(My reference to ‘relativity’ in some of my previous post was not intended to show any knowledge in that regard, because the very knowledge itself stands as being a trivial thing now. I know that theoretical physics has reached to such a dizzy height \that even the whole life effort in part of anybody may not be suffice to follow what has been already done. Moreover the entire paradigm stands on such an elaborate set of mathematical models that perhaps best of the best brain may find it difficult to comprehend the things in totality. Any innovation in that regard can only be a divine thing as a sort of mutation.  However it has to be realized that where physics ends metaphysics starts, and where metaphysics ends physics start, the two together go to constitute the ‘zero’ concept as a gateway to infinity. )

This post is an extension of Part-II of the previous post captioned ‘Hyperspace’. In the post I had tried to enunciate some new methodology. Here-below Important lines are marked in Italics(3rd and last paragraph). As Part-II was exclusively devoted to Astrology, those having no background in Astrology may ignore this post.

I will go ahead with Calendar system sometimes in February.


I had been discussing that one’s horoscope (and hence Astrology as a whole) is the graphical representation of the ‘laws of karma’ as applicable to the individual taking into account past, present and future in cumulative way. In relation to human being this representation is what we call ‘soul’. It is the last point in the evolution of God via the journey of universal mind which in initial stage transformed itself into inanimate cosmos through the same evolutionary process. What we call inanimate things are actually animate things without thought. There is nothing in this universe which does not have life. In human being, exclusively, this evolution may be called ‘journey of mind’ which consists of infinite number of ever expanding strands of evolution evolving in cyclic fashion, and each link of which coincides with one predetermined moment as represented by position and thoughtless life(consciousness) involved in different elements of nature(Planet and Asterism) at that particular moment. Procreation is a means of concentration by which we come in touch with life involved in different elements(Planets and Asterism) and pluck it down. Which one will be plucked is determined by the strands of evolutionary force. This happens under the composite effect of natural extension of freewill and Environment/Rahu fostered desires.

Soul incorporates in itself an element called Rahu which is responsible for fostering thought into other elements of soul. The thoughts have no limit so may come in conflict with predetermined course of evolution. It is not Kama but Karmas which are predetermined. Kama may or may not be in accordance with Karma. So the two may come in conflict with each other, and may disturb some course of positive certainty. But of course this perturbation may also be encoded through some other factor of ‘law of karma’. In fact Period system of Astrology is the real Divine part of Astrology over we have no control. This represents the real divine force behind all divine justice. Remaining part of Astrology represents Law of Karma over which we mortals have some control. But there are predetermined or schematic arrangement of planetary movement to implement this law of Karma. As per the scheme of things the two faces, i.e. period system and planetary configurations, often try to counterbalance the evil effect of each other. As a result conduction force , what appears as right force, always vanquish creation & destruction force.

(If one has Venus in Tarus sign and 7th house. Does it mean that native will get a spouse of Venus bent (of course provided it is not the Native planet of the native)? No this not essential. This position simply reflects the predetermined course of interaction. Such a person may come in the life of native but may simply become well wisher, which may lead to spouse of the shadow house that is Scorpion Venus. However this depends upon Rahu position. This is likely to  happen if Rahu occupies one of the four cardinal position. )

But it is impossible to find which of the thoughts are there in accordance with the requirement of certainty and which are not. Both certainty and uncertainty arise on account of same factor. This factor ensures all effort of certainty but left to itself the element is itself the cause of all uncertainty. In spite of all certainty, a factor of uncertainty is introduced into one’s soul/being. So not only that uncertainty is introduced for want of ,or limitation of knowledge, and other instrumental problem, but there are inbuilt element of uncertainty as well. So in any case hundred percent certainty is impossible to achieve. So rules of probability has to be depended upon. Presently there are virtually jungle of theoretical and empirical rules, for determining psychological dispositions and future of native. This has to be sorted out if horoscope has to emerge as an instrument for representing law of karma. So I personally believe that astrology in its present phase is not sufficient to handle the issues of prediction. It has still miles to go before it could be fit for the same. Moreover I have always emphasized that astrology is basically ‘soul science’ which incorporates the truths of all schools of philosophy. Prediction is simply its apparent mundane utility but it may not reach to completion ever because it goes against certain inherent truth of existence. We know that even in materialistic word there prevails a truth that the more we would try to be certain of an object or an event likely to happen, the more it would become uncertain. There comes a stage when 100 percent certainty about an event or location of an object becomes a chimera. That is why in anything concerned with certainty the theory of Probability and Statistic is resorted to. Evidently what we call astrology is nothing but an effort in the direction of certainty.

I have rule in mind which might be being practiced by astrologers but has not been ever expressed emphatically. We know that ‘aspecting’ is concerned with rules regarding the influence of a planet on other planets, in accordance with its relative position in other houses at the time of birth. But it does not have only a static aspect, as we know about, but also has a dynamic one. To remind Jupiter has 5/9 aspect. Saturn has 3/10 aspect, Mars has 4/8 aspect etc. In fact static ‘aspecting’ reflects only psychological influence which determines overall persona of the native. Dynamic aspecting  is concerned with transit of a planet through some sign  or house. But transit through the house in which it is posited at the time of birth does not accomplish anything. It simply shatters all desire born illusions and prepares the native for new resolve in accordance with one’s own capability. This fructifies when the planet transits through a favorable aspect. For example if Saturn is in Scorpio. Nothing will happen if Saturn transits through Scorpio, except beginning of something new. But third from Scorpio is Capricorn in which Saturn is lord. Saturn always has third house aspect. So when Saturn will transit through Capricorn, all the efforts of previous 5 years will fructify. If the third house does not belong to Saturn then things will be decided by the usual rules of friendship. Further the intensity of fructification will depend upon the 3rd house occupant. In this context I would like to say that there is something more into it which I personally call as Native planet and Relative Planets. It has to be also seen which of the planets are the Native planet of person and which are Relative, and whether Native or Relative planet is being aspected by which transiting planet. On account of this reason, that is not realizing the importance of Native and Relative planet, the Dispositor issue also stands very confused or arbitrary. In fact Dispositor issue should altogether be abandoned because it is open to interpretation and thereby serves only as an outlet for misguidance through any arbitrary or convenient interpretation .

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