2021:Nothing happy as such

This post as usually has been written only in Indian context.

In a labor class economy like India, where illiterates or pseudo literates start to make claim over all public forums and places, there is not a single worth standing place all over country. Under such a scenario the concept of right Social order, which in the pre-independence era was ensured through caste system on hereditary basis, is becoming redundant, portending black holes in the system.

While the pandemic fear of COVID is on the wane, nothing seems to be on the horizon of India other than raising and counting trillions from market. Selling stuff outside Mandis does not promise any betterment for farmers, and farmers’ agitation against the proposed law does not promise anything new. It is hoax of reform.

We are nation of 1 billion, leaving aside children below the age of 10 years. If as an average we take one cup of tea a day, as prepared in house, it comes to be minimum 5*100**365 Crore=1.83 Trillion INR per annum. It is a conservative estimate; practically it might be more than double. It is formidable. Still there is nothing like economy about one cup of tea per day. This also does not go to ingenuity of any PM or RBI governor. They would say it is all media-creation. But while they cannot converse or cannot exchange pleasantries with foreign dignitaries properly, there is no point in making loud statements in English through the audiovisual media. Moreover politician in our country don’t have the tradition of talking in English in official style, or say bureaucratic style, with masses.

The tripod of our democracy consists of three organized wings namely politics, bureaucracy and judiciary. Remaining is the unorganized sector of media. Print Media has been serving as watchdog of democracy for a long time but unfortunately since the predominance of TV this watchdog has been reduced into school of general knowledge where other than reporting events, soaked in prejudice and bias, they go on indulging in only goody–goody talks, perhaps in order to prove that they also know the mantra of growth, hence their voice should also be treated as a factor of growth. It is true that mere criticism does not go to solve anything but right Social order and Cultural innovation is not a matter of only bank loan devoid of consumer demand. Middle class penchant for only fun & frolic as dished out by opium of TV programs will go to make our currency, before soon, a set of tissue paper. I am not against any pleasure. After all happiness is the aim of life. But happiness should have regard for the scope of coming generation also. Whatever we are reaping it is there because so many people wept for our sake in the past. We need to put the thing in right order by setting right some of the oddities of past three decades.

One may like to say that such type of shit or warnings have been always pouring in since the time our democracy came into existence. Still it went on going ahead. It was not because of the people who later on started to usurp the system, but because there were always some antigens in the system which are being systematically wiped out now. Moreover for a rickshaw-puller economy, a lottery of 1 lakh was not much different from the lottery of 1 crore. But now nobody can be taken for a ride.

So as said, Politics and Bureaucracy are two most important segments of all societies of the world, no matter whether they contribute anything in term of wealth and well being of society or not. These segments are wrapped within enigma so far as their nature of job and assertion is concerned. The trouble is that they represent system but are always allergic to finding fault with system. Nothing comes to perfection in the very beginning stage of anything. But political liberty & constraints, and system of bureaucratic selection & promotion, seem to have arrived at perfection at the first hit! They forget that to speak against ‘Sati Pratha’ was also regarded as blasphemy.

On the other hand judicial people at SC level don’t overcome the trauma of initial days while serving as lawyer or lower court judge. Though in relation to masses, in general, the issue is summed up in the old-time adage ‘Justice delayed Justice denied’ but in relation to larger issues like Govt Vs. Judiciary it is more and more turning into a quagmire of uncertainty and personal relation. Chief justices don’t realize the relevance of their job, other than to manage the transfer, promotion and posting of judges. SC should realize that nobody is God, nobody is king, nobody is indispensable and nobody is infallible here. So the issues like being practical, in relation to one’s own future and in relation to all the system related constraints/compulsions, should come to end at maximum high Court level. What should count at SC level are three things namely Human being (as distinguished from a post held), Dharma (as distinguished from religion) and Merit of issue. The institution of judiciary is required because in this world everybody regards only one’s own interest & success as an index of growth for all. What is required is that they should be true to themselves. Rest it is a matter of one’s own destiny & action in present or past.

For most of the middle class people all over world, Stock Markets are taken as speculative affair having nothing to do with economy; otherwise it should not be the cause of any concern to anybody other than to a few traders of no significance to anybody. But at the same time it is also not a matter of any loud talk or Govt. policy. There is no point in analyzing or finding the cause behind rise/bullish or tank/bearish trends of the same. These markets depend upon the human relation aspect of the employees, existing or prospective, of the company. There is no superstitious reason, but still nobody can predict the mood or sentiments of millions of people at a time, and there is no definite index for the same. It is only time cycle which determines the overall cultural trends of a society. Economic cycle is also a reflection of time cycle which follows the evolutionary path of alternate rise and downfall. It is high time to realize that all stock markets are benchmark index of the economy of that country. While nowadays people start to unabashedly mix such nonsense in court of law, God knows why media people are in habit of trying to prove otherwise. In other mundane affairs it is okay but regarding markets, effecting the live of whole of the mankind, there is no point in misguidance for short term gain, or to prove one-self intellectual. I am not referring to traders’ profession of advising their client but against undue media hype & guesstimates around the same as a whole. Now how Tata motors gained in Market through the full implementation of Brexit (British Exit from EU) and failure of trade-deal is not explicable to the best possible mind on the earth. It was already on the way for the last 11 months. There were certain lingering trade issues regarding fisheries and competition rules which also could not be resolved. I don’t think any such issue , or adoption of any currency Pound or Euro, can ever be a stumbling block in the way of Tata Motor’s growth. Moreover such prospects may be governed by EXIM policies and norms of FDI of the two Govts rather than any local interstate trade issues.

Regarding Cinema nobody knows what it promises for the country. Bizarre are the ways of this pseudo-industry. For example I never met anybody personally, or in person, even then they claim to be knowing me personally or about my temperament and proclivity. I don’t think ‘writing’ on any sociological issues can be an index for it.

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