Demonic)forces. The two as per Hindu Philosophy are also known as Pra and Apra Shakti respectively. There is third form of energy which is known as Pawaka or Pitris fire derived from ancestor. This is what I call activation energy as described in PART-II of this article. Lack of any form of the three  energy may cause a person to pull any form of  energy through the influence of Moon , though it appears as solar fire at the face level. In fact Solar and Lunar energy represents the  energy of  Master and Slave force respectively which lies at the crux of whole universe and soul creation. Each sign/house has an opposite sign/house at 7th place. ( We know one house may encompass/overlap more than one sign) Each such two signs/houses  are antithesis of each other as well as complementary to each other. Accordingly the Planets having Lordship in those signs have the same relation. There are two scheme for ego equation. One is the Moon’s concept and other is Geminite quality. So Moon in Gemini in Ascendant is a perfect instrument for pulling Rahu energy( Pavamana) from a  spouse or otherwise, may be representing the Kundalini Shakti as an external shadow of the internal process. However  best position is Moon is in   Cancer falling in Ascendent. Here the things may happen unknowingly and without any conscious effort in part of the native. There is no expectation in part of the benefactor. Some of the important personalities having this configuration in India  were J.L Nehru, Raj-kapoor( Film director), Madhuri Dixit( Film Actress),E.Joseph ( an eminent painter and high ranking Govt official), Rukmani devi Arundale( a world famous dancer  of her time) etc. But in any case they will have slave instinct unless supported by a Strong Sun.

(In astrology we know that four planets  provide gross body(physical form)  to a being. Those are  namely Mars, Venus, Saturn and Jupiter. All of those have a Master/Male sign  and a Slave/Female sign. Regarding the two luminaries, Sun and Moon,  they themselves represent Master and Slave energy centre hence they have been assigned only one sign each, namely Leo for Sun and Cancer for Moon. I will come back to the enigma of  ‘exaltation’  latter in PART-III of this article. Mercury is intermediate instrument for expression and rational decision. Mercury is said to be born out of cross of Moon and Venus under the celestial influence of Jupiter. It does not provide gross body hence it has been also assigned one sign. However it appears as shine of intelligence on the  visage of native. There is a well known interesting story as per Hindu Cosmogenesis. That Jupiter’s wife named Tara( Venus) was fed up of the the religiosity of Juipter. Jupiter left to itself is devoid of expression capability. It just represents vital air like oxygen which buttress all forms of fire or energy. Tara became infidel at the heart , meaning thereby her heart was stolen by Soma, the presiding deity of moon. As a sublimated solution she(Tara) gave birth to Mercury which is basically son of Jupiter but on account of infidelity at heart it is called the son of Moon as well. Mercury is lord of Gemini sign( 5 degree Gemini is known as Gateway to Man). Mercury  falling in Gemini sign is the Lord of Master-Slave or Male-Female relation. If  this is in wide conjunction with Sun, this is called Buddhi Aditya Yoga. But any other planet falling in Gemini is mimicry of Mercury with an evil intention. Mercury has been assigned another Female  sign as well, as exaltation sign , which rules over intellect and lends clarity of expression for the sake of truth, without hurting anybody and irrespective of loss or gain to self . In any other sign it partially rules over intellect , partially over voice quality and partially over rational decision in relation to action thought. So meaning thereby Sun,Moon and Mercury falls in one category, the tripod of higher self,  and the remaining four planets fall in the other category, the lower self. These combined together are called 7 flames of Cosmic Man/Fire or Super Consciousness which finally translated into the set of  7 planets( that is to say 7 components). Earth is said to be wife of the above mentioned four planets. and is represented through Moon because basically it was part of Earth. Moon ‘s motion, under the dual gravity force of Sun and Earth,  is said to be the wisdom part of Cosmic Man because it fulfilled the condition for the origination of Soul concept on Earth. Mars and Venus are like two legs of Cosmic Man, Saturn and Jupiter are like two hands of the same. The tripod of Sun, Moon, and Mercury rules over the invisible higher self  under the command of Central Divine Impulse via the gateway of Rahu-Ketu axis. The Sun of Super Consciousness is reflecting into each soul through Rahu. Each such centre gives birth to a strand of evolution which may be complimentary to several other strands. The scheme and predetermined course of evolution is implemented by Central divine impulse. )

As we know that Moon has no independent energy of its own but still it primarily fulfills the condition for tie of the ego knot of two individuals, may be wife husband or for that matter any other relation.

In the previous section i had discussed that in the realm of thought this whole space represents Dragon’s head ( Rahu). Meaning thereby its each and every point is Rahu, which is window to Super consciousness. So effectively when one attains thoughtless state in meditation by coming in touch with one’s ego centre (represented by 0 state) one comes’ in touch with super consciousness, filling the entire space, and appears as infinite Sun. In that state it is no longer space. It is infinite continuum state devoid of Distance and time.  Material consciousness as involved in matter   is the apparent manifestation of super consciousness itself. Without thought it is all realm of consciousness. Sometimes it appears that whole space is revolving with the speed of Dragon’s head in clockwise direction. But this appears to be meaningless concept. Material consciousness is precipitated out of super consciousness. Further life or ego center also, comes in existence when Rahu fosters thought in material consciousness. The point to understand is that the whole scheme of origin of life was codified in the relative motion of Earth, Moon and Sun. This also may mean that Our solar system and earth is the only system where the condition for origin of life has been fulfilled. So,for our practical purpose the Rahu/Ketu as represented in Astrology is enough.

In the paragraph above I had said that it had something to do with General Theory of relativity. This theory is dubbed to be Gravitation theory. But question arises why Einstein called it General theory of relativity. Meaning thereby Gravitation theory is a consequence of G.T. of relativity, not otherwise. This theory is based on advanced concept of Mathematics, like Hyperbolic Geometry and Differential equation of High order/degree. But the summary is that space and matter also interacts with each other and whenever matters moves, the space is subjected to strain which may cause stretch in space and makes it curved. The relativity between matter and space leads to Gravity effect and further the two effects each other.  Hyperbolic Geometry has its origin in the negation of fifth axiom of Euclidean Geometry (the geometry which we know about) and also reservation regarding the shape of Universe whether its Spheroid or Hyperboloid.

As per General theory of relativity there is nothing like curved path due to Gravitation effect. Path in space is always straight line. But when a body is subjected to Gravity force of other larger body the smaller body may move on curved path. But basically it is not the path which is curved but the space itself which stands curved. The matter is subjected to gravity force not only due to other body but there is also self gravity which keeps a body hooked in space. And so on. This lead to his conclusion regarding the existence of black hole in space much before it was actually discovered. Einstein has been also discussing something like this ,that there appears to be two universe which are mirror image of each other as developed through a wall of light particles and what is past for one is future for the other………. But basically light particles are nothing but Sun of Super-consciousness and there is nothing beyond it. It is simply illusion like mirror duality as perceived under the influence of Moon the reflector.

In the philosophical matters or any other matter pertaining to life it is impossible to make a hundred percent accurate inference or remark. There would always remain some margin till this universe comes to end. In my previous article I had said that our space is the transformation of hyperspace in the realm of thought. Hyperspace is the space of super consciousness which has no concept of distance and time associated with it. Concept and feeling of Distance and Time comes into existence when life comes into existence. With life starts the realm of thought. There are certain concepts which are intriguing in nature because we look at those from the realm of thought but those exits only in the realm of thoughtlessness. Super consciousness and Hyperspace can be roughly realized through imagery but basically those have nothing to do with any realization in the realm of thought. From the evolutionary force of super consciousness what comes out is Material consciousness.( Energy is part of the state of matter) We feel matter only after thought has come into existence. Prior to that, it is different fragment of Super consciousness which influences each other without involving concept of space and hence distance. Time has two type of interpretation. One is the clock time which we arises out of relative motion of matter and the wait involved between two associated events as measured through a standard called clock. The other is the feeling part of time which is a process like entropy. Now the issue is that even if we assume that this material world came into existence as a result of the evolutionary force involved in some intangible entity, beyond space & time, called super consciousness, how life came into existence. Evolutionary force gave birth to matter. The point where matter originated is sometimes called the location of big bang. Basically it is as if space exploded. In fact  it is precipitation of Eternal quietitude into subatomic particle which was followed by their contraction under self gravity leading to the formation fireball  and its explosion. Fireball is called HiranyaGarbha( Golden egg) in Hindu Cosmo-genesis.  But it is here where concept of Dragon’s head or Rahu starts to trouble the dark corner of reasoning. This is because Astrology gives it the name of the nodes and anti-nodes of moon–the points of intersection of moon’s orbit with the celestial Equator. In fact it is the one and same factor which is responsible for everything from beginning to end. Einstein called his theory as General theory of relativity because it deals with relativity of space and matter. What we know is the relativity between motions of bodies as seen from inertial or non inertial frame of references. . Relativity of time comes into existence as apparent phenomena because of the relativity between frames of references.

One’s horoscope is a complete draft of the Law of Karma one would be subjected to. Law of Karma consists of two parts Static and dynamic. Static part is the soul as born and dynamic part is represented by Period/sub period & Planetary Transit concept. In this context it needs to be emphasized the Horoscopic configuration represents Karma, not Kama. Karma stands for the relational issues whereas Kama stands for all physical chores of life. So theoretically even it is impossible to make it a science of prediction in Toto.

Before I proceed further I would like to clarify the usages of a jargon which is frequently bandied around in any religious/spiritual discourses in India. That is ‘Yoga’.

Yoga stands for Union or Unification. As per all schools of philosophy, all the problems in life arises out of the conflict among different desires born out of natal or worldly factors. Now what is desire. We know that every ego-incarnate(soul frame) has an ego center which represents the  central tendency of person( as represented by Rahu position) This is also the prime mode of the salvation of individual concerned. Other component of soul should be subservient to ,or in consonance with ,this central tendency. But this does not happen and leads to unfulfilled desires.This is what Freud described as conflicts among three components of composite human psychology – ‘Id’, ‘Ego’ and Superego, which stands split up due to unbearable spiritual/physical problems. In Gita it is described as the unification, or the suitable admixture, of the three basic types of instincts/psychology as present in every being- Satva Gun, Rajo Gun and Tamo Gun.  The three types of Gunas(qualities) are counterparts of SuperEgo, Ego and Id respectively. The solution for the affliction in the three components of human psychology are termed as Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga and Bhakti Yoga respectively. However the thing depends upon the preponderance of element present in the individual by birth. Meaning thereby what may be called qualities for one may be drawbacks for other.  In Astrology ‘Yoga’ is used in relation to Planetary conjunction/Union and certain special Conditioning (like Time serpent). But in fact all types of  perception regarding the same are perceptions of one and the same thing through different angle or approach.  Astrology is technical approach towards the facets of Yoga. One is the external aspect, the  perception and effect of which is visible and is within human control.  But there are other implicit aspect of Yoga which are very sublime and is a result of past karma and has no solution but  to face it and be free from it through pleasure & penance or  through rebirth.  The later is represented by another concept of Yoga in Hindu Almanac( called Panchang) .As per the same, the average of the longitude of Sun And Moon( sum of the two divided by the span of an asterism,13degree 20 minute. As there are 27 asterism, so Yogas are also 27 in number.) All Planets have their own respective consciousness involved into them which is transformed into human psychology as present in the soul-frame of an individual leading to some event in right time. So basically all reference to Yoga basically stands for either some special factor of life psychology or an ascetic effort towards unification of certain set of tendencies or psychology. As I have said  that the Yoga condition is present by birth and may also be born out of desires. Further by human effort one can rectify it after realizing those problems by means of special physical postures and meditation. So the meditation process is also called ‘Yoga’. So all spiritual and astrological condition in relation to existence,knowledge and happiness may be termed as Yoga.

There is a another form of Yoga called Raj Yoga( it is not astrological Raj Yoga) which only ascetic can perform through prolonged practice of meditation preceded by seven fold path of physical preparation. But this is basically what artificial Kundalini Jagran is all about. Yes there is natural aspect of the same  and this may reflect as partial Karma Yoga in the horoscope of native. Question arises, is it (artificial Raj Yoga) possible for every monk, as it is the prevailing misconception. The emphatic answer is no. Certain congenital factors are essential even for the artificial Raj Yoga to be successful.  This is closely related to Philosophy of Tantra which I would discuss in Part-III of this article.

Then there is another terminology troubling us all at every step-that is Rahu/ Ketu. I think that Rahu has been derived from Sanskrit word Rah which stands for path. That is to say Rahu refers to path consciousness. As I had said that Rahu fosters thought into material consciousness. So thereby the matter becomes conscious of the path in which it is moving. This leads to origin of life. Ketu is the shadow or tail  in opposite direction. First significant conjunction of Rahu with a planet might have lead to the origin of a species like serpent. So we also call Rahu as Dragon’s head which may stand for Serpent’s head.  Ketu may stand for serpent tail. Practically Ketu stands for the phenomenal significance of Rahu. As I have said that Rahu in itself represents only central tendency of the person/native, but in conjunction with a planet it may induce a serpent like proclivity of that particular planetary consciousness. In the second part of this article (PART II) I have discussed that a human soul frame consists of two sets of planetary consciousness-Native and Relative. This is the basic difference between Human being and Animals. In animals it is only Native planet, in continuation with the origin point of species, which matters. It has no internal world and hence no concept of society. Once a species comes into existence its relation with cosmos is broken. But what I am trying to emphasize is that planetary effect on individual does not depend upon the only fact as to which planet is present in which constellation and which house but also on whether planet is Relative or Native. If Rahu is in conjunction with a planet which is Relative then it is total disaster. In due course, IN PART-III of this article  I may come back to this topic along with the issue of spiritual process, which may be natural or artificial, called ‘Kundalini Jagran’.



Now coming to astrology I am going to express a few quiet unconventional views in the subsequent paragraphs. But in any case the fact is that in the memory of mankind no planetary configuration is going to repeat itself ever.( This may also be said to be a face of infinity, even though it can be questioned mathematically ) . So that is why no two individual, and hence no two horoscope, can ever be exactly identical (yes for the exactly same birth moments even) and no human science can be 100% methodical. It’s bound to be further constrained and colored by seer’s perception. Astronomy alone usually is not sufficient for prediction. This remind us of the age old Heisenberg uncertainty principle? In fact it appears to me that if we apply all the rules of astrology on to any horoscope on the earth the sum total of prediction will remain same, just as the sum total of all the thoughts and desires, good or bad, on the earth remains zero in self adjusting manner! Does not this suggest that there must be something else behind this all simple permutations, combinations and interference effects of planetary consciousness? Some of those can be enumerated as I have tried to in the following paragraphs but there are factors which can never be tackled by any human ingenuity. Further there is nothing like an isolated destiny. Just as in Quantum mechanics to every problem there are two complex conjugate solutions similarly all social problems are generated and solved at least by two associated destinies. This reflects a face of microcosmic evolution.
The lots of confusion about predictive astrology prevail because there are lots of unwritten truths about astrology. The planetary system and its various configurations are like an ocean and its tides, which of course are predetermined and coincide with a thoughts pattern of procreating mother or parents as determined by evolutionary course. Each individual is moment plucked out of the current of time. At the face level each individual represent complete universe in itself as is evident from anyone’s birth chart. Then why is this difference in the stature and life pattern?
1) Firstly because some of planetary consciousness rule over our fore aspect of existence which may be termed as ‘Native Planets’ and others represent the latent aspect which may be termed as ‘Relative Planets’. These may be different from person to person even if their birth time is same. Native planets represent the personal appearance, traits or qualities of the native. Relative planets stand for the native’s significant associates and the physical, psychological, financial or interaction benefits derived from them. But, of course, the things will be determined by overall configuration of native’s natal chart and time factors in which Rahu plays a dominant role in the name of outer world and conceptual desires.
2) Secondly the point of view of creation, that is sum total of destiny ,  is represented by Lagna or Ascendant  which are necessarily different for different persons.
3) Thirdly, and the most important of all, is that all planetary consciousness can’t be activated by all mothers. Only those planetary consciousness are activated which is ingrained into the life philosophy of mother or parents. Remaining of the same will though appear to be there but will not affect the existence. In that case the aspecting, transit or dashas(periods/subperiods) of the planets does not carry any meaning. Whenever a particular planet comes back in the same zodiac sign in which it was posited at the time of birth and was activated, a celestial resonance is established. (We often tend to equate this resonance with our electromagnetic resonance. But the two are different things like space and hyperspace. ) This strengthens that particular aspect of personality and may lead to good or bad action, behavior or decision and the consequent fruits. But I don’t know whether or not astrologically it is possible to ascertain which planetary consciousness has been activated. May be some day we can find a key for the same. The positioning of the planet at a particular longitude in natal position and the resulting dispositions may appear to represent it but this does not seem to work always.

( For example on the one hand we say that if a planet lies in first 1/3rd part of odd rashi or last 1/3rd part of even rashi then it is in awakening state. If it is reversed it signifies dreaming state of the planet. But, on the other hand, moon is exalted in 0-3degree (first 1/3rd part) of Tarus which is an even rashi. So it should be in dreaming state which is malefic. Then in the middle 1/3rd part all planets are in sleeping state which is equivalent to inactive state. But there are exceptions to this rule as well. Meaning thereby the rules regarding dispositions at different longitude in a house or rashi have to be planet dependent. We need to resolve these contradictions and inconsistencies. )

Here there is another factor which counts. A relative and active planet may be represented by the entry of a person in anyone’s life during a particular, good or bad, transit or dasha. Now the issue is whether that planet will signify male or female, depending upon which the effect may be quite different. For example a planet or planetary conjunction posited in sixth house signifies enemies. But it may also stand for a romantic interlude if the planet is to be represented by a member of opposite sex. After all enemies are destroyer, and male female attraction and romance is the instinct for constructive destruction of each other. This is just like saying that a malefic planet is benefic in retrograde motion (though it is not the right analogy). In Lord Krishna Horoscope Saturn+Venus conjunction in Scorpio (lord of war and secret organs) as sixth house was represented by Radha, his beloved, who was much older than him. That affair lent him cosmic and energy strength to defeat, in due course, his enemies, Kauravas , who were much more senior and powerful than him and his associates were . That is why Radha Krishna affair is held to be sacred and venerated .

Assuming that we have arrived at a definite rule for ‘activation’ if we try to delve deep into the issue of Native and Relative planets, we can realize that Sun, Moon, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu may always be treated as Native planets. Remaining planets may be identified & isolated through interaction, depending upon the genius and acumen of Astrologer, because they have direct bearing on the look and physical aspect of being. I think this is somewhat akin to the relation between medical science and medical profession. However it has to be emphasized that the influence of any planet on the native is always there in a sublime way no matter whether it is Native or Relative. The only difference it will make is in interpretation. For example Rahu in conjunction with native female planets leads the native to sadistic or ignominious tendencies. In case of Native male planets it lends the native self destructive or masochistic tendencies. If the planets are Relative the effect is just reversed on the native. So Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are Relative planets only if they are in rapt conjunction with a Relative planet otherwise they are always Native. It is next to impossible that in a rapt conjunction one of the planets is Relative and other is Native, except in the case of Sun and Moon which, as mentioned above, are always Native. So Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus should be called Primary Native or Primary Relative. Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are Secondary Native or Secondary Relative depending upon conjunction. Sun and Moon are Absolute Native. In case of Primary if there is a conjunction; care has to be taken whether it is rapt or wide. In case of rapt it is all Native or all Relative. In case of wide a careful discretion has to be applied after studying the visage and temperament of the native but the chances are that one is Native and the other is Relative. The general criteria for rapt and wide conjunction should be that the planets should fall in different constellation (asterism) with minimum 10 degree separation. For conjunction we should rely upon tropical signs or sidereal rashis because house is a man made criteria. The significance of wide conjunction of Native and Relative planet will be that they will become associated with each other from the very teenage till the end of life whether as spouse or friend having deep influence on each other persona and life course. I would deliberately avoid quoting a live case. An inactive Primary Native planet in lordship or exaltation will not have influence after teenage. I would also like to mention that a Relative planet may not necessarily stand for a replica shadow outside. For example if say in any natal chart in 7th house there is Tarus Venus as Relative planet then the native will apparently be shy ,innocent and handsome or beautiful looking with latent liking for amorous activity under the influence of the same but its external image may not be necessarily someone with Venus in Tarus. It may be Piscean or Scorpion Venus because it is shadow house of Tarus for spouse or some other factors may determine it. So Relative planets speak primarily for the likings, disliking and preferences of the person(native) as opposed to native’s own traits. The traits of the native will be determined by Native planet with a mix of the disposition of the Relative planet consciousness. The astrological influence of extrovert traits of someone always goes to make the other side introvert. Further criteria may be developed on empirical basis.
(There is one problematic issue very difficult to be identified. This is that when a person is having more than one native planet but those are not in conjunction, that is to say fall in different houses or signs. In that case i do agree that it is difficult to go for any prediction before the age of 16. So below the age of 16 the existing things should be used.)



In this part I am going to discuss  such  type of issues which presuppose a keen interest in Vedic Astrology in part of the participants.  Some of those are  Exaltation & Karma Yoga, Gand-Mula conditioning and Kumdalini Jagran. Prior to that it is interesting to remind that there are only two planets whose orbits lie inside the orbit of earth( That is between orbits of Earth and Sun)-Those are Venus and Mercury. Moon remains on both the side of earth’s orbit in the course of its revolution round the Earth. Other planets(Mars,Saturn and Jupiter) revolve in their orbits which falls outside the  orbit of earth. If we focus on the natural half of zodiac(which is assumed to be starting from Aries and ending at Pisces,then from Taurus to Libra its the realm of Sun,Moon,Venus and Mercury. From Scorpio to Aries its the realm of Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. Left half is said to be ruling over female aspect of soul and  Right half over male aspect of the same. If we look carefully it appears that , though i don’t question any established fact, it should be 0 degree Taurus which should be regarded as beginning point of Zodiac. Meaning thereby 0 degree Taurus to 0 degree Scorpio should be regarded as the prime axis of natural(sidereal) zodiac. So left part  of any horoscope,starting from ascendant, represents female aspect and right part represents male aspect. Meaning thereby the significant associate of opposite gender including spouse will be of the type of Relative planet falling in left side.  Naturally in male, right side of the horoscope matters more than left side and opposite is true for female.  It is very impregnated but subjective issue so  I would avoid discussing it further.

Further I would avoid passing  comment on the old and superfluous controversy  regarding sidereal and tropical zodiac.  However , in keeping with traditional Indian view, I don’t subscribe to  backward shifting zodiac, though i don’t deny the metaphysical significance of  tropical approach, as discussed in paragraphs above .

In Babylonian sidereal astrology too Taurus, Scorpio,Leo and Aquarius are regarded to be four cardinal positions. If any one of the same is in ascendant and all planets fall in these four positions then person may be known as Royal Architect of Heaven ( specially if Jupiter is occupying star Regulus in Leo sign).

Now coming to exaltation we know that each of the planet has one sign assigned to it ,known as  exaltation sign for the planet. Only Aquarius and Sagittarius are not exalted position  for any planet. Further we know that each of the planet (Mars, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn)  which contributes to physical form of  a person, has been assigned two signs called Male and Female sign for the corresponding planet. In exaltation sign a planet assumes both the qualities,male and female, in equal proportion which is the prime factor governing liking or preferences.So such a person is complete persona in oneself and if it is a native planet then no amount of odds can obstruct his or her path.( 7th position from exaltation is called debilitation or depressed position for the planet, the person missing both the qualities and hence  too rude or impractically gentle to be tolerated, In fact he or she is self-destructive in approach, always opposing one’s own trait or person of one’s own type.). In astrology traditional astrologers often associate this issue with the issue of reincarnation. That is to say that if a native planet falls in exalted position and occupies cardinal/center house(1,4,7,10) then it may be case of reincarnation from the point of view of attaining salvation on the basis of the knowledge acquired in previous births.  But I think that it is a misconception. Exaltation  of a native planet in cardinal position is an indication of Karma Yoga in the first birth itself which may or may not lead to complete salvation/liberation. In fact reincarnation( as distinguished from rebirth of average soul) is mostly preceded by a planet falling in exaltation sign in the previous birth.  Normally Karma Yoga is  invariably associated with the native planet of the person occupying one’s own sign in cardinal house, and this may be an indication of person being in Karma Yoga through reincarnation which often serves as the last birth. Meaning thereby a planet occupying one’s own sign  is an essential indication for Karma Yoga but opposite may not be true. (Cardinal house occupancy is also not essential because cardinal house occupancy is associated with one’s role as a mentor of  someone else. So those position represent Gyan yoga not Karma Yoga.  Three cardinal houses namely 4,7and 10 are said to be representing the person’s role as a mother(children’s rearing aspect), as a Wife/Spouse or as a Father respectively. So far as first house, that is ascendant, is concerned if one’s native planet falls in it, then it is a sure sign of the person reaching to one’s highest position of life in a single hit/jump. So this happens mostly in very rich or politically powerful families.) In exalted position native enjoys all aspects of life passing through one or more cycles of miseries and pleasure in equal proportion, so that both the master and slave qualities get the chance to show their strength. . Philosophically speaking both joys and sorrows are equally a face of pleasure. (Aquarius and Sagittarius are male signs for Saturn and Jupiter respectively. But these are not exaltation sign for any planet. Though it appears that this is because no more scope is left for these two signs.  but  basically this is because these signs represent the thoughtless sta state  for the lord planets Saturn and Jupiter respectively.  Consequently male and female qualities of any other planet fuse into each other so raptly that it cannot be a place  for exaltation of any planet.) If a planet falls in her own sign then native’s life is primarily governed by the past karma of his/her father/forefathers. So the result depends upon family background. Karma Yoga through reincarnation descends generally in very distinguished and religious minded lineage. In otherwise case it becomes a  spiritual master( or say back force) for the fulfillment of  some other person.

(Forefathers and fathers karma are reflected through three houses  namely 2nd,9th and 10th. Ninth house represents the direct and perceptible effect of fathers good deeds on native’s fate. There is  close bond of affinity, like found among close friends, between father and child, without any sense of fatherhood. Generally this happens when father has what we call Buddhi Aditya Yoga, that is Sun and mercury falling in Gemini sign. However it has to be emphasized that anybody’s frame of mind and the associated destiny is not fallout of forgather’s karma. This is simply continuity of a preordained process.)

Pisces sign is regarded to be representing salvation philosophy which is also associated with dawn of machine age  or what we call KalYug. As per a scripture Vishnu Purana, machine age starts with Lord’s Krishna demise at around 1850 BC. Lord Krishna was a complete epitome of the culmination of Piscean philosophy.  In fact Indian almanac takes the beginning of Machine age  back to 5114 years( say around 3000 BC) , that is around the time the  work on last Veda, Atharv Veda,  was  completed.  On the other hand vernal equinox fell at 0 degree Aries( that is beginning of Piscean consciousness in tropical approach) in the year 285 AD when the first Indian document on Astronomy, known as old Surya Siddhant, was completed( It was compiled and was presented by one of the the most important Indian astrologers namely Varahamihir, popularly known as Baraha,  in his magnum opus Panch Siddhantika ,  in around 500AD and later on fixed by RangaNathan committee in around 1685 AD in the light of modern Astronomy). So this may also be regarded as a  mark for the beginning of Machine age. In fact our whole system of astrological age/era & aeon needs to looked at from different angle than what it is today.

Now i would like to discuss one of the most important concept of  Indian Astrology-that is Gand-Mula Conditioning. Gand stands for problem and Mula stands for origin. One needs to have an idea of Vishmottri Dasha( Vedic system of Period/Sub-Period of 120 years )  or say Krishnamurti system of predictive astrology for the discussion. For the time being let us ignore the Sub period issue. Further practically speaking there are 46 systems of Period/Sub Period but this one is regarded to be most scientific and is in keeping with law of Karma.

The cycle of the period of planets is as follows which starts at 0 degree Aries or 0 degree Leo, or 0 degree Sagittarius.

Ketu-7 years,Venus-20 years. Sun-6 years,Moon-10 years, Mars-7 years, Rahu-18 years, Jupiter16 years and Saturn19 years and Mercury 17 years. )

Accordingly if in birth-chart of a native , moon falls in  in the constellation of Ketu or Mercury then it is said to be condition for Gand Mula. It should be noted that in the period of Ketu, it is not the Ketu but it is the Rahu aspect of the person which is satisfied or stands appeased and vice versa.  If the moon in birth time falls in the first asterism of Aries or Leo or Sagittarius  sign( i.e. Arieti or Ashwini, Regulus 14 or Magha, Lambda Scorpi or Mula respectively) then it is said to be passing through the period of Ketu. If moon falls in the last asterism of just previous sign, Pisces or Cancer or Scorpio ( i.e. Xi Piscium or Revati, Epsilon Hydra or Ashlesha and Antaris 18 or Jyestha respectively) it is said to be in the period of Mercury .Here if a person is born in the period of Ketu then parents have some self interest in mind behind the procreation. This can be said to have been influenced by the Rahu or ego interest of Guardian. Rahu’s position in horoscope, which basically lends a sense of soul in the mind,  goes on evolving from parent to child successively. Planetary positions are simply vector for the fulfillment of evolution course as reflected by changing position of Rahu from parents to children. In Gand Mula specifically this may be wholly true( This reminds us of famous statement of Swami Vivekanand that soul is like the piece of Carem Board. Striker is the Central Divine Impulse. The piece striking at different edges, or other pieces, stands for rebirth and taking a new line of action but as a continuity of the original impulse. The piece falling in the drain pocket stands for salvation. Naturally so many souls participate in one line of evolution and lines of evolution intersect each other. ) Almanac generally portends it as some kind of harm to parents or to other relatives like brother, sister or maternal uncle. But it just otherwise. ( the subconscious negative influence on others are governed by conjunction of Rahu with Mars or Saturn, not moon’s position)  In fact child is likely to become the prey to some of the psychological or financial interest of Guardian or relative through what we call evil eye. Child apparently may be having negative qualities but basically those all are by product of Gordian’s or relatives’ evil eye. (However sometimes it may also be helpful in ameliorating the lot of guardian. ) Original period of the birth time have negative influence on the entire course of life The trouble is that if life starts with this period then the whole cycle is very disturbing. After Ketu comes the turn of Venus at the age of 5-7 years and remains there for 20 years. This not only  portends early marriage but at the same time the child may be obsessed by sex even before acquiring puberty. However all issues are finally settled in the phase/period of Rahu. If Ketu is in good position by association and placement then it stands fully satisfied. So far as Mercury issue is concerned it is indication of procreating mother having adultery in heart for some other person. In the paragraph above i have discussed the CosmoGenesis issue of Mercury as per which it was the sublimated solution of mother’s adultery requirement but still having a strong sense of fidelity. So naturally it will have bearing on child’s life course. Child’s whole life may remain unknowingly devoted to appeasing mother’s adultery instinct. The last asterism of Pisces,Xi Piscium, which falls in the constellation of Mercury is not  harmful because of Piscean have complete knowledge of the salvation issue. However sometimes Gand Mula, if associated with a native planet falling in cardinal position or  in its own sign, may lead to some great work at the end of life, generally falling in the period of Rahu. India’s great poet saint Tulsidas ( Author of Ramchritmanas, which is the mainstay of the present day Hinduism. This is Hindi version of Ramayana) belonged to such a category. It is well known that in his birth chart  moon occupied Lambda Scorpii. Gand Mula may also be associated with Tantra  like scheming in native’s birth chart.

Kundalini Jagran (Arousal of Serpent Fire) is an old concept of Indian philosophy which refers to to attaining the highest form of knowledge & salvation in living state through austere yogic practices and meditation. Though the old time text describes it as some kind of deliberate yogic process but there are certain psycho-physical congenital conditions, as highlighted by one’s birth chart, which must be satisfied.  The misplaced notion is that given the resolve anybody can accomplish it by following certain set of rules of exoteric preparation broadly known as Yama, Niyama and Pranayama. But in fact it may happen in male and female of Jovian type (having Jupiter as Native planet in cardinal position or the same under the strong influence of a special yoga condition like  Saturn & Moon conjunction in cardinal position or Saturn or Venus or both lying in Scorpio sign) without following any such austere practices consciously. In other type of persona as well a favorable Jupiter is precondition for taking up the arduous task of spiritual preparation for the same.  Actually there have been very few yogis who have been successful in accomplishing Kundalini Jagran following such austere practices. Even if the precondition existed most of those have failed in the process because of the austerity and altruism required. There are several phases in the way of attaining final enlightenment and worldly achievement. On the basis of a few successful experiments certain set of general conclusions have been drawn.

As per the traditional concept, at the bottom of spinal cord near the anus ( in what is called Muldhara Chakra as the last vertebra), there lies a hidden serpent type of entity in dormant state which can be aroused through yogic practices & meditation to rise up to mind and to give full enlightenment regarding the truths of universe followed by external worldly achievement. In the process the yogi becomes so energetic that he/she may feel like floating up in air. The serpent is endowed with a special kind of energy which on being transmitted to mind reveals all knowledge regarding Nature and activates all segment of mind. There is perpetual flow of energy from Muldhara Chakra to mind and back to Muldhara Chakra. As per the traditional concept spinal cord consists of three nerves (nadis)-Ida, Pingla and Sushamana. Ida and Pingla are coiled around Sushamna. Ida is responsible for taking down  Sun energy, Pingla for taking down moon energy and finally the three forms of energy unite to rise up to mind through Shushmna.

But basically it is all related to mind principle rather than there being anything physical. Of course the thing appears to be taking effect through the excessive flow of energy through nerve centers and spinal cord. The Serpent In this context is basically Saturn (or even Mars and Venus) with excessive Rahu energy. In fact the highest form of Kundalini Shakti is represented by Saturn (with or without Rahu Conjunction) in Scorpio sign. Scorpio sign rules over secret organs and thereby all the secret aspects of generative principle of life.  The Kundalini Jagran is possible both in male and female. And corresponding to each there is an external image of opposite sex which presupposes certain congenital conditions. In fact the incarnating ego has a strong desire to let other side know what it knows. It is like strong tendency of ghost to possess someone. Mr. Bepin Behari has put it very succinctly.

“At Scorpio, the decision of ego is made; the incarnating ego has decided to take serious steps to regain its primeval nature. The symbol of this sign indicates the trial of ego, success in which would decide its further advancement. “

The process of Kundalini Jagran may or may not be associated with sexual contacts. If it is associated with sexual contacts then it is called Tantra. The astrological condition for Tantra is the conjunction of Venus and Sun in a sign depending upon the target of Tantra. However Tantric yogis try to employ the natural principle through artificial approach as well. Tantra to be successful, male side must perform sex mechanically without allowing lust to enter into his mind. I have written above that a high degree of altruism and equanimity  is required in part of the yogi for Kundalini Jagran to be successful. This basically refers to patience in part of the yogi to remain unconcerned with wayward ways and temporary achievement of the external image of Kundilini Shakti itself.  Rahu alone in Scorpio sign also creates the condition for Kundilini Jagran but does not lead to any long term worldly achievement.  On the whole it is knowledge oriented process but practically it is much ado about nothing.

Lord Krishna had Saturn and Venus is Scorpio sign and it is well known that he was Jovian. Lord Shiva was himself Kundalini Shakti of his Jovian wife Parvati who propitiated Shiva for 18 years to marry him.

Thanking you all.

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