Quantum Metaphysics-I



This article does not presuppose any knowledge of Astrology, the so dubbed science of superstition, in part of readers. However now that we have reached to almost zenith point of both Physics and Metaphysics there is urgent  need for synthesizing the two in order to arrive at a scientific solution regarding the nature and variety of mind, instead of just go on making infinite guess around the same. I agree it needs tremendous amount of patience to read an article on such a controversial subject/issue which has been hitherto taken as anathema to the spirit of both science and sense of action. However I would like to emphasize that this article is only about the metaphysical significance of the same, to be used as tool in evolving paradigm of metaphysics. We have to realize that there is life in inanimate which transforms itself into living being or finally into soul. Hindu scripture Rig Veda is devoted exclusively to this allusion. Astrology appears to be superstition because we are ignorant of the way the components of the world of consciousness interact or communicate with each other and creates thoughtful life or ‘will’ or composite soul. Further human physique is an illusion which may harbor any combination of consciousness, but we go by only apparent manifestation of the same. Prediction is utility aspect of Astrology thrust upon mankind at a later stage as a matter of carving an occupation out of a supernatural knowledge gained through meditation.

The article is divided in four parts and has been addressed in 5 posts (including this one) in succession..

1)The first and second part of the article has tried to divulge and to rationalize the mystery of Dragon’s head in scientific manner. This is because this is the factor responsible for origin of matter & life, and evolution of the same up to the not only present phase of journey of mind but in relation to any possibility in future too. Then it deals with how we can envisage a possibility regarding developing a science in line with quantum mechanics to analyze mind or soul.

2) In third part I have tried to lay bare certain facts which would go to make Astrology a soul science, and can thereby serve as a tool for evolvement of metaphysics. However second part of this article presupposes certain amount of exposure to fundamentals of astrology.

3)The fourth part is concerned with the issue of conceiving soul as to when soul enters into human body- at conception time or birth time.

4)Fifth part dwells upon the same concepts as highlighted in the first two parts of this article with greater thrust on oriental metaphysics.

At the outset it is essential to remind that irrespective of its cultural version Classical/Traditional metaphysics stands for the issues of God, Nature, Soul, Salvation and moral code of familial and social conducts. But in relation to the issue at hand, that is Quantum Metaphysics, there are two approaches. As per the first one ‘Quantum Metaphysics’ stands for the metaphysical undercurrent of Quantum Mechanics. On the other hand, as per the other it stands for a quantum jump from classical metaphysics to synthesized version of science and philosophy. Let us have a cursory idea of the two issues, and correlation between the two approaches.

The previous one arises from the fact that the more we try to delve deep into the micro aspect of matter, the more issues of matter, energy and space start to get entangled.  This is the realm of all the four forces of nature namely Electro-magnetism, Strong interaction, Weak interaction and Gravity. ( In particle physics all such forces are explained in term of dynamic process of the exchange of elementary/transient particles such as Bosons and Mesons between any two Quantum states of matter/fermions. This explains, and overcomes the dilemma of the ‘interaction at a distance’ concept.) The four forces ultimately find their expression into what is called ‘inertia the matter’ also known as mass. Further the so generated mass leads us to the concept of space.  Of course Gravity force may not be fundamental force because it is born out of the interaction between matter & space( as highlighted by Einstein in his General theory of relativity) but still inertia incorporates the other three forces in action as a complement to each other, essential for formation and stability of matter. This takes us to the point where big bang occurred. Prior to that there was no matter and no space.

(* It is said that with Big Bang there started to come into existence particles called Higg’s Boson (also called God’s particle) all in the same state with no movement. This gave birth to the concept of space filled with Higg’s field. Technically field is said to be having non-zero expectation value in vacuum.  The interaction of two led to development of mass.* )

Roughly speaking the journey should begin with massless photon, as it is also evident from mass energy equivalence theorem E=mc2, and other elementary particles like electron, neutrino and quarks which effectively go to constitute atom. This is not static affair but is an ever changing environment inside the atom. So it becomes difficult to decide anything exactly about the property of constituent/elementary particles like their position, momentum or energy at this level. Only a probabilistic interpretation becomes possible. This probability itself goes to constitute definite set of laws. But this uncertainty is not a limitation of measurement process but is interpreted as being a fundamental law of nature which is responsible for evolution of everything. This is all because we start to the reach towards a state of existence which may represent the transition point where all encompassing timeless super consciousness transforms into matter and energy. So due to this transition state it starts to appear that something can remain in two mutually exclusive states at the same time. This is like dreaming state when a person is waking and sleeping at the same time. In spite of its incoherent nature, dreaming state reflects the elements of life.

So In our quest towards the origin of universe we would finally reach to the point where universe originated, or in other words, say, where super consciousness exploded, and matter came into existence. Through thought we can reach only to a state which can be said to be something like quark-gluon plasma state. Beyond that we cannot reach through any wave function of quantum mechanics. It is to be noted that matter is also a vector of the evolution of consciousness as involved into the same. Consciousness also went on evolving finally leading to the formation of entire material universe which includes sour solar system representing the different lumps of consciousness. All the properties of star, planet and satellite are the macro aspect of the involved and evolving consciousness. When the deck became ready for transformation of involved consciousness into thoughtful life, the point of the origin of universe started to goad the consciousness to wake into thoughtful life.  Further the entire journey of evolution of life into soul of human being already stands tracked, partially through Bio-science and partially through Astrology what we sneeringly regard as being superstition. Astrology does not negate reality, determinism and law of causality but rather enhances it more.  Of course beyond the issue of soul formation, everything is based on intuition buttressed by empirical studies. It is very much akin to the quantum mechanical issue of uncertainty. However in issue of soul an extra element of uncertainty, which is also responsible for origin of soul or matter whatever, stands deliberately, introduced which serves as freewill for the evolution of life. Just as the atoms of all elements represent the entire universe with various combinations of the basic elements, similarly we can say that each soul represents the entire universe in itself. However there is one more limitation involved as per the scheme of things that no two souls are going to be exactly identical ever. This issue is also partially reflected in quantum mechanics that irrespective of the accuracy in making identical copy of system the result of measurement in the two may be not be same. We can only express a probability.  Further just as in quantum mechanics there is limitation of the apparatus which force the interpretation in term of either as matter or as wave, similarly the sketch of soul as represented through one’s horoscope, itself has its limitations. It is also very much akin to quantum mechanical concept where there remains no distinction between observers (apparatus) and observed like electron in experiments of Young, Compton Heisenberg and Feynman. Meaning thereby interpretation can be thrust upon by the way measurement is done. (Evidently there is no correspondence between uncertainty involved in the two issues. But in due course, in the issues of soul or quantum sociology, there may emerge the issue of the uncertainty in measuring ‘resultant event and its timing’ and ‘procedure to be followed’. ) So I think if we assume human soul to represent something like the atom of thoughtful life then there is scope for quantum approach in metaphysics as well. Of course there is going to be nothing common but a parallel can be drawn. However much more work is required to quantify the ways of consciousness, as involved into various elements of soul and the resultant thought & action born out of their interaction or joint effect. But this is possible only if we proceed with faith & reverence in Hermetic issues like ‘know thyself’.


We all know that Dragon’s head(also called Rahu in Indian metaphysics) is an evergreen and everlasting mystery for mankind. There are two aspects of this enigma-Astrological and Metaphysical/ontological. Astrological aspect is inherently linked to astronomical aspect. As per astronomy Rahu is no planet in the sky, still in astrology it figures as an invisible planet. Remaining things of astrology are guided by the normal astronomy of solar system and system of 27 asterisms.  As per the Metaphysical aspect of the same Rahu lends duality to the one truth that is God or super-consciousness. The two concepts/aspects are one and the same face of one truth but are felt or are realized in infinite number of ways. Rahu is the gateway to super-consciousness. It is regarded to be the place where super consciousness exploded under evolutionary force of itself and transformed into matter which has different type of implied consciousness as fragments of total super consciousness. The 7 planets represent the different components of super-consciousness. Regarding the location where this so called the explosion of super-consciousness took place or big-bang happened there seems to be two conflicting views. As i said that this location represents Rahu. I would discuss both the views. As per first view Rahu lies at the center of universe, and as per other it is on the other side of Zodiac belt. The latter view is essential to explain the clockwise movement of Rahu with the speed of 18.5 years per rotation in Zodiac belt. Properly speaking both the concepts are yet to be part of Physics or Classical Metaphysics. However to reconcile the two views would remain the ultimate challenge of both Physics and Metaphysics.

Though entire matter in the universe is a manifestation of some or other part of super consciousness but the 7 planets are like the visible part of the spectrum of Sun light which effects our psycho-physical bent. Just as human part is the last stage in the evolution of life, our solar system is last stage in the evolution of matter. The preceding or remaining part of the universe is like animal/jungle life. However it does not mean that animal or jungle life is subject of anything beyond Solar system. Asterism serves as mold for the different planetary consciousness in the design of soul of animal or human being, which effectively gives different proclivity or sense of action to the same/particular planetary consciousness.

But still in the realm of thought Rahu is regarded to be an illusion. This is because before life came into existence there could not have been issue of space, matter and time. The three issues are there so long as we are in the realm of thought or say alive. After death there is no space, no matter and no time. But through thought we cannot go back to the realm of consciousness. The same super-consciousness appears as space in the realm of thought. But when there are no thoughts the space of super-consciousness is called hyperspace which has no concept of distance and time. Space and Hyperspace are one and the same thing and are infinite but belongs to two different realm- thought and consciousness. So it is an illusory concept that Rahu is a gateway to anything as perceived through thought. The point where space (or super-consciousness involved into it) touches ‘matter’ is Rahu. But still there is no such point. ( Think over it ,what is the line of demarcation between earth and space)When there is interaction between material consciousness and space consciousness, thoughts are developed into matter which takes shape of life. Thereby finally material consciousness is transformed into primitive life. So in a nut shell super consciousness exploded into matter. The point where super consciousness touches matter is Rahu which further goads the matter to evolve into life & thought corresponding to vegetation and .living being respectively. As the thoughtful life evolves further under the impetus of Rahu the process culminates into creation of soul.

Let us discuss once more emphatically that Rahu is the place where first of all super consciousness exploded and thereby matter and space came into being. So onward when I say Rahu it does not necessarily stand for all contacts of matter and space in the entire universe but only the location of big bang. (In Astrology, that is in the process of formation of soul, if a planet and Rahu are in line of sight then are said to be in touch with each other.) The slow accretion of the so germinating matter led to the formation of an oval shaped Golden structure. This Golden egg further exploded and led to the formation of various galaxies, along with its stars, which are flying apart towards the outward space. (However personally I think that asterisms were formed even before this formation of the Golden egg at the center of Universe. I am a little confused here.) As per Physicist this journey of outward expansion may take reverse direction in due course. Each of the star has a life cycle. The death of star again leads to hole in the space which has such gravitational force which does not allow even light to escape its influence. This hole in space is known as ‘black hole’ the existence of which was predicted by Einstein though his General Theory of Relativity, even before any such thing was actually discovered. The nature of Rahu should be very much akin to that of black hole. I would discussed ahead that the Rahu point also started to shift location in clockwise direction with a definite frequency(18.5 years per rotation). So this movement of planets in anticlockwise direction and Rahu in clockwise direction lends a general relativity into the elements of soul. Though in material world Rahu also appears to be static reference point( lying at the center of universe, as an origin point, what we mistakenly also refer as there being an infinitely large Sun at the center of universe) but in that case entire zodiac belt would have to revolve with the same speed in anticlockwise direction. But this is impossible for want of driving force and especially requisite speed for one rotation. The time taken for rotation has to be 18.5 years which is too small for any such possibility. Here it seems that Zodiac belt was formed first by the outward expansion of the universe , i.e. galaxies flying apart, starting from the explosion of Golden egg primordial matter at the center of universe where Rahu is located. But this process reached to culmination point. came to halt much ago. However, the process of creation of matter seems to be incessant process so new galaxies are also being formed on regular basis , and again flying outward. But it is wrong to say that those are incessantly flying apart. As we know in between our Solar system was formed by a Supernova explosion. But I am not sure whether milky way galaxy is still flying apart, though other galaxies might be flying away from our galaxy.

Modern science is caught somewhere between the realities of matter & space and consciousness. Law of causality and determinism has connection with each other but there is a difference between the same as applied to the two realms. Just as there is all pervading relativity in the realm of matter & space similarly there is all pervading relativity in the realm of consciousness.  There is no doubt that both are shadow of each other but still indeterminacy in the world of matter and space is linked to limitation in reaching to micro world,  which cannot be perceived through five senses but can be established only empirically, and there by deriving probabilistic conclusion. But the indeterminacy in the world of consciousness is controlled through the factor of thought or what is called freewill. In the world of consciousness too there is a dimension of time but this is not unambiguously defined as it can be in the world of matter & space. Still just as time is relative in the world of matter & space similarly time is relative in the world of consciousness. In fact time is the only relativity in the world of consciousness.  It is the time dimension which makes difference in the perception of psycho-realities (leading to indeterminacy) by different observers serving as different frame of reference. We know it well that Einstein had devised the concept of Entropy as a measure of the individual’s time.  We know that the fundamental role of measurement in quantum mechanics leads to an apparent breakdown of the independence of the observer and the observed. Similarly In its journey metaphysics eventually reaches to as point where there is no difference between observer and being observed. There starts the realm of consciousness which finally bog down to the issue of self realization or study of one’s own being or one’s own soul. (In the realm of consciousness there is no spatial view however for the sake of comprehension we can imagine it to be.) The realm of consciousness can be approached only through soul issue. So we need to find a quantum solution to correlate the experience of the world of five senses and the world of consciousness. The layer of thought, which itself is caused by relative time of the individual, separates the world of matter & space and consciousness. This layer of thought and relative time of individual is directly proportional to the intensity and proximity of influence of Dragons’ head which may also be regarded as absolute reference point, though it itself appears to be moving with definite cycle. It lends credence to old time belief that there is nothing like ‘static’ in this universe..


(( Offhand a few words about Relativity and quantum mechanics is imperative, but may be skipped without hurting the subject matter at hand, but lines in Bold face are contextual.

In the realm of matter and space General theory of relativity is regraded to be theory dealing with the cause of Gravitation effect of matter. Special theory of relativity is concerned with the relativity of space and time of an event as seen from two different frame of references- as seen from an inertial frame of reference and as seen from another inertial frame(moving with another fixed velocity). Inertial frame stands for reference frame fixed in space, or reference frame fixed in a body moving with uniform velocity with respect to other inertial frame. As per this theory all the laws of Physics remain unchanged/invariant as seen inside any of the inertial frame . This in-variance and relativity of space & time is expressed through equations called Lorentz transformations. Here in-variance means no change in formulas of physical quantities even if the coordinate system/frame of reference under use is changed. Only that the coordinates will be in accordance with the new frame of reference. Relativity means the apparent values of coordinates if the event and the observer belongs to two different frame of references. However if one of the frame is accelerated( i.e. is non inertial) with respect to another inertial frame then it may be called General theory of relativity. As per Einstein even in such a case Laws of physics will remain invariant if the acceleration is uniform. But Einstein’s GT is concerned with a specific accelerated(non inertial) frame as falling under gravitational force. Such a frame can still be regarded as being inertial. For a short distance this acceleration is a constant. Einstein tried to explain gravity as a effect of the curvature of spacetime caused by the body. This idea occurred to him because Newtons law of gravitation used to describe gravity effect of body at another body as an instant process, no time lag. Meaning thereby even if the two bodies are as good as infinitely apart even then they would influence each other instantly. It means no intermediate system for the propagation of effect is required. Or properly speaking the gravity influence propagates with velocity greater than light. It was in contradiction with a conclusion drawn in context of Special theory of relativity. Velocity of light is set to be upper limit for propagation of a field of force which in this case is electromagnetic field. So Einstein devised this theory of Gravitation with the help of the principle of General theory of Relativity. In this case there is no concept of the propagation of the gravity effect. But gravity is established as an effect of the curvature of space and time. As per General theory a freely falling frame( say a freely falling closed box and a scientist sitting inside the box) is though accelerated, but still everything inside is being subjected to same acceleration so any experiment being conducted inside will be same as being conducted inside a non-accelerated/inertial frame of reference. Further, both matter and space may be regarded as tangible entity, as if space is gripping matter, so movement of matter may effect space. Practically when a body say Sun is placed in space ( like a putting a stone on a bed-sheet fully laid and suspending in air) this will make space curved, as if to form a hyperbolic surface around Sun. Then another matter, say Earth, will feel like rolling down the surface towards Sun. So if Earth is pushed in straight line it will feel a centrifugal force towards sun leading to Gravity effect which causes earth to rotate around Sun. But still in 3 dimension the trajectory will appear to be flat elliptical. Einstein visualized spacetime ( as distinguished from space & time) as a single woven entity of 4 dimension(including dimension of time) in which the surface will appear like hyperbolic. (However treatment is given under differential geometry not hyperbolic geometry)As per this theory there is nothing like curved path of motion or nothing moves in a curved path , but due to inertial motion the nearby space itself stands curved which appears as gravity effect. In simple words the energy and momentum of a mass( because of the equivalence of mass and energy) leaves an influence on the space around (generating stress energy in space demanding treatment under Tensor Calculus) that causes curvature in space which manifests itself as gravity effect of the body. In this context there are three Equivalence principles which has to be studied to appreciate this theory. In order to make use of General theory of relativity encompassing all kinds of motion or relative motion(accelerated or non-accelerated), it is imperative that laws of physics remain invariant with respect to any spacetime (including the dimension of time) coordinate system, that is to say subscribe to Principle of Co-variance. This is possible only by using Tensor calculus since the expression of law of Physics by a Tensor equation preserves its form in all system of coordinates, or say is independent of the coordinate system. However appropriate transformation law is required for transforming it from one system to another.( I think that now this issue should also be seen in the light of space being a field of Grand force consisting of parallel lines of such force.) Something similar happens at the plane of consciousness when a planet passes in line of sight with Dragon’s head, as the two are moving in opposite direction, at the time of birth of child that is when the soul is designed and enters into the body. This lends additional gravity, and stretch, to the imprint of the corresponding consciousness in the formation of soul. .

Further Quantum mechanics came into being because, unlike in the world of visible matter, in the world of subatomic particle the very process of measurement of position and momentum of a particle, hence their energy may disturb the same which we were trying to measure. We generally try to locate the position by spraying something like light wave, photon, which is reflected by the particle. This may disturb the   position and momentum of particle itself. So an element of uncertainty enters into measurement process itself. Meaning thereby it is not possible to exactly find position and momentum of subatomic particle by any experiment. Further Heisenberg suggested that uncertainty of position and momentum are inversely proportional to each other because if position is disturbed then a part of its velocity is also lost as it is imparted to photon.  In fact any subatomic particle is said to be having wave as well as particle nature. This conclusion was drawn from the nature of photon itself which has the characteristics of both wave and particle, as proposed by Max Planck but finally established by Einstein in his thesis on Photo-electricity for which he was awarded Noble prize. Further Einstein took the cue from De Broglie proposition (in his PhD Thesis) regarding matter-wave having both wavelength and momentum. This finally led to foundation and to the formulation of quantum mechanics by other genius like Heisenberg and Schrödinger, but applicable to only micro world of subatomic particles like electron in atom. For macro world uncertainty is too small to be matter of any concern. But thing was finally settled through probabilistic interpretation of matter wave by Max Born. He did formulate it mathematically. At the practical front in quantum mechanics we start with Schrodinger Equation which is second order differential equation for finding the position and momentum of any subatomic particle which finally leads us to various possible energy states of particle. This all happens in probabilistic term.))


But the Rahu factor has a definite course of existence as well like planets have in space. This definite point is the place where matter first came into being and converted into stars of Asterism. Further it followed the course as described in the paragraph above. That point cannot be perceived through thought but has a definite movement in clockwise direction and revolves round the zodiac belt in around 18 years. A mimicry of this movement is done in the movement of moon around earth where the orbit of moon precesses with the same speed that is 18 years and cuts across the equator. Thereby this point of intersection goes on revolving on the celestial equator at the same speed. The movement of moon around earth has been summed up though Cassini law in Astronomy. Ketu (Dragon’s tail) is only the shadow aspect of Rahu (if super-consciousness can be assumed to be a Sun). Practically this matters only in the realm of thought/soul, not in the realm of matter & space.

The Rahu position in horoscope indicates as to which stage of Astrophysical evolution soul is standing at. It may also point as to what was the nature of previous birth, if there was any. Rahu and Moon combined together( in addition to ascendant(Lagna) concept) implements law of Karma. Ascendant is resultant aspect of soul. Rahu and moon are the evolutionary aspect of soul. Ascendant of child is resultant of the interaction between three aspects of the soul of mother and father. Under meditation we can come in touch with the Rahu point of our soul, and can thereby come in touch with super-consciousness which is involved into this infinite space. Thereby one goes above space and time, and may attain the knowledge of all supernatural truths, as if one were watching everything in a dreaming state.

As per Physics the super-consciousness first of all exploded into four types of forces-Electromagnetic, Gravitational, Weak interaction and Strong interaction. The four forces and their integral aspect is the subject matter of Particle physics, quantum mechanics and General theory of relativity, followed by String theory. The challenge before mankind is to unite the approach of Physics, Metaphysics and Astrology into one common goal that is Soul science which is also being called as quantum metaphysics.

Astrology appears to be superstition because we are ignorant of the way the components of the world of consciousness interact or communicate with each other, and creates thoughtful life or ‘will’ or composite soul. Further human physique is an illusion which may harbor any combination of consciousness, but we go by only apparent manifestation of the same. Prediction is utility aspect of Astrology thrust upon mankind at a later stage as a matter of carving an occupation out of a supernatural knowledge.

In simple words the prediction aspect of astrology is incomplete, and perhaps can never be completed. But still it is a fact that our horoscope is a sketch of our soul( ignoring the remaining controversies). For the purpose of metaphysics the soul aspect of astrology is complete and is enough. But we need to have scientific approach towards its analysis. As per Monotheism of Hindu metaphysics God is formless Sun of Super consciousness. The rays of the same represent the different strands of evolution, further matter and soul are like photons/quanta at different stage of evolution. Just as an atom is the building block of material world( in which all the four components of Grand force find its expression) and is the first stage of evolution, similarly soul is the building block of animate world, the last stage of evolution, Soul incorporates all the 7 components of Super consciousness( akin to 7 colors of Sun ray), as involved in planetary arrangement, transformed into into some form of micro-matter called ‘will’ but can be described only in term of some probability wave, like the one we do in quantum mechanics in relation to atomic world. The elements of uncertainty is present in more virulent form but is an essential requirement for evolution. So an approach similar to quantum mechanics for atomic & molecular world is justified and can be termed as quantum metaphysics.

Let us have a little more discussion on the issue for the sake of clarity.

We know that there is one but a particular form of intelligence(consciousness) assigned to, or say designed for, each type of animal or their soul. An Animal soul is devoid of any concept of internal world or society (both are same thing). Among animals the physical part (i.e. body) is a reflection, in absolute term, of the intelligence involved in the soul. So, all types of animals have different physique. As per soul science (or astrologically speaking) it is the reflection of only one planet falling in a particular asterism (as observed) at the time of birth, though birth moment stands decided at conception time.  A little variation in asterism may lead to creation of different breeds of the same animal. Of course the journey begins with interaction of consciousness as involved/implied in matter and space. Once an animal species comes into existence its relation with the cosmos is broken. Any further act of procreation (causing interaction of the soul of male and female) leads to, but for the issue of gender, only replica of the same. However vegetarian animals do have the issues of moon (falling in different asterism) as embedded in their soul. This too is partially responsible for making of different breeds of the same animal.  As a final step towards evolution, different combinations of various forms of animal intelligence led to creation of human soul, taking an unending course of astrophysical evolution at every act of procreation but with similar biochemical traits.

 Philosophy/Metaphysics is concerned with the origin & evolution of earthly, watery and heavenly (space) creatures, starting from simple animal soul and culminating into composite human soul and physique. This also requires interaction of material consciousness and space consciousness as envisioned in mind of procreator, and coinciding with one particular configuration of the set of planetary consciousness in the cosmos at the time of birth. It further analyzes the traits, sense of action, joys & sorrows and issues of salvation of the same. It is a transition from war to love for the sake of salvation. But it stops at the issues of life (like joys and sorrows and salvation) of any creature, in general. It is not specific about the different souls and different type of souls.

But there are hundreds of types of all forms of species like that of snake, fish and birds, and the corresponding traits & traps as developed in the human soul/physique. This is primarily the realm of Astrology or Soul science. Soul science starts at the issues of soul formation and its various traits as further influenced by the external consciousness, as per time cycle, which had lent components in the making of soul. The influence issue may be equated with the phenomenon of resonance This increases or reduces the relative strength of different components.  Prediction is a later stage addition, as a utility, thrust upon mankind by the priestly class for the sake of carving an occupation out of the spiritual knowledge gained. Soul science incorporates in itself all streams of Metaphysics on the earth. In fact different stream of metaphysics, as enunciated by different seers from time to time, is nothing but realization of the partial truth in accordance with one’s own soul. But this can be realized only if one has already delved deep into the nuances of metaphysics before entering into the realm of soul science. All existing and prospective metaphysical realizations can be explained in term of soul science. As per Soul science a metaphysical realization comes into picture if a planet falls in a sign/constellation other than the one assigned to it as native/lord constellation. Then the concept of individual and society is embedded into soul itself in form of native and relative planets respectively. It may lead to brooding and the origination of a branch of metaphysics in an effort to reconcile oneself with the disturbed configuration. But astrology/soul science tries to fit all the metaphysical realizations into one slot, instead of partial approach of the different streams of metaphysics.


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