Gateway to Man

=================Gateway to Man===================

(This article is meant for those who believe in astrology, and have the basic idea of the same. Please do read the stuff outlined in last paragraph, as to what goaded me to write this post. We know that most of the great literary works have been born out of astrological realizations as presented in symbolic form. If we look through ‘Paradise Lost’ minutely, it can be easily visualized how Milton tried to summarize the facts related to the Astrological evolution of human psychology )


Gemini sign is one of the most enigmatic sign of horoscope. This is symbolized as a couple playing trumpet, and thereby announcing a new leaf of life, mutuality and worldly pleasures. The location 5 degree Gemini is dubbed as Gateway to Man. It is just opposite to 5 degree Sagittarius which is known as Gateway to God.


((The sign consists of three asterisms as follows

Mrigshirsha(Lambda Orion) – 3 stars in 2 parts,

 Ardra(Betelgeuse 7) – 1 star in 4 parts,

 Punravasu(Pollux II)-  2 stars in 3 parts. ))


 I am going to dwell upon the reason behind this accolade ‘Gateway to Man’ as assigned to the sign/rashi Gemini. I have assumed that native’s Native planet (as distinguished from Relative planet) falls in Gemini sign.

We know that Mercury is the ruling planet of this sign Gemini. As per mythology Mercury is said to have been born out of the adultery instinct (but not physical one) of the wife of Jupiter named Tara. This is described as Mercury having born under the illicit relation of Moon and Tara. So like Moon it is very weak without sunlight. But Tara’s wisdom made him to ascend to the company of God/Sun in pursuit of knowledge and power. Mercury is the planet nearest to Sun. So Mercury is enemy of Jupiter but Jupiter is friend of Mercury. This all symbolizes a sublimation of Tara’s desire for some intelligent fun on being fed up with the religiosity of her husband.  Mercury is regarded to be planet which lends intellectual acumen and finesse in expression along with voice quality. Further it depends upon the sign in which it is posited by birth.  Mercury is lord in Gemini and Virgo. Gemini is the male sign for Mercury. In this sign Mercury lends the unusual quality of caring for the sentiment and latent desires of spouse. This lends him/her the quality, in expression and relation, of being both male/Boss and female/Subordinate as per requirement of occasion which avoids the impression of any domination. In conjunction with Sun this further lends research quality in academics or profession. However conjunction should be wide (10 degree separation), otherwise if it is rapt it lends only quality but not achievement because it is said to have become combust. In a nutshell Mercury in this Sign in the horoscope of  a native(male) represents an acumen (Buddhi) to use wife/spouse/subordinate not only as a means of fulfilling carnal desires, or doing household drudgery, or being just a follower, but also as a companion serving as back force of life. If Moon falls in constellation of Mercury the person is said to be suffering from Gand Mula(Indian astrology) which stands for problem at origin. This alludes to adultery instinct of guardian/mother. But it has to be kept in mind that Mercury planet does not have gross/physical existence. It is simply an instrument only to be used by other planetary consciousness having gross presence.

But when Gemini is occupied by any of the planet having gross presence (Mars, Jupiter, Venus or Saturn) it is not a good augury. The native becomes unduly shrewd believing in making one’s own destiny at the cost of other’s destiny which amounts to causing an accident. Obviously the creation of women as a back force of life always entails such issue, . But it is oaky so long as such things happen subconsciously at the plane of procreation. Consciously this quality may also be granted by Mercury in Gemini as discussed above. But when Gemini is occupied by the other planets the native starts to do such thing consciously which may become nightmare for others. Such type of natives generally fit into the slot of being good visitor from outside.  So temporarily at the face level they leave the impression of being very clear minded but basically they are very deceptive in nature, which of course is a quality for being a visitor from outside so that no attachment is developed. But basically they believe in outsmarting others through the trap of divine graces which are apparently positive but basically serve as a noose. So their regular company may be troublesome. They don’t believe in anything called destiny even if it is there. In the process they are always likely to spoil the bliss of pre ordained course of life, including the same for oneself. In the name of sense of action they believe in making their companion dwarf through the trap of positive divine graces with utter disregard to what are the things or what it should it be. So they are good worker but bad master, hence are not trustworthy. What appear to be instrumental things for others in pursuit of knowledge and achievement, is itself quality & knowledge for them. They suffer from the complex that they already have the ultimate knowledge by birth. Remaining is just a matter of making a fool of other side, or spoiling someone else’s destiny and carving one’s own destiny out of it. So even before achieving anything they start to take themselves as being the best creation of God. Sometimes they speak out such instrumental issues which amount to inviting a charge which is yet to be leveled. Such a tendency fits into the slot of being a worker of only Demon, male or female whatever.

((/*In this context it is again reminded that the three star groups, as mentioned above, represent preying (infidelity), salvation and love instinct respectively.  This is the sum total of psychology of married women. So women knows no barrier, rules or religion with regard to the three things as clubbed into sex, and summed up through a popular Sanskrit couplet-Triya Charitram Porshashya Bhagyam, Devo Na Janati Kuto Manushya. Further the two stars of Punravasu (Pollux II) are regarded as being brother and sister in love with each other. So Geminite people are in instant communion with married woman, though they try to woo the same in brotherly fashion. Among animals there is procreation oriented sex between the members of same species which are as good as being brother and sister. But preying of the members of same species is a sin. In human being the two have been clubbed together as an integrated process whereby sex becomes a religious issue. Geminite people are given to preying instinct without sex. If it is in conjunction with dragon’s head then they may try to spoil their own sister psychologically.*/

In this context it has to be reminded that an animal species is ruled by only one of the 3 planets (Mars, Venus and Saturn) falling in any one of the 12 zodiacal signs. This lends them physical form and particular proclivity. They don’t have any internal world of consciousness. But human beings (Homo sapiens) may be ruled by one or more than one of all of the 4 planets (Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn) falling in one or more than one signs.  So they may have an internal world in addition to the external interface. Sun and Mercury makes its presence felt only in human beings, lending the feeling of Heliocentric universe as opposed to Geocentric or Egocentric world of animals. Moon, Rahu and Ketu are always present in all species. But Geminite people have a habit of summing up other’s persona at single glance of external physical form, without any interaction or exchange of ideas. But it is all intermediate stage of evolution.

However if one takes human sense of action and human quality to be headache or boredom then they are the right answer. In fact they crave for all carnivorous pleasure but leave the impression of being non-violent person endowed with sense of action. So they can be assumed to be standing on the line dividing human and animal world but craving to enter into human world. So it cannot be denied that Gemini is Gateway to Man.  In fact most of the lineage passes through a stage where this Gateway to Man quality comes in its natural wake even if the disposition is not Geminite. However all said and done it is true that they know that all good & bad are governed by well/ill wishes, and it is justified too. But when it comes their own turn they forget it. One thing more in this context, that if a planet in Gemini sign is attached with Dragon’s head then the native develops the genie like instinct to possess others in living state. This is extremism of the trap of uninvited positive divine graces to get the thing done for oneself.

Finally there is issue of luminaries, Moon or Sun, in Gemini (This should not be confused with constellation of mercury). Moon in Gemini makes the native look like being a flirtatious and servile companion which they may not be necessarily. Meaning there they leave such a deceptive impression. Lord Krishna had this configuration, more prominently because it was falling in ascendant. Sun in Gemini makes the native an easy or ideal target of opposite sex, but in the company of same sex it simply invites trouble. Regarding Rahu it is difficult to say much because it depends upon its relative position with respect to Moon. However in general this goes to make one blind towards the psycho-physical requirement of one’s own spouse. The amplitude/intensity of any psychology so described depends upon the house it is occupying.

(Note: KrishnaMurti did not start any new school of Astrology of his own. He simply solved the problem of the finer division of houses which were quiet unscientific having no rationale ( such as Navansha, Dwadansha etc based on Greek astrology)  before him. However he lent a very special meaning to the interpretation of horoscope on that basis.)

Nowadays our management people generally prefer such types of Geminite trap. But they should better manage the human affairs. There is nothing like serving for a Company. Company stands for Board of directors which they may not face ever. The company begins with one’s own colleague. And they should have an approach in which there is scope for all type of persons including the one who is likely to cross their mark. They should remember that smaller the person, the earlier he/she develops attachment with environment and appears to be free & frank.

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