Telecom Vs. Evolution

Telecom Vs. Evolution

( I will continue with Calendar system of the world in next post as mentioned in the previous post captioned ‘A tryst with Dates’. Here follows a piece just for  fun. It may altogether be ignored by senior or serious people.)

We all know that ‘Knowledge without scientific learning’ ends only at desire for ‘salvation’ in living state, which also takes on the garb of ill wishes and well wishes. But at the same time all seers finally arrive at the conclusion that ‘knowledge is the greatest ignorance’. Meaning thereby knowledge is only instrument of action or war. It is the ‘war of love’, as represented by the philosophy implied in different zodiacal signs, which has to be fought and has to be won, on perpetual basis. Realization of the way of God is one thing and to implement those are another, if not altogether different. We can never arrive at the ways of God in totality. So  knowledge will always remain partial. Whatever theory we devise around life and its conduction, there will always exist an exception to that and hence ‘ a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ will remain applicable. Moreover everything is a face of God, whatever we can imagine as good or bad, but the tag of good or bad is attached as per space & time. Any effort to go beyond the bound of one’s internal space & time becomes a bad thing. But still the transgression will go on happening. In fact transgressions are born out of joint consciousness of social desires. So the solution out is that let God do its job and let us do our job as human being and stop all transgressions. Evidently the first step in that direction is ‘Know thyself’. Rest, though who wins is determined by the composite effect of diverse strands of evolution yet, even if it does not happen as per the preordained order, at the end of a cycle both the forces will stand eliminated, and the thing will take on the course of a new preordained tide. This is because the issue of procreation is totally under divine control. But after that we have the liberty to fight for Wordly interest.  All these issues are codified in time cycle as represented by the system of moving planets and asterism. It is not the matter of only external influence. The  consciousness as involved in the different elements of time cycle is transformed into life or eventually into a particular ‘will-power’ under the influence of the Rahu (Dragon’s head) factor which itself is a part of time cycle. As I have emphasized earlier that one’s horoscope is graphical representation of one’s soul. One’s destiny as encoded  in soul is the sum total of law of karma as  applicable to individual taking into account past, present and future.

(Non-Telecom person may skip the following paragraph and may go ahead to the next one. Moreover it is simply fun oriented gossip.)

The whole process is somewhat analogus to the process of transmission, regenerative propagation and reception of telecom signal. What lies in the hand of procreator is to design one’s own system transfer function and convolute it with the incoming sequences of various traits and retransmit the output. The ascendant and moon’s position in horoscope may co-jointly represent the system transfer function. Channel Bandwidths can be regarded to be counterpart of the constraints of the existing social system as determined by universal time itself. Any effort to design the thing beyond the bound of social system is troublesome but may also represent a mutational link of evolutionary process. However Male and female may mutually add designs to serve as ‘Low pass’ or ‘High pass’ filter for the desires of other side. Though partially everybody in the capacity of procrator is input & TransRceiver(TRx) system, and everybody is signal in the capacity of child, yet Females primarily represent TransReciever part and Male represents the signal itself. ( I am not referring to the issue of soul influence) Some element of horoscope may represent the ‘phase’ part of the two signals of the same frequency to synchronize with each other. That is what matching two horoscopes in marital issue may stands for. Further convolution of period system, as a train of impulse functions of varying magnitude, with plantary position in birth chart symbolizing a static train of person’s traits , privides scope for finer analysis of the dangers lying ahead.

So I see big potential for designing mathematical model of mind and its evolution, but it may take another thousand years. As per a conviction in science if a thing exists it can be accommodated in mathematics. If it cannot be it means it does not exist. This is also an indirect proof of the authenticity of Astrology as a science, provided one believes that there is an element of truth in the theory part at least.

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