Salam- Islam

==================Salam –Islam===================

We all know that Islam is a monolithic religious system founded in Arabia in 7th century based on the teachings of Mohammad the prophet. The scripture ‘Quran’ was compiled by his later stage followers. As per the same,

“Islam is a complete way of life, not a Sunday religion”

Though it is not an etymology as such, yet I would interpret it as ‘Is’ for Ishwar and ‘Slam’ for Salute, i.e. ‘Salute to God’.

There are lots of controversies around Islam. This partially owes to the so called declaration in the ‘Quran’ that the one who does not follow Islam is a sinner and must be converted to the same by force if required. This lent the religion its militant nature. But as a matter of fact these all are later stage interpolations. Basically Islam is what prophet discovered or realized after/through his marriage with his widow landlady ‘Khadija Begum’. Prophet, who was earlier Khadija’s employee, gave her a treatment which only an unmarried/virgin girl can crave for oneself. The message sent through his preaching can be summed up as follows..


That, a happy male-female relation is the only way to pleasure & growth, that the living state salvation of women is the key to all human happiness, that the thrust in male-female relation should be ‘union of soul’ kind of thing rather than sensuous pleasure and sadism, that happiness & pleasure’ is the only aim of life etc. It was also indicated that healthy Entertainment is an integral part of such things and is prerequisite for right kind of male female relation. Salvation is gradual process to be attained through pleasures, sexual or whatever. During those days the issue of happiness was confined to food, sex and servility, to be achieved by whatever means it was possible, with utter disregard to anybody’s consent or sentiment. Prior to that, women were regarded to be only object of sadistic sex and household drudgery. Virginity was also a sadistic concept.

So the message delivered was to believe in one God, to always remember Him and to sacrifice everything to His wish/will. Beyond this one should learn to design right kind of women through procreation, so that other side can feel like keeping them pleased through sexual romance, fidelity and means of livelihood. Further soul is an independent entity which has no relation with anybody. So there is nothing like sin about sex. However as a human being we have to have regard for family system, consisting of parent and children. It was not that prophet was advocate of any boundless sexual liberty and infidelity. But to ensure that women also have regard for male ego(who is supposed to face head & dust of life or metal stress in the earning process), and to keep check over women’s infidel tendencies, a system of Talaq was devised by prophet. Moreover it is no use to remain together if their male female relation is burden on each other. Heart was placed over head. Head aspect of life is simply an instrument meant for fulfillment of what lies in heart which is ruled by moon. Night symbolized the predominance of heart over head.

Remaining of things he has to devise for masses in general. From masses point of view till that time there was no concept of right and wrong or religion. Even if it was, it was very abstract issue and salvation was only post demise concept, which prescribed very orthodox rules for fooding and sex. Even if those were ideally right it was impractical to thrust it upon general masses. Sex and food was regarded to be part of the concept of sin and virtues. Prophet made masses free from this dilemma. In animal world violence is non violence. So there was nothing wrong with non vegetarian food but only that the flesh of carnivorous animal may be poisonous. Prostitution was by product of two facts. Firstly that sex has nothing to do with religion, so long as it is with consent, the other factor was poverty & male domination which could not absorb or quench the beauty sense of women.

At the same it is essential to realize that prophet devised a religion in accordance with his realizations and the need of the time, as per the available means of happiness. So, all such concepts are equally subject to evolution with expanding vista of happiness, the means and the conflict of interests. In India most of the converts came from lower strata of society which is called scheduled caste in Constitution. It was a great relief from the tyranny of Hinduism regarding cuisine and sexual mores. But Arabian Muslims did not accept the religion out of any such helplessness. Moreover even among Muslim there is concept of Caste system which is more or less same as Hindu caste system. Fault does not lie with religion; it lies with the people who follows and profess it, and develop several vested interests in its shortcomings or in the time bound aspect of the thing originally recommend for. Polygamy was born out of male chauvinism and aristocracy, and was later on added as being a part of religion. The militant nature was the byproduct of the power-politics mentality of the time, not out of any need of religion.

All such messages behind Islam started to culminate in our part of the world though cinematic art, in around independence time. Most of us do not follow that Pakistan and India were born out of simple political convenience and aspiration of a few people. Culturally there is hardly any difference, except that still militant aspect of Islam is exploited for political gains. Remaining are the matter of misinterpretation by adherents, not religion as such. However division of India into two nations was a divine requirement, and is a blessing in disguise for India.

Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the chief proponent of two nation theory and first PM of Pakistan, was invited by Lord Mountbatten for a parley on the issue. Jinnah knew that after lunch there would be a customary photo session. He devised a sentence for the occasion assuming that lady Mountbatten would be standing between him and the Lord Mountbatten ‘Hey a rose between two thorns’. There was no outcome of the meeting as Jinnah persisted with- ‘Nothing short of Pakistan’. Anyway after Lunch there came the time for photo session. Incidentally Lord made Jinnah to stay in the mid position, and he and his wife occupied sidewise position. Jinnah who was eager for delivering the quip, said ‘Hey a rose between two thorns’
—-Freedom at midnight by Larry Collins.

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