Quantum Metaphysics-III


But prior to that it is essential that our scientists develop faith in assertion that one’s Horoscope is pictorial representation of one’s soul, and there are sufficient parameters to arrive at a decision by implementing the tools of quantum mechanics, though it is going to be very different and convoluted journey.  

Since the very time Gita was written, the concept of Karma has remained an enigma to mankind. The concept came into being in the wake of devising the concept of Dharma. That which goes in accordance with Dharma is Karma. However the issue is who will determine what exactly Dharma is. Indian system of metaphysics is replete with these concepts in the form of scriptures called Upnishads. But still it could not rise above literary exercises only to the delight of scholars.

But if we delve deep down into the staircase of Science hitherto known as Classical Astrology we will find that it is nothing but a document to implement Laws Of Karma. There are three concepts which jointly go to constitute law of Karma-Planets, Asterism and Houses.

Roughly speaking Planets represent the mode of action and mindset in relation to phenomenal word. Planets are real part of Super-consciousness (Braham) which divided itself into different tools for creating a civilized world. Planets are the end point in representing the different component psychologies of Braham. The purposes of all such components are mutually complementary. Both violence and non-violence are integral parts of each component. Sun represents the energy part needed to activate the planetary consciousness to its full potential and Moon represents the part which appears as heart, that is to say serves as a reflector of consciousness implied in Relative planets. The relative position of Dragons head with respect to Moon determines the desire part. Earth is the mother part of Braham where entire Universe go on depositing its consciousness, leading to formation of all earthly matters required for physical part of life in accordance with the Horoscopic configuration.    

Asterisms ( a group of 3 to 30 correlated stars)  lend different proclivities to different planetary consciousness. Planets, left to them, are simply tools for implementing laws of Karma. The real zest of varieties comes from influence of Asterisms. In fact Planets represent Human qualities and Asterisms represent animal instincts. However without influence of Asterisms, Planetary consciousness remains dormant. Asterisms are like different mould in which planets discharge their life for the formation of a particular tool to implement law of Karma. A procreating couple comes in touch with particular planetary consciousness and Asterism in accordance with the predominance of thought. There is one to one correspondence between evolving thoughts of the different strands of evolution and planetary configurations in sky. The different proclivities of the Asterisms have been highlighted in story form in Hindu scriptures called Puranas.

Houses represent Roles of individual in life which defines Law of Karma in its crudest form. It is enumerated in the following paragraph. It may, however, be a little different from the traditional views around the same. These are only broad ideas because the final version may be modulated by the planets and asterism falling in the house.

 At the same time I would again try to emphasize that there is another layer of interpretation. The end result depends upon the concept of Native and Relative Planets. There follows an excerpt in that regard from the same at the end of this article. Then the entire system of law of Karma is further rationalized by Period system. This introduces the divine justice part which takes into account everything in giving the result; may be successively from one generation to another. This part has to be trusted upon as it is. It is difficult to explain it but there is no doubt that it is the highest degree of metaphysics. I personally regard only 120 years system known as Vishamottri Dasha as scientific and complete. The remaining systems(overall 46) are like different high level languages or scripting in software world.

House number 1, 4, 7 and 10 are called Cardinal house and they represent native’s role as a Mentor of relative, friend or  society as a whole. Consequently his/her mode of living and occupation are accordingly determined.

  1. First House or Ascendant –Point of view of creation. 
  2. Second House-Inheritance of the accumulated past action of ancestors.

3) Third House-Relation with Brother/Sister and ‘loss or gain’ accordingly. This also highlights native’s own role as a brother or sister.

4) Fourth House- Influence of mother on the individual, relation with mother and native’s own children rearing aspect.

5) Fifth House- Education or preparation for occupation in accordance with the requirement of the first child to be born. So mode of action in adolescent stage also determines the standard of the children to be born. This may affect the course of life of the native.

6) Sixth House-Enemy, as to which type of persons may be harmful to the native. It also highlights one’s own instinct as an associate friend.

7) Seventh House- One’s relation with spouse, so primarily highlights one’s own spouse aspect as to which sort of spouse the person oneself will be.  

8) Eighth House- Longevity, sexual potency, attitude toward opposite sex. This is also called house of secret organs but this basically speaks for knowing Shiva Philosophy or Essence of Tantra as present in life of the native. It is called death house in the sense that planets falling in this house are devoid of energy without sexual contact. Further native always crave for taking or giving death experience in sex.

9) Ninth House- This is called Bhaygya or Dharma House. This is related to the reaping the fruit of the good deeds of one’s own father, so all good thing goes on happening as per expectation in a slide. This also stands for Karma Yoga House.

10) Tenth House-This is called Father House or Karma House. This speaks of influence of father on the native, and Father aspect of the person oneself. In this context Father aspect is not related to one’s own children only.  But it stands for knowing all the secrets of life and Karma philosophy to serve as guardian cum mentor of society as a whole. So it is basically Gyan Yoga House. So it also determines the nature of occupation.

11) Eleventh house- This is called House of profit or income. This indicates as to from which source, in term of human relation, some important event related to income will materialize. It does not determine the nature of occupation.

12) Twelfth House- This is called Loss house or Salvation House. The two are correlated things. Salvation is not only a post demise concept but is also a gradual process as acquired through ecstatic pleasures. Then Loss stands for activity which leads to depletion of life energy. But such modes of pleasure may also lead to accidental monetary or physical loss.   

A word of caution, that whatever may be the underlying philosophy , or the philosophy implied, finally everything depends upon appropriate scope for action and relational bounties derived from the same, not by way of any miracle as such. But by virtue of its ordained nature such relations have to be disinterested and subconscious. They say that even good deeds (tangible) or actions(intangibles) may turn out to be wrong if they are not in accordance with some preordained order. However sublimation of desires may subconsciously lead to some actions or deeds which evolve into fortunate thing for coming generations.


Then if a native planet is in conjunction with Rahu it leads to over activation of the implied proclivity of asterism. As I have said that Asterism are related to pleasure instinct or female part of nature (In Hindu metaphysics the 27 asterisms are said to be 27 daughters of Daksha Prajapati which is akin to Father concept of Christianity.) So the person suffers from all sorts of animal instinct. But sometimes this may also serve as complex conjugate solution for someone else of the same polarity. But such schemes often lead to war type of situation at the end, because the prime instinct behind such stream of thought is to overcome or bypass the limitation of Law of Karma. But again nature has to arrange for such types of schemes in order to fulfill the dreams of departed souls, may be reborn.


I had been often mentioning about Native and Relative Planets. This is a new concept introduced by me. It is this concept which can absolve our Classical Astrology from the charge of being superstition and will lend a scientific meaning to the same. Only then horoscope becomes a sketch of soul or will-power concept.

The planetary system and its various configurations are like an ocean and its tides, which of course are predetermined and coincide with a thoughts pattern of procreating mother or parents as determined by evolutionary course. Each individual is moment plucked out of the current of time. At the face level each individual represent complete universe in itself as is evident from one’s birth chart. Then question arises why there is difference in the stature and life pattern even for same birth moment.


Firstly because some of planetary consciousness rule over our fore aspect of existence which may be termed as ‘Native Planets’ and others represent the latent aspect which may be termed as ‘Relative Planets’. These may be different from person to person even if their birth time is same. Native planets represent the personal appearance, traits or qualities of the native. Relative planets stand for the native’s significant associates and the physical, psychological, financial or interaction benefits derived from them. But, of course, the things will be determined by overall configuration of native’s natal chart and time factors in which Rahu plays a dominant role in the name of outer world and conceptual desires.

2) Secondly the point of view of creation is represented by Lagna or Ascendant aspect which may also be different.

3) Thirdly, and the most important of all, is that all planetary consciousness can’t be activated by all mothers. Only those planetary consciousness are activated which is ingrained into the life philosophy of mother or parents. Remaining one will though appear to be there but will not affect the existence.


Assuming that we have arrived at a definite rule for ‘activation’ if we try to delve deep into the issue of Native and Relative planets (The two capitalized words have to be capitalized always), we can realize that Sun, Moon, Mercury, Rahu and Ketu may always be treated as Native planets. Remaining planets may be identified & isolated through interaction, depending upon the genius and acumen of Astrologer, because they have direct bearing on the look and physical aspect of being. I think that this is somewhat akin to the relation between medical science and medical profession. However it has to be emphasized that the influence of any planet on the native (a person whose horoscope is being discussed) is always there in a sublime way no matter whether it is Native or Relative. The only difference it will make is in interpretation. For example Rahu in conjunction with Native planets leads the native to sadistic (for male) or ignominious tendencies (for female). In case of Relative planets it leads the native to masochistic (for male) or self-destructive ( i.e. enemy of one’s own type of stuff) tendencies. Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are Relative planets only if they are in rapt conjunction with a Relative planet otherwise they are always Native. It is next to impossible that in a rapt conjunction one of the planets is Relative and other is Native, except in the case of Sun and Moon which, as mentioned above, are always Native. So Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Venus should be called Primary Native or Primary Relative. Mercury, Rahu and Ketu are Secondary Native or Secondary Relative depending upon conjunction. Sun and Moon are Absolute Native. In case of Primary if there is a conjunction; care has to be taken whether it is rapt or wide. In case of rapt it is all Native or all Relative. In case of wide conjunction a careful discretion has to be applied after studying the visage and temperament of the native but the chances are that one is Native and the other is Relative. The general criteria for rapt and wide conjunction should be that the planets should fall in different constellation (asterism) with minimum 10 degree separation. For conjunction we should rely upon tropical signs or sidereal rashis because house is a man made criteria. The significance of wide conjunction of Native and Relative planet would be that they will become associated with each other from the very teenage till the end of life whether as spouse or friend having deep influence on each other persona and life course. I would deliberately avoid quoting a live case. An inactive Primary Native planet in lordship or exaltation will not have influence after teenage. I would also like to mention that a Relative planet may not necessarily stand for a replica shadow outside So Relative planets stand primarily for the likings, disliking and preferences of the person(native), as opposed to native’s own traits. The traits of the native will be determined by Native planet with a mix of the disposition of the Relative planet consciousness. The astrological influence of extrovert traits of someone always goes to make the other side introvert. Further criteria may be developed on empirical basis.

(There is one problematic issue very difficult to be identified. This is that when a person is having more than one native planet but those are not in conjunction, that is to say falls in different houses or signs. In that case I do agree that it is difficult to go for any prediction before the age of 16.)

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