India and UNO

=====================India and UNO================

Mr Modi’s visit to UK during his first term as PM of India was a cool-cool affair. Modi earned two things – First one was a package of 9 billion pound which is yet to take shape, and second one was a retort that India deserves a place in Security Council.

It is well known that the one of the main aims behind of making of UNO was to avoid the recurrence of war like Word war I and II, and to ensure world peace and welfare of mankind all over earth. Security Council is the executive wing for avoiding any international conflicts of military nature. Presently out of its 5 permanent members, only China is an Asian country to have been given its membership.

But at the same time it has to be reminded that India was never a party to any of the two wars. Even after independence it followed a policy of non-alignment. In the initial days world was polarized between American’s Capitalist and Russian’s Communist model of statecraft. But India choose not to go with either, and opted for a mid path approach which came to be known as socialist democracy. Time to time India also faced rough weathers on account of non-alignment. During independence war of Bangladesh in 1970-71, America went with Pakistan( in fact Pakistan was already being used as a strategic base for American interest in Asia and to contain the influence of Russia) and sent a naval military ship in support of Paki. It has reached to Moor’s island in Bay of Bengal. By then Russia sent its naval ship in support of India and hence in favor of the making of Bangladesh. Somehow the conflict was averted and both went back. War continued till East Pakistan was liberated to become Bangladesh. But India never sought the mediation of UNO to solve any of its conflict, nor does it need anymore any mediation by any foreign party. It always believed in non-alignment. Meaning thereby India’s place in security council is a non-issue or is a bare gossiping of sundry people which is interpreted as official version.

The trouble is that middle class people of UK (perhaps USA also) still harbors lots of illusion or misunderstanding about India’s status as a nation. They simply go by the rush of immigrants from India or Asia. At least till 15 years back Migrants from India were mostly way side trash while leaving India. It is true that America and Europe laid the foundation for Science and technology , but every Indian is not a Vedic seer similarly every middle class European is not a scientist. This is a foolish fight. Scientist and Artists don’t belong to any particular piece of land surrounded by man made artificial boundary. The well known figure of Particle Physics,, named Satyen Bose, who laid the foundation of Particle Physics by introducing a stream of statistical mechanics) was an Indian, and was a peer of Einstein. Bosons as fundamental atomic particles ( the latest one being Higg’s Boson also known as God Particle) owe its name to Bose.Going by the attitude of middle class persons, the only wisdom in part of European is that they are divided among around 42 nations, while India consists of such 30 nations, flanked by 6 other Asian nation.

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