Quantum Metaphysics-V

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I would like to remind “Thought without action is an abortion and action without thought is a folly-Pt.Nehru”.

In this context it assumes greater importance because all the worries about future arise on account of this conflict between Thought and Action. It is agreed that prediction is fundamentally wrong concept but still faith is astrology helps us to rise above animalism.  We all know that ‘Will’ stands for the consciousness involved in the life of animal kingdom, including Homo ‘the genus of human being’. At the same time the word ‘will’ represents future tense as well. So if one comes to know about one’s future in advance it no longer remains ‘will’ and thereby eats out ‘will the consciousnesses’ in advance. However I have firm faith that astrology is an integral part of Religion or Dharma and helps us to discover order behind creation, life and associated ‘Joys and sorrows’. I hold that astrology should be treated as an integral part of  curriculum of philosophy as taught in universities, of course at post graduate level for the evident reason.  This is because even without prediction (which consists of primarily Period/Sub-periods and Transit issue) it is a world unto itself.

So it should be evident that I am trying to impress upon the fact that our horoscope represents our being/soul in seed form. Our horoscope is snapshot of the birth moment. There is nothing new into it. It is implied in astrology right from the beginning because all planets, otherwise, leave their position in the sky/ecliptic immediately after birth time   but we go on considering the static picture of birth time. So Astrology is concerned with the temporary conjunction of external planetary transit with the static picture as given in the horoscope and the resulting resonance (not electromagnetic but celestial) arising thereon. The evolution of life and its correlation with planetary position leads to journey of mind in predetermined order. From what i had discussed in the previous paragraphs, the remaining issue is what leads to diversity even for same birth moment & birth place. I had tried to attempt at this issue and its solution in horoscopy/astrology in the second part of this article. Mine is the thrust on concept of Native and Relative planets as delineated in the same. It needs further elaboration.

The secret to understand is that there is life involved into inanimate as well and this is called ‘consciousnesses’. But consciousness works through Hyperspace not Space. Space is the translation of Hyperspace in the realm of thought. Just like plants have life but no soul & thought, inanimate too have life in more sublime form. When we are fast asleep without any bubble of thought in mind we remain alive still we are in the realm of hyperspace in which there is no concept of distance and time. Our seers in state of meditation used to attain this state-that is coming in sleeping state without sleeping. All inanimate have a life which is direct crystallization of Super consciousness. Hyperspace is the space of all pervading super consciousness which is in continuum with material consciousness. As matter evolved from Eternal quietitude , Sun of Super consciousness, as perceived in the realm of matter ,  comes into existence . (I will come back to this issue) However, it is meaningless to imagine it through thought. This is because it starts where ‘Thought’ ends. However in the extreme state of meditations one can feel the same as an infinitely large Sun which is basically what we call Rahu or Dragon’s head. Super consciousness consists of two forces-force of evolution which represents the male force and force of involution which is female part attracting back the creation into itself. Though Grand force is said to be combination of four basic forces but basically these are the two forces out of which the four forces emerge as secondary effect of these two forces. The fragmentation of the two forces leads to concept of Rahu. Though on physical plane Rahu can be said to be the location of Big Bang but basically it is nowhere and everywhere. This entire space and specially the point of contact of matter and space also represent Rahu. It is this contact which fosters thought into matter. In horoscopy Rahu moves with a definite speed of 18.5 years per cycle in clockwise direction through Zodiac belt or ecliptic, while all planets move in clockwise direction. When I attempted at astrology first time, just after college time, I noted this movement of Rahu. I had just finished studying Special theory of relativity. It spontaneously jumped out of my tongue-‘Hey, it is General theory of relativity’, while at that time i had no idea of what it was. But now I feel that it was not just rambling. It really represents General Theory of relativity. Rahu’s nature is very much akin to Eienstein’s concept of Black hole but in reverse direction.

In this context it is worth reminding that there are three stream of philosophy in this world-Brahama(The Father) symbolizing the philosophy of creation of space, matter/energy, life and evolution, Vishnu(The Son) for Law of Karma, philosophy of Statecraft and conduction of social life, Mahesh/Shiva( The Holy spirit) Symbolizing the male/female relation and Family system.

In the previous posts related to this article I dwelt on the issue of Hyperspace and Dragon’s head ( Rahu). To sum up, Hyperspace is the Space of inanimate matter which has no associated concept of distance and time though concept of entropy remains there. In the realm of thought Hyperspace and Material consciousness can be represented by number 0. If a living person comes to zero state through prayer or meditation, the same will come in touch with the infinite realm of Hyperspace & Material consciousness and can thereby attain any knowledge about it or to say about Cosmo Genesis and one’s own soul. That is what Indian and Greek seers used to do. This is philosophy behind idol worship (and Kundalni Jagran of Hindu mythology). Super consciousness is represented by nothingness or Eternal quietitude (Maha Shunya (Great Zero)). So long as one is in the realm of thought it is futile to visualize anything about it, nay not even vacuum in space.

Rahu has four types of associated concept-Origin of matter, origin of life, ego center and womanhood (as encoded in chromosome). But all of those finally bogged down to the same point. Regarding the first one it can be said to be a window between Super consciousness and Material consciousness. But as because there is nothing like Super Consciousness which can be accommodated in thought so it is illusory concept. However it is through this explosion center that Super Consciousness precipitated into first type of subatomic particle or what we are searching for that is God particle. It happened under the spell of two components forces –evolution and involution which can be called man/woman or master/slave force. However Rahu is a hyperspace concept and cannot be realized in thoughtful state. We know that even Black hole cannot be seen with naked eyes. In thoughtful state this space itself becomes Rahu and grips the matter through force of involution which leads finally to gravitation force. It is said that our space is filled with black micro matter, that is neutrino, and light photon appears to be a packet of the transverse wave of neutrino particles. But I think for practical purpose the present concept of wave/particle regarding light is more than enough. The question arises that space creation is not a gradual process so how come all of sudden this infinite space was filled with some matter. Expanding universe theory is a superfluous concept, though there is no doubt that galaxies are flying apart. Then as per cosmology our solar system was created through a supernovae explosion, in the nuclear furnace of which all metals were generated. But as per Hindu CosmoGenesis Ursa Major (consisting of 7 stars in Magellanic Cloud) has a major role to play in creation of our planetary system. As per the same our planetary system is born out of the celestial marriage of the 6 starts of Great Bear with 6 stars of  asterism Kritika(Alcyone 2)

It is well known that the concept of Rahu for creation of life and ego centre as a vector of evolution has been encoded in the relative motion of moon and earth. Meaning thereby, though Rahu is defined as a point on celestial equator which is cut across by moon’s ever precessing orbit around earth with frequency of 18.5 years, yet it is not the point where moon cuts celestial equator but the point of intersection of the moon’s orbit itself which coincide with moon’s location through equator only once in a month. Meaning thereby Rahu location is ever changing on through the celestial equator but practically it is nothing. I personally believe that there happened such similar thing behind asterism or constellation in the beginning of universe. Rahu is not rotataing but shifting its location. It is still happening over there but its job of matter-creation is over. There appears to be one to one correspondence between the two concepts of Rahu.  Then Ketu is called shadow of Rahu standing for Rahu’s phenomenal/practical significance in term of worldly phenomena. Rahu imparts only psychology. Thereby two becomes the karmic agent of life. Rahu position in the horoscope of a person represents his ego centre or psychic under the motive force of which the person assumes ego-incarnate or what we call will-power or soul. In case of rebirth or reincarnation it may represent the impression of previous birth on psyche. If through meditation one comes in touch with this center one can know about one’s previous birth or whether there was really one or not. Ketu does not have physical existence but matters only in soul or mind issue as represented through Horoscope.

The philosophical matters as presented in this paragraph may kindly be seen in the light of Geocentric View. We know that earth has three associated motion-Precessional, Annual and diurnal. Precessional motion is concerned with what we call Brahma philosophy which in the present state of being stands for evolvement of world consciousness defining different eras in that course. (I think that one era consists of the motion of vernal equinox through one sign which comes to be approximately 71*30=2130 years. As per Romak Siddhant an era consists of 2850 years. This evidently takes into account three whole asterism spanning 40 degree. Further every 90 degree movement of Vernal Equinox starting from 5 degree Gemini  can be regarded to be constituting a Grand Era of approximately 6400 years.). This is called microcosmic evolution. Then annual motion can be said to be representing Vishnu aspect of Hindu philosophy. Then diurnal motion represents Mahesh. In this context it is worth reminding that Shiva philosophy was originally a Dravidian philosophy as per which Shiva is almighty Supreme entity and fragments itself into Pursha and Shakti or Akasha and Prana(Aryan counterpart of the same). The philosophy is represented by three state of being-Absolute Truth(Satyam), Absolute knowledge(Shivam) and Absolute bliss(Sundaram). This is also represented as three concentric circles emerging from every point of Super Consciousness-in keeping with Sri Vivekananad’s statement that God is like an infinite circle with circumference nowhere and center everywhere. (Later on there lived some seer too with that name known as Lord Shiva. He is primarily an epitome of Scorpion philosophy. With Aryan advent to India the Mahesh Philosophy appeared to be very near to Shiva Philosophy so it was accommodated as a part of Hindu philosophy generically. On the other hand individual’s evolution as represented by Horoscope is called macro-cosmic evolution or also called ‘freewill’.

Further ‘Satya’ represents the creation in which everything is a face of God or Brahma and in which God wish is Supreme. The two halves of the circle are what is dubbed as right and wrong, but are equivalent from Brahma point of view. The middle circle Shiva is said to represent the omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent entity which divides itself into two parts for the play of world. Those are Pursha (Manhood) and Shakti (Female Energy). Pursha establishes its relation with the apparent or latent manifestation of the whole Brahma through Shakti. But as a whole, in that process, Shiva stands for having a complete realization of the external circle that is Satya. The dawning of this realization of Satya creates an inflow of illumination towards the third circle what is called Sundram or state of absolute bliss when the consciousness is concentrated or starts to reside fully at the centre and is in full command of oneself.  Until the realization dawns the different system of the three concentric circles are likely to clash. Lord Shiva is said to have attained this state of realization

 ( In India Parashar Muni fixed the Vedic Astrology to be used as a science of prediction, taking Atharva Jyotisha and Tatriya Brahmana as base. He authored so many  books. Laghu Prashari (Uday Parkash) and Parashari Hora are worth mentioning. However our present day knowledge of Astrology is based on primarily Vedang Jyotish composed at around 1400 BC. Parshar Muni was the father of Maharishi Ved Vyas, who composed Mahabharata after 3 year of Mahabharata war at around 1890 BC. Prashar Muni was himself grandson of Vashishta Muni, the teacher of Lord Rama. So there cannot be a gap of more than 500 years between Mahabharta and Ramyana’s time of event.)

Upanishads are a stream of Hindu Scriptures which go to constitute real Dharma part  of Hinduism,, dealing with all divine laws & divine justice from the point of view of smooth conduction of social affairs and salvation.   Those are said to be more than 200 in numbers. Gita is the last Upanishad. As per a Upanishad there are three tripods of the higher self of the soul of an individual- Atam, Buddhi and Manas represented by Sun,Moon and Mercury respectively . Here Buddhi stands for Wisdom and Manas stands for action thought. Atam stands for the via media by which Central Divine Impulse gives its command to the soul. Sun or Solar energy is, of course, nearest to the Sun of Super Consciousness hence Solar fire is sure source of all knowledge. This is presented as saying that Sun is the first preceptor of the knowledge of Gita having received it from Brahma directly. (Lord Krishna has Sun in the Leo sign -the lord sign).

(For a commentary on Gita, as the author personally view it, please see two articles captioned as “Heavenly Rights -Part I” and “Heavenly Rights -Part II”)………………………………

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