Travesty of Economy -I

“I want the economy of world and especially that of our country to grow. But it is always ‘economy’ whether money remains in my account or in your account. So, for the time being let it remain in my account. In the final analysis all money will belong to our vibrant economy.”-Ashwani Kumar

===========The Travesty of Economy=========================

Tales and jokes apart, perhaps ‘Economy’ is the most misused and misinterpreted slang in the present day world. Further in a world where a 30 second photo session may fetch you 1 million dollar, how can money be set as criteria for adjudging human stature or for that matter anything. So we need a sort of resurgence to restore the world order. All floods bring mud and scum in its wake. It is the integral part of flood. But when the flood stops a little amount of cleaning and housekeeping becomes essential. Irrespective of the credit assigned by media or history to anyone, all contribution at social level by anybody is a composite thing based on a network of contribution. So it is also a time & space bound thing. So irrespective of amount of service rendered by a man in the past, at social plane nobody should be allowed to project oneself as a last hero in the eyes of masses. I think that it is time to redeem and to pledge our faith into the time old proverb-“If money is lost nothing is lost, if health is lost something is lost, if character is lost everything is lost.”

It has to be understood that we are no longer passing through the era of territorial imperialism. It is the era of business and technological imperialism, which, but for a few political maneuvers and pragmatism, are no imperialism. All nations are basically administrative units of the world.  The controversy of capitalism Vs. Socialism is well over.  The present day creed is, and should be, socialist democracy as opposed to democratic socialism. Capitalism, which basically stands for liberty for private enterprises by the cooperation & participation of masses under the guidance of some compliance rule of Govt., is misinterpreted as liberty to amass fortune and to spend it the way one likes.  In India in the name of having democratic liberty to use your tax paid money/finance in any way you like, all sorts of misdoings are arranged. I think that we need a clause in our constitution as per which the misuse of democratic liberty as granted under any article/section of the Constitution should be held to be a criminal offence, even if the former appears to be not violating any norm of the Constitution. Otherwise in due course our constitution, with plethora of amendment by Law commission every year, will become a monolith serving no purpose. Nowadays millions and billions are spent by companies in the name of promotional activities which sometimes may also be serving as cover for shady deals. It is making our polity irresponsible and our official corrupt. The solution lies in regarding all corporate money as public money, if the company wants a public participation into the company. So a company may be sued for mis-financing in the name of promotional activity. In the final analysis all the burden falls on masses through costing measures. In this respect a country’s law has to be governed by its own set of discretionary preferences depending upon time but having regard for devolution of power and economy. In India the middle class people have somehow developed the impression that these are cinema, TV or modeling people who are responsible for all growth & social well-being through their fun and frolic. But basically this is a boundless cry & jealousy transformed into appreciation. In this regard it is impossible to say anything with guarantee, but at the end it is law of karma in part of all of us which prevails. No individual in isolation can do anything. Even if an instrument exits, the things has to be generated through joint consciousness and joint sense of action which stands for having regard for mutual sentiments and strong faith in mutuality of interest rising above all dreams of windfall and instinct to ogle or to gloat at strangers.( At the practical front two things must be avoided- first, exchange of cash above certain limit in Reality show in TV and second, too much of exposure of cinema through TV.)  In this context most important thing is to realize that perfection is a chimera or a vice, but still one should have capacity to realize one’s own follies and to withstand healthy criticism.

Further most of the world’s present day problems thrive upon, if not originates from, the power conflicts among the three constituents/segments of power circle, namely Bureaucracy, Judiciary and Parliament. Amidst all constitutional predilections for mutual check & balance the system suffers from tug of war for relative supremacy among the different constituents.  The most misinterpreted and ambiguous section remaining to be ‘office of profit’, which is now stretching itself into the concept of remaining in power almost posthumously, using or misusing the dilemma of conflicts. It is to be reminded that ‘office of profit’ originates from the concept of separation of power, meaning thereby how to avoid dual authority for the same job, though in the present day context  it may also stand  for  holding an additional office  for extra gain. Our Constitution is not very clear in this respect and hence it is open to interpretation.  The malady begins from top layer and percolates down to rank & file. In this context I am reminded of statement by M.N.Ray (a renowned Indian communist intellectual of the previous century) that our democratic model is like an inverted pyramid standing on the pointed edge, the later symbolizing a person in bottom-line having faith in non violence. A slightest jerk is enough to make it tumble.

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