Quantum Metaphysics-IV


Nothing exists in this objective and illusory world of ours which does not go to serve two purposes-a good one and a bad one”-H.A.Blavatsky

For the sake of pleasantry let us begin with a controversy around a trivial fact as to whether Conception time or Birth time should be considered for preparing Horoscope of a native. Logically it appears that it should be Conception time because the physique thing has to be developed in accordance with the soul. But practically it is not true. ‘Birth time’ is undoubtedly the right answer as per the empirical studies. So what the solution out is there. What comes to my mind is that Birth’s time is fixed at  time of Conception itself. So it is like preparing a house for a prospective visitor, knowing in advance who is going to stay in it. The sperm and ova is complete codification of one’s being. Meaning thereby it is a vector for the course of evolution as encoded in the chromosomes. Moreover so long as baby is in the womb of mother, the life is just like that noted in plant’s kingdom- devoid of intelligence. Soul enters into the slots exactly at the time of birth even if the baby is born through a medical or caesarian operation. If the gap between Operation Time and destined Time of Birth is more than 24 hours then there is least chance of survival. Otherwise the baby remains in almost subconscious state until the birth moment arrives. From behind 24 hours the body in the womb comes under the influence of the orb of the destined astrological configuration. Such is the meticulous planning of the chemistry of super-consciousness revealing itself in various forms through the journey of mind. So the concept of pre-natal epoch in Astrology amounts to overstretching the nerves. Pre natal epoch refers to ascertaining Conception time from birth time.


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