Quantum Metaphysics-II

Continued from previous post under the same caption


I was going through the dissertation on Quantum Metaphysics by Dr Antonio Stefan. It was a happy coincidence that I chose the same caption for my article on the same issue, and my article subscribed to almost all of his views on the issue .

So I would like to start by quoting him

Philosophy is always in the critical situation to justify its existence to science. The safest way to do this is by self-establishing itself as science. But this effort represents the sacrifice of the essence of knowledge: “in the technical interpretation of thinking, the being as self element of thinking is sacrificed (Hidegger, 1988:314)”. To look positively to philosophy as a dodge of science from metaphysics proves not only destructive to philosophy but also harmful to science. Absolute objectivity claims are increasingly refuted by the development of the cognitive approach. Not only social and human sciences require subjectivity as a dimension of objective knowledge, but physics itself considered the hard part of science reaches to formulate indeterminacy (uncertainty) principles. A new perspective that might be required in the philosophy of science is to look at it as to a semiotics of cognitive act.

Further, another author Linda Cochrane from Concordia University Montreal, Canada has also written a comprehensive article on the issue (available at http://www.researchgate.net). The thrust point of his article is almost same which I am going to highlight in this article. But still he, like other authors in this arena, is confined to a possibility, in the light of the background and evolvement of quantum physics and relativity. He is not unequivocal as to how we can accomplish it. I too as a student of Physics had all these issues in my mind, but the issue was how to define ‘mind’ before we can think of applying Physics on to it and find a pertinent solution regarding its infinite varieties. We know that all metaphysical studies finally bog down to soul issue. Here follows the preface of his article.

The discovery of quantum mechanics has had a significant impact on physics and other sciences, but its important influence on metaphysics has been inadequately explored. Previously, quantum mechanics has been interpreted by some philosophers as a justification for previous positions or as a re-interpretation of already existing ideas. In discussing the possible influence of quantum mechanics on metaphysics, this paper gives particular consideration to the Uncertainty Principle of Werner Heisenberg and the wave mechanics of Erwin Schrödinger, and their impact on the ideas of several modern philosophers including Ernst Cassirer, who was unusual in his early recognition of the need to re-interpret reality in light of these developments. This paper sets the historical background, explains the relationship between metaphysics and classical, Newtonian mechanics, and examines various steps in the discovery of quantum mechanics which highlight points relevant to metaphysical theories. This is followed by analyses of specific topics in metaphysics and the impact that the discovery of quantum mechanics has had on them, concluding with suggestions for further interdisciplinary approaches to reality, determinism and causality

As Dr. Antonio mentioned in his article, the concept had already originated in the year around 1995 under the guidance of David Bhom. We know that the concept of uncertainty lies at the core of quantum Another meta-physicist David Hume who, in the year around 1750, had pointed out that nothing can be known for certain, that is to say with hundred percent certainty. At the outset I would like to make it clear that Metaphysics in both the parts of world, east and west, has reached to stage where any controversy is meaningless. However in occidental stream Religion and Philosophy have tracked their own path which often came in conflict with each other, whereas in oriental culture the two were always integral part of each other. Like ‘existentialism’ of western metaphysics, as propounded by Danish philosopher Soren Kierkegaard (around 1820), has its counterpart known as Law of Karma in eastern philosophy. But there is a major difference between oriental and occidental stream. That the former focused primarily at the human & relational issues of only ‘present’ whereas the latter incorporated the issues of past, present and future as a rolling plan of nature.

At the outset I would like to mention that I am not going to write on Astro philosophy which invariably involves the matters of CosmoGenesis. This is too vast a subject to be tackled through such article. However i would use such argument as and where necessary and is relevant in the context. The subject  has been already discussed in threadbare detail. But still there appears to be element of conceit and vanity into it which makes it unfit for ordinary mortals. I think that any subject should be of some direct utility as well for the mankind. Historical contexts of any issue must roll on to future relevance of the same with clarity of thought and expression. . Madam H.A.Blavatsky is, of course, regarded to be milestone in this respect having authored a book titled’ Secret doctrine’ in 4 volumes. This is of course a bible to Astro philosophers but still beyond the reach of most of the philosophers. I have been always advocating the cause of Astrology, to treat the same as a part of mainstream Philosophy. This is from the point of view of   making Philosophy free from the heathen of mysticism & abstraction, not otherwise..

I would like to add that this is no longer the era of speculative philosophy, which comes to almost end with Buddhism. Buddhism through its eight fold path to Nirvana (salvation), which is summarized in the philosophy of mid-path approach, brings an end to all the controversies as raised in any kind of Scriptures.  To sum up, “Extremism is the source of all trouble otherwise everything is a part of the scheme of God. We harbor grievances against God because undue thoughts/desires are troubling us.  It is only through mid path approach that we can derive pleasure and attain salvation”. However  I think that this philosophy that ‘ mid path is the best path’, as represented by Jupiter in Sagittarius sign, can only be a social Philosophy. In the present day world all good and bad are confined to deceptive non-violence based on interest, if not mutuality. The Hindu scriptures like Upnishad have been replaced with structured system of law and justice. The philosophy pertaining to abstract issues like God, Nature and Soul has been dealt with in threadbare detail in Scriptures of all parts of the world. The Philosophy of cultural dynamics has also become irrelevant in the wake of real mass communication on global scale. In Indian context it was laid on scientific footing, and reached to its zenith height, through the Philosophy of Indian stalwarts like

Swami Vivekananad, Aurobindo Ghosh , Gandhi, Nehru, Ravinder Nath Tagore, Rajneesh and Spiritual master like Paramhans Ramkrishna.

It is well known that India has been pioneer in the Philosophy of Cosmo-Genesis. Scriptures like Rig Veda and mythological context of Puranas are exclusively devoted to such issues. But now all such issues bog down to the issues of knowing about others soul if not one’s own. Issues like “Realization of infinite” and “Self realization” is no longer the creed. I agree that we are passing through an era of harvesting as symbolized by Erect Holy Cross falling in the year around 2000. It is also agreed that spirituality is slave force. But still it represents the transition from Individualism to Socialism. So it is the time to reinvent the wheel.

But now metaphysics in both the world had transcended to the realm of mind. I would like to remind that Mahrishi Mahesh Yogi from India had already done commendable job in that direction. But his thrust point was analysis of human psychology, not the ontological abstraction of God, Nature and Soul.  He used all the tools of Classical and Quantum Mechanics to accomplish the task. Unfortunately the spirit has dampened after his demise. Though it may sound a little conceited yet I would like to say that we have reached to the zenith point of both Physics and Metaphysics. The need of the hour is to combine the two to arrive at a solution regarding study of human mind. Psychology has a meaning but no defined tangible boundary as such. So we cannot arrive anywhere by analysis of individual psychology. Mind in spite of its micro aspect and unending varieties has a tangible meaning and defined boundary, Each mind/soul/will-power may be regarded as a packet of life & energy, as separated from the Sun of infinite God or Universal mind or super consciousness, about which nothing can be said and be known with hundred percent certainties. Each ray of the Sun of Super Consciousness is an evolutionary strand and each quantum (photon) of the ray is the soul of individual falling in that strand. This is what is called Monotheism in Hindu metaphysics.  That is exactly what lends the meaning to the caption Quantum Metaphysics

It is of no use to confuse the concepts of apparent manifestation with reality. The two are one and the same thing. All the metaphysical realizations revolve round the realization regarding will-power and its genesis starting from the time of creation of Universe.  It appears to be vast journey but things stand already simplified through astro-philosophical realizations. Of course in intermediate stage of metaphysical realization we pass through feelings of all the intermediate constructs of space, matter, mind, pleasure, salvation and above all dichotomy of violence & nonviolence as implied in different forms/components of consciousness. These feelings take the shape of different branches of knowledge. All processes including metaphysical realizations are a sort of enjoyment in which the mind itself stands withered and may change the very perception of the same reality. Our oriental concepts like Mayabad are primitive stage of realizations regarding all truths around the way we perceive this world in term of feeling and pleasure. It was a metaphysical wondering as to whether this world is the only reality or there is another layer of existence wrapped within it. Finally the answer came, that it is all evolution of one and same formless entity which takes the shape of mind. All questions are born out of thought which comes into existence because of crystallization of consciousness into will. Though consciousness is beyond the realm of thought however it has all the force to attain an aim like any thought process. You feel the world in accordance with your state of mind. When there is no mind there is no world of existence it is all consciousness which is beyond the realm of thought and time and hence any question regarding the same can be solved only through salvation.


The ultimate question in metaphysics, as it stands today, is what the correlation among consciousness, mind and brain is. We all know that brain is the instrument through which consciousness as deposited in mind, what we can also call as soul or will-power, operates. It is the second level of hierarchy in the flow of command for action. Now the Brain thing stands almost fully analyzed in term of its structure and functioning. However the correlation between physical part and intelligence part is still vague. The instrument like Electroencephalogram gives idea of the origination and flow of sensation through nerves in electromagnetic form as represented by electrical pulses of various frequencies under various moods, but not regarding thought waves or inter-mind communication. In fact it is futile to find any correlation. We can draw some generic conclusions but still as per scheme of things no two mind is going to be exactly identical ever. Then no instrument can reach to mind level. Mind thing is not a subject of only reasoning. However Mathematics can reach anywhere. It can explore through any uncertainty. I am trying to dwell upon the cursory idea in relation to the same.  But question is how to define mind in perceptible term without any abstraction.

I would like to emphasize that entire oriental philosophy stands wrapped within the domain of only one branch of knowledge that is Astrology. Prediction was never the aim of astrology. It started with the need for calendar system, and finally evolved into finding a meaning into the elements of calendar system regarding the origin of life and mind. Astrology came into being out of process of self realization when ennobled mind did not find any means to occupy itself. I have mentioned earlier that, ignoring the controversy between western and eastern approach ( that is tropical and sidereal), we can say that one’s horoscope is a graphical representation or sketch of one’s mind or soul, whatever. Of course life is matter of both static and dynamic aspect of soul but for the time being static part should be enough for our purpose.

So, we can say that Physics starts where Metaphysics ends, and Metaphysics starts where Physics ends. There is a little difference between Metaphysics and what we call Philosophy or Spirituality. In pejorative sense of the word Metaphysics stands for worrying about something which cannot be tested. But I think this is the time where we need to rise above this abstract notion. Whereas Philosophy is concerned with abstract issues like God, Nature and Soul, compositely called Religion, Metaphysics serves as a line of demarcation between Science and Religion, so that it can look either side more sincerely. We know that Meta-data stands for Data of Data-like Index of indices. Similarly Metaphysics stands for envisioning everything that can be known about tangible or intangible issues of life as tackled through Classical and Quantum Physics and even beyond that.   Right from the beginning I had a feeling that these are the laws of Physics which are finally transformed into law of life. Implicit was the faith that there is life in inanimate. What I firmly believe that the prevailing disbelief in the science like Astrology is not because there is something wrong with our mindset but there is something missing in whole scheme of things.

I have been emphasizing upon the fact that what we call Astrology is basically Soul science. Prediction was never the aim behind initiation of any such branch of knowledge. Though both Soul and Astrology have remained abstract issues, yet their correlation is implied there in right from the beginning. We know that one’s horoscope is like a static snap of one’s birth moment as represented through planetary position falling in line of sight with different asterism or constellation. Each of the planetary position is like a component of the consciousness (the thoughtless life in matter) as involved in the making of soul in a composite manner. Further ever changing position of planets in the sky goes on influencing those components. This shapes the psychology, behavior, association and consequent thereupon worldly joys & sorrows of the native/person.  But general masses are always concerned with ‘utility’ of any stream of thought, and its comprehension in term of worldly pleasures. So prediction aspect might be a helpless extension of this knowledge which was basically born out of the Hermetic dictum ‘know thyself’. Spiritually we regard all these process to be predetermined as per the course of evolution as guided under the sway of all pervading super consciousness. In this context it is essential to mention that what we call ‘Law of karma’ (as per Hindu Philosophy of life) have been summed up in the rules of Classical Astrology. It is rather impossible to enumerate those. The rules depend upon the angle from which we look at the things, which may be anything. (We know different streams of Religion are nothing but angle with which we look at the Truth which itself consists of two conflicting aspect of one truth.) However the trouble arises because up to present phase of Astrological realization we could not exactly distinguish between inner and apparent aspect of person’s being. So different planetary consciousness, as deposited in the soul at birth time, are the different components of soul. Some of those are visible and some remain latent. The latent part determines the relative world of individual in term of association and Joys & Sorrows derived from the same. Presently in Classical Astrology everything is assumed to apparent and non-relativistic. But the two sides of soul introduce relativity as well as uncertainty in determining the exact outcome of predetermined course of life as encoded into the soul.  The question asked is that if everything is predetermined it means there is no scope for human enterprise.  Moreover then what ‘law of karma’ stands for. I will come back to these issues in subsequent discussion.  I am not trying to emphasize that there is something not divulged in classical Astrology. But simply that by its very nature (half apparent and half latent) it is impossible to arrive at hundred percent certainties by any set of rules. So we have to resort to quantum or probabilistic tools. It is not that I am emphasizing on destiny concept. This is because this may again come in conflict with right or wrong sense of action and hence prove to be antithetical. This is ‘mine or your destiny’ is an illogical concept. Something which is yet to be materialized cannot be called destiny. 

In this context I would like to quote a few paragraphs from one of my articles published in this forum itself. So it is italicized.

Though I firmly believe that Astrology does qualify for being reckoned as an Art based on Science or Astronomy, but still I disapprove of any idea to introduce it as a subject in Universities, up to graduation level courses at least. This is so because contrary to the views held by most of the Astrologers it has still miles to go before it could be of any use for mankind.  Astrology germinated out of initial stage beliefs that star in the sky above control one’s life and happiness through the cyclic phases of Astronomical events.  Later on, it evolved into a search for an answer into mystery of origin of life and the order behind diversity of being. But due to infinite & immeasurable nature of the same this could not have been hundred percent methodical.   No mind can be ready to accept only intuitive aspect of learning, as perceived by others, without any methodical approach. But gradually as human mind evolved and mastered over astronomy, the correlation between two started to become evident. I hold the view that one’s birth chart is complete graphical or pictorial representation of one’s being in seed form. Before we understand astrology, a spiritual realization that all inanimate things have an involved life viz. consciousness (Hindi equivalent is ‘Chetna’) into it is essential. Well, that is easy to explain. Now all of us know that plants have no brain hence no thought. But still plants have life. In animal kingdom we can at least try to visualize the place of life gripping somewhere around brain in hyperspace- a space where there is no concept of distance as elaborated in a paragraph below. But there is nothing like that in plants. Similarly the life in inanimate is of more sublime form than that in plants. Such a life is termed as consciousness. Some sane minded people dub Astrology as a fleecing gibberish as to how such distant inanimate stars and planets can affect our lives and destiny. The answer lies in another question ” Though every individual has a limited aura of personality yet how do the things like ill-wishes(ABHISHAP-), well-wishes(VARDAN) and clairvoyance operate in space-time independent manner, so for as propagation of those influence is concerned?.” This happens through Hyperspace. Basically Astrology deals with the origin of life and its evolution into various forms and permutation/ combinations of “will power”, which will always remain an enigma to mankind engaged in normal or average pursuits. It is fit to be perceived only by seers but without any certainty. Regarding prediction part which is the only comprehensible utility it is yet to be completed, but perhaps can never be because no astrological configuration is going to repeat itself ever. So it just cannot be wholly methodical. Moreover Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle (a principle of physics as per which the very instrument employed to ascertain an event or location of something would itself introduce an element of uncertainty) becomes applicable as a stumbling block. Then no astrology can predict procedure. Further all astrological perceptions materialize through law of karma, not as any miracle as such. Actually the moment one comes to know about one’s future it no longer remains “will” symbolizing future tense as well!


To sum up, Astrology, up to the present phase of its evolvement, is an instrument to facilitate the art of psychology reading in a scientific manner. Further it is also an all time relevant science to suggest prescription for careful actions & decisions, but this may not necessarily connote for prediction thing.  Unfortunately predictive astrology, the only comprehensible utility of it for ordinary mortals, occupies the uppermost echelon of relevance in the staircase of this science. I think that if astrology has to rise above the doubtful or suspicious glances of rationalist, certain implicit issues have to be sorted out in a scientific manner. Till now Astrology has been wandering in a heathen of mysticism which I disliked right from the beginning. You see in animal world every species is ruled by only one sign and one planet. Once the species come into existence it’s relation with the cosmos is broken because there is no internal or latent world inside them, which is the prime distinction between animal and human being. The role of cosmos comes back when a sufficient force for mutation by the environmental factors has been generated and then a new species comes into existence. The different species are nothing but the different forms of intelligence devoid of any utility and concept of Karma because there is no concept of society or the internal world in them. But things changed with the advent of human body and mind. The concept of mutation was replaced with Astrophysical mutation. Our Astrology is caught somewhere between reality of cosmos and the limitation of animals. We need to rise above it. In this non technical article I cannot dwell on the resolution of those intricacies. I would, however, like to call the present phase of Astrology as Human Astrology which needs to evolve much before it becomes fit for prediction.

 Astrology may also be defined as a cognitive science of destiny, where sum total of good luck or bad luck is born out of evolutionary force and karma, with myriad dimensions. However, the term bad luck is misnomer. There is nothing like bad luck. If one harbors a complaint against one’s destiny it gives rise to bad luck. But then if one harbors complaint against one’s destiny it is also a part of destiny. Whatever is preordained through any philosophy has to be firstly translated into law of Karma, i.e. right or wrong decisions followed by right or wrong actions. Every destiny has a personal and social dimension with a purpose, depending upon space and time, which may span across thousands of years in sinusoidal fashion. As I mentioned in a paragraph above that one’s birth chart is complete graphical or pictorial representation of one’s being in seed form, as determined by evolutionary journey of Super consciousness or Universal mind through its different faces and strands of life.


Of late a new branch of learning called Quantum Sociology is taking root. An in-depth study of Astrology will reveal that Sociological issues are also one of the faces of Astrology. Sociology may be simply a mental construct. It does not have any independent tool of its own. Simply that we collect a set of data on the behavioral pattern of a society, and then on probabilistic basis we make projections and suggest solution for potential danger. Of course we have to resort to law of quantum Physics. We know that Classical Physics is insufficient for inanimate world itself which has no element of thought but is wholly governed by mathematics.  But in any case we have to go by definite set of straight jacketed manmade parameters. In that process we forget that evolution of life is not governed by definite set of rules, but for evolution purpose an element of desire is inbuilt into it. This is called freewill. But Astrology has its own well advanced tool on which we can apply our mathematical tool to extract information. Of course there is issue of uncertainty present in more virulent form, and the issue is very much akin to that of Quantum Mechanical problem of inanimate world. In this context it is worth reminding that Quantum mechanics is basically concerned with the laws of microscopic world of invisible particles (like electron, proton, neutron and other subatomic elementary particles) which are basically building block of entire inanimate world. The issue oevolution of inanimate world has reached to its zenith point and in Physics we are almost at the end point. Beyond this stage even if we come to know, we cannot do anything about it. It is a primarily a matter of Technical evolvement.  

So, overall intelligence of mind consists of different components working together leaving a composite effect. The components are also affected by the corresponding components in Universal mind. Individual mind emanates from Universal mind. The latter can be described as entire universe expressed in material form along with the consciousness that is thoughtless life involved in it. Everything that is possible to express has been expressed in material form first with an implied consciousness. Hyperspace is also born when Super consciousness explodes and space comes into existence through the all pervading portal of Dragon’s head. Though the latter is associated with location, which cannot be identified by naked eyes, but still it is all pervading also. People generally look disturbed on being referred to astrology. This is because they think that it is simply a superstition born out of desire. It is not like that. It basically deals with pictorial representation of one’s mind.   Future telling is later stage utility added to the acquired knowledge.

The existence of thought waves has also been realized much ago by William James and Alexander Graham Bell. But still they were confused regarding gross existence of such waves and the media through which they travel.  The entire source of confusion is that we never tried to explore as to how mind comes into existence. Only then we can realize how minds affect or communicate with each other. Paranormal phenomena and the psychological ailment like paranoia are direct evidence of the existence of Thought waves. In Paranoia the distance or medium is non-issue. A paranoid person suffers from the delusion of persecution in the hand of unseen or unknown person. Basically the person hears voice or command inside the mind from unknown sources. Evidently those things are above space and time. To understand the physics behind the same we need to follow concept of hyperspace.  In fact we have two forms of all pervading space. One is the visible space which evokes thought. Other is invisible space called hyperspace which accommodates thought. In Astrology this artificial separation point is called Dragon’s head and Tail. Space is concerned with everything having a physical form as looked from the angle of thoughtful life. Hyperspace is concerned with the thoughtless life involved in visible or material world. The two are like two sides of the same coin, though it is not the right imagery, it is basically a matter of angle at which we look at the things. However both the angles are there because of existence of thought. We cannot go inside hyperspace in waking state. And in inanimate state there is no feeling though hyperspace is there. So both the space is byproduct of thought.  To feel we need a mind which, after death, either does not exist or remain suspended in hyperspace, goading the mind to get itself released or withers away in due course. Every mind has a portal (a part of Dragon’s head) through which it remains suspended in hyperspace, though physically it can travel in space. In one of previous article I have discussed at length how seers used to come in touch with hyperspace through meditation, which is like going in sleeping state without sleeping. In this process they used to reach to the portal of Dragon’s head within one’s own mind. This portal within mind serves as gateway to entire hyperspace in which inanimate world live. Thereby they used to attain all the knowledge of universe. Of course this all happens in thoughtless state of mind but still one feels like having come to know something in dream. Hyperspace is born when Super consciousness explodes and space comes into existence through the all pervading portal of Dragon’s head and tail. Though the D.Head is associated with location, which cannot be identified by naked eyes, but still it is all pervading in nature. While alive our individual mind or soul remains suspended in space through a hook (Dragon’s head) attached to hyperspace. Dragon’s tail is simply duality aspect of the same, reflected only in mind on the opposite side at an angle 180 degree. (In Astrology D.head is really represented by a hook and Tail as an inverted hook, as if the two parts of handcuff.). Dragon’s head fosters additional thought in mind. In fact the first form of life without any concept of mind or will-power originated by this interaction of dragon’s head with the planetary consciousness. Now Dragon’s head is the factor of evolutionary thought or in extreme cases desires. The combined space of entire Dragon’s head is Hyperspace through which Thought wave may travel. These waves may be akin to quantum mechanical concept of probability wave but in quiet different perspective. In fact each component of mind has a thought waves associated with it and the superposition of such waves determine the resultant wave. But thought waves do not travel in our space. Material quantum mechanical concept originated due to uncertainty involved in measuring location and momentum of sub atomic particles as introduced by the measuring instrument. Here we don’t have any such concept. Our uncertainty in ascertaining resultant thought is introduced due to Dragons’s head factor which may foster extraneous thought trying to destructively interfere with the resultant wave of the other mind components. Sometimes a particular component may be in direct contact with the hyperspace which leads to highest degree of uncertainty. Meaning thereby though there is nothing common between mind and atomic world yet a parallel may be drawn.

Thought waves travel in hyperspace which can be imagined as all pervading solid sphere within which material world is contained. Light or EM waves have a definite velocity but thought waves have no velocity. They leave electrochemical effect on mind but the propagation issue is free from space & time. The space of life & thought is Hyperspace. But contrary to the general view of Science that stars came into existence after big bang, there was/is regular eruption of super consciousness ( which is beyond our concept of thoughtful life) through the portal of dragon’s head the location of which revolved/shifted with a definite speed, but much beyond the present day zodiac belt.(A mimicry of the process has been done in Moon-Earth system where the orbit of moon precesses with the same speed(18.5 years) around normal to ecliptic and cuts across celestial equator along which apparently Dragons’ head and Tail revolves. Moon-Earth system is summarized through Cassini Law. So it appears that a planet and its satellite moon, one and only one, must conform to Cassini law for the the life to originate in the planet) This led to the formation of zodiac belt. I don’t think Zodiac belt   is expanding ahead. However big-bang thing is also a reality which led to the formation of remaining galaxies. But it might have happened at the center of universe (assuming it to be spherical) of course through a similar process. This, of course, raises so many additional question but that is out of scope and purview of this issue. As per Max Muller the first eruption of Super-consciousness took place just above Lamda Scorpi( Mula) constellation.

Any desire born thought under the influence of Dragon’s head manifest itself on some other mind/person which may represent the fulfillment of those desire. Actually different components of mind represent the different level of consciousness or intelligence plane. The level of consciousness indicates the separation of consciousness from super-consciousness. But it is not spatial view. Super consciousness has divided itself into 7 plane of consciousness/intelligence as involved in 7 planets through the portal of Dragon’s head. (Without astrology there are various vague realizations in this regard. For example as per Indian philosopher Aurobindo Ghosh there are seven planes of intelligence or consciousness namely- Inanimate, Dreaming, Sleeping, Waking, Cosmic, Refined Cosmic and Unity.)Travelling of thought wave is a composite issue related to all the levels of consciousness. Some of those may serve as source of thought and some may serve as vector of the thought but of course by being in closer touch with Hyperspace or Dragon’s head s or Super consciousness. Inter-mind communication, however, does not happen as per free-will. We know that all mind consists of 7 components of consciousness some of which are Native and some are Relative. So the strength of resultant thought will depend upon composite effect of the two. This composite effect determines the aura of the mind which appears like electrical field around the mind. . Before two minds can communicate with each other aura interlocking is essential. This depends upon the compatibility between the two auras.   For aura interlocking certain internal factors or commonality of mind through Dragon’s head factor is essential. However it does not necessarily mean that the two minds must have same Dragon’s head factor. There are certain evolutionary conditions for the correspondence. Once interlocking has happened it hardly matters where the two minds are in space. The communication may take place instantly without any time lag.  It should not be forgotten that so long as we are talking about thought we are in the realm of mind or space. So we are constrained to be guided by our mind.. There are certain minds which may perpetually be in touch with infinite consciousness. In that case it can interlock with any mind

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