Relativity: a perspective


This post may be taken as an epilogue of my presentation in previous posts under the  caption ‘Quantum Metaphysics’ as  divided in 5 parts.

=================Special  Relativity: A new perspective=====================

I am hereby going to clarify some of my constraints in the previous posts, on the same issue. It appears that Einstein or his predecessors like Minowski , Lorentz and Poincare were trying to extrapolate metaphysical realizations/feeling into the realm of matter. Special theory of Relativity (SR) is a matter of mental construct or a matter of feeling. General theory of Relativity (GR) came into being out of in an effort to explain Gravity. That energy momentum of matter as established under SR leads to curvature in space and time which manifest itself as Gravity effect.  But finally it also predicts the existence of virtual gravitons leading to interaction at a distance. For the purpose of present stage of metaphysics SR is enough. I presume some idea of SR in part of readers.

In my previous posts I had been always emphasizing that Space and Hyperspace were the two faces of same thing, or say two angles of looking at the same thing. That Hyperspace is the Space in the realm of thoughtlessness. It can be slightly modified to say that Space is the realm of thought and Hyperspace is the realm of consciousness/intelligence, the latter standing for thoughtless life of the inanimate world or that of even soul components.  When there is no thought there is no distance and no time. This can also be modified to say that when there is no thought there is only Universal time. But when there are thoughts it is ‘individual time’. It is only individual time which gives birth to the concept of distance/Space and time followed by its relativity with Universal time. With Universal time which exists without life there is no Space but only Hyperspace.  In SR Universal time is akin to the time as measured with stationary clock/observer, and Proper Time as measured in the clock moving with observer is akin to individual time. We know that the time of stationary clock, hence Universal time is always greater than individual time or the Proper time of SR. If we look through the conclusions of SR minutely we can feel that it is more a matter of feeling rather than being a reality.

( This is not to deny mass energy equivalence relation which has been by far the only practical significance of SR. Moreover we know it well that SR matters only for an object or an observer moving near to the velocity of light which is possible only in the realm of only thought. Conservation of relativistic momentum also stands on the distinction between proper time and ordinary time which in Euclidean space does not carry meaning. In lighter vein if the moving observer does not come back to the starting point then the extra time taken to communicate back to the stationary observer(the maximum with the speed of light) about the time of arrival of the moving observer to the destination may also be cause of the proper time being shorter. Regarding Relativity of simultaneity and synchronization, the issue appears as good as ‘Aliasing’ feature. It is not clear how a mechanical clock can actually  run slower(left to origin) or faster(right to origin)  in the moving inertial frame.  Further we know in 4d spacetime, the time taken to travel a longer path is shorter( proper time) than the time taken in a straight trajectory ( i.e. original time for stationary observer) and vice versa. This controversy stands already discussed to threadbare level  and SR has been justified but still it is very difficult to digest. Though under the given context it is superfluous to discuss such issues , yet as a pleasantry it is reminded that this issue has been put to practical use in GPS( Global Positioning System of Satellites). In GPS the issue of clock synchronization between the satellite at certain height and stationary clock at the earth’s surface come into the picture.  Two corrections are required. One is GR related for the time dilation due to Gravitational potential which changes with height and other is SR related for the time dilation due to orbital motion of the satellite. At a particular height the two corrections may cancel each other because at lower altitude the orbital speed increases but gravitational potential decreases. So no correction is required.  So at this height the two clocks would stand automatically synchronized. But still the SR related relativistic correction is so small that it cannot be regarded as an authentication. But I am not attempting to denigrate the validity of SR but simply that it deserves a better place, as I would discuss below at the end of this post in special Notes.

However it is said that mass energy equivalence as deduced from SR is an experimentally verified fact , but we know that it matters in quantum mechanical world which itself stands very near to(like limiting approach) light like null region of relativity. Further if we accept matter-wave duality of quantum mechanical region at the face level, ignoring Max Born’s later stage probabilistic interpretation, then does not it seem that mass energy equivalence and matter-wave duality( electron appearing as matter or wave depending upon apparatus and observation), are two faces of the same thing? It is true that de-Broglie hypothesis was based on mass energy relation of SR but it was in relation to photon of zero rest mass. The conclusion was further applied in case of matter wave of microscopic particle (inside or outside atom) in general. Further I don’t think that the thing was ever looked from this angle that dual nature of matter and wave might be direct consequence of its mass-energy equivalence relation. So, total annihilation of mass also appears to be this face of duality rather than being a reality. I, however, agree that I might be deficient somewhere. (PLEASE SEE NOTES BELOW AT THE END.)

This feeling is there because of the relativity between individual times born out of individuals’ thought which is translated as Proper Time in SR. So it is thought which is standing between Space and Hyperspace. Lesser are the thought lesser will be the distinction between two. Hyperspace is the realm of thoughtless intelligence which may have different planes, which are basically different states depending upon its proximity with thought. (However as I had discussed for practical purpose the Super-intelligence/consciousness can be regarded to be sum total of the 7 types of intelligence as involved into making of soul through the 7 planetary consciousness. So intelligence can be said to be 7 dimensional manifold.  This has to be coupled with 8th imaginary dimension of time. Time dimension lends probabilistic interpretation to everything. So each of the intelligence state may be associated with a wave function like that in quantum mechanics. The 7 dimension also sounds like being the 7 unknown dimensions(out of the total 11 dimensions, including three for space and one for time) of SuperString theory.) Thoughts and hence time is fostered into thoughtless intelligence or consciousness under the influence of Dragon’s head. Dragons’ head unifies all planes/states of intelligence so may serve as portal for inter-intelligence communication. So I think as a whole Dragons head can be assumed as being equivalent to another imaginary axis. Overall again complex vector issue may come into the picture. Dragon’s head may also be represented as some hidden non local variable representing the link between origin of space-time diagram and SuperIntelligence.(At this stage any more probe into the issue can be avoided) Presently space-like realm is regarded to be imaginary.  OR otherwise we can say Space-like region of SR itself represents Hyperspace except at t=0 . Intelligence/consciousness can influence other intelligence depending upon its level/state irrespective of the distance between then in timeless manner through Hyperspace. We also know that each point of curved spacetime is distinct inertial frame subjected to SR. So we can also say that in the realm of intelligence also there are two types relativity– relativity of individual times among different observers and relativity between individual time and universal time.  For practical purpose It seems that Minkowski space is good enough for encompassing the two issues  but only time axis needs to be modified. Soul or individual mind is the only way to realization of Hyperspace but one cannot enter into it in living state. So concept of Minkowksi space is the transition point, from space to hyperspace or vice versa.

However this is not to negate the SR theory. In material world ‘time’ used is Universal time which may be subjected to relativity due to relative motion between the frames of reference. This time depends upon clock-standardization in synchronization with universal time.. Then it depends upon some event. We know that one point of Minkowski space have same 3 space dimensions but may have different time dimensions. So evidently the time dilation is an apparent phenomena. Though concept of past and future evolves but there is nothing like an inbuilt time at each point of the such a spacetime. But in the space of intelligence as transformed into thought/life, time is always there as an inbuilt part of existence. As Einstein had suggested Entropy can serve as a measure of this aspect of time. As it was discussed that Universal time is the maximum realizable time. Meaning thereby desire born thoughts are not index of individual time but if it is possible to form/estimate an idea of one’s native entropy then one can find the relative difference between individual’s time and Universal time. Still this time may be disturbed due to incoherent thoughts OR what can be quantum mechanically called as desire-born perturbation from other regions like Space-like region. So it seems that one more factor needs to be incorporated in Minkowski space. This can be lent an imaginary dimension as per the relative strength of Dragon’s head. Of course here also normally one cannot go back into time. But if somehow one can control the flow of entropy( which always go ahead) then one can go into past. This might remind us of time machine fundamental. But i have larger aim in mind.

Regarding the much despicable Dragon’s head let me illustrate its nature by way of an allegory. If we look at Sun in a clear day/sky it appears like being a round aperture in the sky. But as we go near to it , it starts to assume a size which is as good as infinitely large for our purpose. Similarly Dragon’s head is like an aperture in cosmos but under limiting condition it assumes an all pervading shape of infinite dimension. Of course in the world of matter it is not possible to find its existence but in the world of consciousness a part of it is retained in every soul. Through concentration we can reduce our celestial distance from the same until finally( that is under limiting condition of zero celestial distance) we come in touch with its infinite dimension leading us to the realm of hyperspace. In an extreme state of concentration, to the extent of sleeping state, it appears like being an infinitely large Sun. Once I had discussed as to how Indian seers used to attain this state in quest of the knowledge of Universe.

I bind up my discussion for present.

Thanking you all



There may be incongruity in perception and presentation of what I am going to say. So it may not be taken as any claim. However please take not of the underlined lines. As I have said that Space-like region of SR may represent Hyperspace. Space-like region is an imaginary realm relative to the realm of thought which is represented by Time-like region.  This is because thought consists of past, future and ‘present in limiting sense of transition’. Moreover for two different worldline, say representing two persons, there may be relativity between the times of the two in rolling manner. In fact Space-like region of one person may be Time-like region for another person. Meaning thereby each soul or being has its own independent time, and time of one may be imaginary/illusion for other. However there may intersection between Time-like regions of two worldlines. This may determine the commonality of interest and divine bond.  In this Time-like region time is basically a phase passing from one present/state to another present/state until the state of complete disorder is attained. Evidently ‘present’ represents a particular state of order.  This feeling of passing phase lends the felling of time.

We know that negative sign of the first coordinate of Minkowski 4d space lends the feature of hyperbolic geometry to the space-time diagram.  The region where line element or interval of world-line is less than 0 turns out to be imaginary. But if t=0, which symbolize present, then x is always real (+ve or –ve). Or speaking more appropriately, if we replace hyperboloid light cone with HyperCone then in the Space-like region the three spatial coordinates x, y and z are real only if t=0 otherwise imaginary. So imaginary Space-like region represents Hyperspace except for at t=0. At t=0 the x axis (or x, y, z axis) appears as 3d space, though except at origin it is also imaginary. So we are divided into four segments namely Space, Hyperspace, Light-Energy and Thought ( or Time-like). Both Space and Hyperspace is realm of matter –one in thoughtful state other in thoughtless state. In Space-like region ordering of events is inconsequential. So law of causation/causality is applicable only in time-like region.

Space-like region is imaginary. This is because velocity of light is a constant, is the highest possible velocity and is not subjected to any relativity. For this region all intervals are imaginary so there is no space and time. This is hyperspace. But if we set t=0 then interval reduces to only x axis in space-time diagram. So for this part of space-like region though time is always like present but is an absolute reality. This is our 3d space. In this space there are no thoughts (or past and future) but still present is there, reflected in existence of matter even before life originated. This may be also called state of real timelessness. But in pure hyperspace region there is no concept of space and time or say both are imaginary. This is the realm of SuperIntelligence. For t=0 but x≠ 0 is the realm of intelligence (components of SuperIntelligence) as involved into matter. This is also realm of 3d space but still this is part of imaginary realm. Meaning thereby it is thought born face of Hyperspace. Spacelike and Timelike region are common at t=0 and x=0, and is a reality. This is the beginning point of thought or origin of life where space reduces into nothingness. Dragon’s head is embedded somewhere within origin as a hidden non local variable. I AM NOT SURE WHETHER IT IS SAME ISSUE AS POINTED OUT BY David Bhom WHO ENUNCIATED THE CONCEPT OF  QUANTUM METAPHYSICS.

It is difficult to identify the picture of Dragon’s head, but it is known that it fosters thought or time in intelligence of matter. It is regarded to be sort of portal to Superintelligence represented by hyperspace in realm of thought. Then  imaginary region (or hyperspace), real space as x axis( or the realm of matter)  and time-like region ( or region of thought) all coincide at the origin where t=0 and x=0. It means hyperspace region itself may symbolize for dragon’s head depending upon spilling of this zone into time-like zone . This amounts to saying that person’s imagination/desire is running faster than velocity of light. The extent of spilling in term of the angle(an imaginary variable with the factor  of ‘i’) may determine the influence of Dragon’s head on a person or his word-line. Further we know each point of word-line, running in time zone, is also equivalent to origin. But then, going by this concept, velocity of light itself appears to be index of Universal time. However it is not explicable as to how Time axis is necessarily orthogonal to x axis. Because x,y,z are necessarily orthogonal. So it seems some other treatment is required. 

It appears, however, that while we are choosing 4d space, taking time as a coordinate, then all the basis vectors corresponding to the four axes should be linearly independent.  The only way to represent it in 2 dimensions is to make Time axis normal to x axis. (Though it is absurd to say but it appears that we can take realm of intelligence to be three dimensional x, y, and t. Then naturally the three axes would be normal to each other by the simple representation in 3d.). Before we attempt at these problems it is essential to have metaphysical realization as to how inanimate life is transformed into thoughtful life. In the realm of thought everything obeys laws of causation. Overall we are addressing three problems-creation of life, life of one individual, relativity between different lives. Sometimes in future, but not imminent, I would like discuss a show both SR and GR have a role to play in this context.

However as a casual idea we can see that each point of world-line on the hyperboloid surface of time-cone in space-time diagram can be represented by a 4 dimensional tangent space, all sewn together through past present and future relation. It is true that two inverted cones of the hyperboloid time-like region do not go to make a manifold because of the curvature issue at vertex but here we can take the two parts as image of each other rather than being a combined reality. Then it is a manifold. This is because past exists only in thoughts not in reality.  Further hyperspace has two parts. One is corresponding to past and the other is to future. Accordingly Dragon’s head can foster desire related to past or future depending upon the overlapping region between time-like and space-like imaginary region. But question arises what actually may cause/foster this overlapping?

So, Hyperspace and Space are two faces of the same thing. Otherwise it has nothing to do with any space concept in traditional sense of 3 dimensions. But we are brooding over hyperspace from the realm of thought, so it turns out to be imaginary 3d space associated with only concept of time as absolute present. In the realm of thought Hyperspace appears as Space. Both are outside the realm of time that is past and future.  Hyperspace incorporates in itself the space of inanimate which involves only intelligence but no thought. One can have only one at a time.  So it hardly matters whether we call it Hyperspace or Space. The only reality is thought due to which both comes into existence. Thoughts are translated form of intelligence due to interaction between Super-intelligence and its own fragments of intelligence, which start to appear as matter and its laws in the realm of thought, through the portal of Dragon’s head. However as intelligence has no concept of space so Dragon’s head is not a matter of space. In the realm of space it is all pervading like super-intelligence. This was called as Mayabaad in Hindu metaphysics. For individual time we need the concept of entropy. Presently we know about the entropy concept only in relation to inanimate but we need to evolve entropy concept for animate as well which may eventually serve as guide for measuring individual time. Let us brood over it.

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