Travesty of Economy -II

(  A Sequel to the previous post under the same caption)………….
===============“Travesty of Economy-II”====================
At the outset I would like to emphasize that any of the ensuing discussions, with regards to social problems arising out of capitalist approach, may not be construed as an attempt to revive anything like the era of glasnost (social policy of communist state like USSR allowing free discussion of social problems). Capitalism Vs Communism is a hackneyed issue now. Thanks to TV, IT and Telecom revolution, world is already on the march with all the bandwagons of democracy  in whichever form it might be. In fact the present day generation starts to look askance or feel aghast at any such political discussion as to what purpose this mumbo jumbo serve. In India they want to enjoy the phantasm of movie in real life. I have seen so many of them, including students or persons from intelligentsia class, almost worshiping the matinee idols and expecting a windfall. Thanks to Twitter. But at the same time if they happen to face them ever, they jump and cry out of wonder as if they had seen a snake. So this dichotomy needs to be resolved and be settled. I think that all the criminality of present day world stems from white collar criminality. The latter has born as matter of side effects of Capitalism. So Capitalism in its crude form may not necessarily be an unmixed blessing. In fact terrorism appears to be nature’s panacea to white collar terrorism/criminality, just like natural calamities are. This is because in spite of all of its plus points, Capitalism too gives birth to pockets of parasitism. In this context I may be excused for recounting in brief the concept and trail of the two modes of statecraft, or economy, and its Indian flavor.
We all know that theory of Communism was enunciated by Karl Marx,a German philosopher, in his Communist Manifesto (1848) followed by his book Das Kapital. He set out to explain why working people are exploited in capitalist society. It all started with Industrial revolution around 200 years ago when the revolution created huge wealth but workers were denied their rights. Later on the theory was suitably modified and used by Russians when in 1917 Tsar Nicholas II was deposed by revolutionaries. Communism, as a precursor to socialism, stands for system in which land and property belongs to community and each is paid in accordance with his needs and abilities. Socialism stands for totally state controlled economy & administration. Communism includes the concept of revolution in itself because things always start with a system of exploitation. Socialism is the aim or target of Communism, to be conducted under the strict centralized control of Bolshevik (Social democrat, an apex ruling body of proletariat or radicals as introduced by Lenin). So everything belongs to a classless society that is represented by Govt. of Bolshevik. There has to be uniform policy as determined by State in relation to all citizens. There is no liberty for private enterprises hence no scope for any exploitation by so called bourgeois (a capitalist who engages in industrial commercial enterprise). So it is the proletariat (a social class who work for wages) who plays the role of both master and slave. But the initial phase of such arrangement has to be dictatorship followed by slow transition to democracy. As natural tendency of any system is disorder, so order has to be forced with stick & gun. Once ordered state has been attained then it will itself yield to democratic socialism as a matter of revolt against the same dictatorship which paved the ground for socialism. This is in keeping with entropy principle of nature as implied in the cyclic course of evolution and involution. This amounts to saying that it is natural mode of statecraft but is only realized and is implemented by man. So what happened in Russia in 1991, with the introduction of perestroika (an economic policy intended to increase automation and labor efficiency but which eventually led to the end of central planning in the Russian economy) by Mikhail Gorbachov, was not unexpected but an eventuality as predicted by the theory. Before the fall of communism (1991), whole of Eastern Europe led by Russia was following this mode of statecraft and economy. Now China and North Korea are among other nations following Communism.
Capitalism is a well known mode of economy as most of the Republican States of the world have been using it since the time of Industrial revolution of England (1760). In its crude form it envisions industrial commercial enterprises in the hand of private entrepreneurs under some administrative control of Govt. which imposes tax for providing civic and common amenities required in relation to all sorts of enterprises. We know that USA is a capitalist democracy, right from beginning, in its purest form where all business or profit oriented enterprises are in the hand of private entrepreneurs or so called capitalist. Further almost entire Europe has fallen in line with Capitalism after the fall of Soviet empire in 1991. However Indian democracy in its practical form started with a creed of Socialist Democracy which used the concept of Private Sector and Public Sector as two wings of economy, both allowing public participation and being profit oriented. Public sector is a Govt. controlled sector, and Private sector is open to all private entrepreneurs. Public sector consists of both State level and Union level enterprises. Private sector is governed by several compliance rules & regulations of Govt. In addition there is a non-profit oriented fully Govt. controlled sector depending upon or thriving on Govt. revenue.
((In India Public sector (a Govt. controlled sector) is further giving way to policy of divestment( but not all of the companies) viz. both Govt. and Private Sector have partial financial stakes(51/49) and control over industrial enterprises. Public Sector consists of core industries falling in the arena like Fuel, Energy, Mining, Steel, Cement, Fertilizer, Transportation (Railway, Airlines, and Public carrier), Banking etc. Non profit oriented services like Postal, Telecommunication, Agriculture, Health, Education etc. are fully Govt. controlled. However major part of the economy consists of Private Sector enterprises which have the liberty to venture into any arena of business including those falling in Public sector. Public Sector companies, each consisting of multiple units at different locations, are highly streamlined and paying ventures, however the Sector does not yield much revenue to Govt.))
So far so good, there is no issue. But things are not so simple. Behind the scene, in almost all capitalist economies of the world, there has developed another system under the collusive spell of media, movie, capitalists, bureaucracy and politicians. Any voice is a cry in wilderness. Banks are flushing with money but prices are spiraling in geometric progression and currency value is falling by the same rate. Per force banks are financing liberally and earning out of it at the personal front too. India alone is reported to be having more than 10 lakh crore (100 billion pound) unaccounted wealth in Swiss Bank. Of course things start with skyrocketing payment in movies and promotional activities. In the power circle millions and billions are exchanged on slightest pretext. Capitalist blares like anything before Judiciary because they feel that the frowning in latter’s part is hollow or pretentious. On the other hand ordinarily people have learnt to exploit sadism & egotism of officials after any human misdeed, pointing the fingers towards the ways of movie people. At the end all deficits are made up by printing more and more currencies. Who will speak? Everybody is blackmailing everybody. So can you tell as to which brand of statecraft this is. The most important thing in this context is to understand that show off of wealth, in whichever form or mode it might be, is primarily responsible for inciting all social violence. This violence represents the typical communistic cry. It is true that a little amount of Violence is an essential ingredient of all well being. It is like doping of semiconductor/transistor. But if it has to be channelized for any constructive cause then it must be allowed to remain dormant. Generations 10 year behind the current one do not know what we are talking and what we are doing, hence start to draw their own perverted conclusions. TV has brought cinema to face level distance at almost no price. The question is while whole of world is lost in fun & frolic why would I study or do manual labor? Banks are stoking fire in the cinders. It is such a situation that the more one is sensible, the more one is likely to lag behind. In fact any sensible voice is interpreted to be voice of deprivation. Amidst such scenario the  subject like ‘Religion’ would naturally become an esoteric thing only to adorn the arrays of public library. On the other hand, ironically enough, China in spite of having allegiance to Communism is hopping-galloping like being the number one capitalist country of the world. It seems that their deep rooted faith in Buddhism finally paid the dividend. So this is the time to realize the difference between long term and short term interest, and the relevance of adherence to right social philosophy, not only political.
But nobody can escape the mischievous smile of destiny. Time is the greatest healer. So let us bid adieu to the II Penseroso and be cheerful like ‘L’ Allegro to plunder the plunders. No Pun intended.
Thanks for tolerating.

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