Tandav: Dance of Shiva


They say that media is such a game where everybody is looser except media.

This is with reference to much hyped but contentious TV serial titles ‘Tandav’ in news. I am not for or against anybody on this issue. But this is also not about Hindu-Muslim conflict, as it appears to be at the first impression.

The word Tandav is a Sanskrit word which stands for ecstatic Dance of Lord Shiva while coming in the mood of destroying the world. They say that sometimes silence is stronger than voice. But present day world suffers from multitude of paradoxes in this respect.’Tandav’ is the only answer to such problems. But it is symbolic. What a single person with a trident in hand can do to the world. Trident also symbolizes a particular planetary configuration having Scorpio ascendant. However ‘Tandav’ does not connote for baseless destruction at mass level. It is always preceded by some kind of warning for the impending danger. The first trait of devil in the present day world is to expect or to demand human benefaction in a war like mood/attitude. It is no indictment against anybody in particular. It is equally a major problem in all parts of the world which might be reflecting over somewhere else. But you cannot allude it to a person in particular. You know that Devil is the lord of multiplying itself. It cannot feel anything beyond egotism, pleasure and salvation in immediate context.

The naïve & emotional attitude of a society in relation to the people born in a particular, or in one’s own part of world, is sure pointer towards the fact that they don’t believe in will-power kind of thing which is sure road to animalism. No big man would say that I am big man. It is his words and deeds which is the only index.

A politician from Maharashtra has filed a suit against the telecast of this serial , that in an effort to highlight the intricacy of present day Indian politics it is painting a wrong picture of Hinduism and thereby may incite violence. It is well known that there is no provision for a body like Censor board to control the quality of TV serials. Moreover Censor board is hardly controlling the quality of movies even. Who would, and how one can, go on watching 300 movies a year! It had been serving simply as a check against pornography. But that is also being swept off by open advocacy of promiscuity by the media. Basically this speaks something about the people who are trying to impart moral to us on such ground. Most of the persons involved in making this serial are film personalities. It has to be said that one has to be a proven thing, before attempting at something of cultural significance which is going to be served on mass scale. Sometime in the name of creativity they start to feign as being in role model of guardian for sanity. Meaning thereby, before attempting at any such thing there should be a realization that there is trade off between knowing the truth and its presentation. Further it should also be realized that speaking against a Hindu or Muslim does not necessarily stand for speaking against Hinduism or Islam respectively.

At the same time I don’t intend any insinuation to look down upon anybody on the basis of simply a film role assigned to him/her. We know it well that right or wrong cinema represents the culmination point of thousand year long cultural journey of India. This was all about an evolution of Venusians instinct as a source of creativity, to lend a soothing touch to marital affairs, so that it fulfills the aim of providence behind this dichotomy of love & war. This also resulted from a proclivity to loom larger by sending smile on the faces of all & sundry. But nowadays on the strength of this media there is developing a cultural polity akin to kingship where it is enough to be progenies of film personalities to be guardian of everybody. Some of them claim to be larger than the very media simply on account of relational liaison. Of course it is not movie but the advertisement money where the shoe pinches. There appears to be some gay force of ‘tandav’ (destructive) nature and its lackeys behind the entire hoopla. But nobody can exactly identify any such thing. There is no need to say that it is subject to immense amount of intuitional blindness, and involves the risk of misplaced sense of duty. But now it is crossing the limit.

Moral of the story…We all should be wary of conspiracy in relation to new comers in all walks of life, especially in those walks of life which thrive on direct public patronage. Earth is like a woman. It does not remain vacant. If it is not used for cultivating cereals, grass would automatically start to grow on itself, though sometimes the shadow of big tree is also helpful. But for cereals we always need a little amount of conscious effort in several forms like irrigation and fertilization. However there is an associated flip side that the result of such effort often goes to coming generation.So, bigness/greatness of person is also adjudged on the basis of his/her approach as a matter of character. This should be a striking balance between individual interest deriving from present generation, and social interest going to next generation. Subscribing to only one of those is lopsided approach which may have negative side effects for both individual and society. But the approach has to be disinterested & subconscious as a matter of character. Further we know that consistency is a divine criterion for everything. Basically, or theoretically speaking, this balance of approach is divine prerequisite for all coveted awards like Bharat Ratan, DadaSaheb Phalke etc, as reflects in the work and character of the awardees. Craving to be in focus form very early stage is sure sign of grass having grown up from very weak lineage. But this need not necessarily stand for financial condition of the guardian.

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