Religion & Sex

====================Religion and Sex=================

At the face level this may appear to be hackneyed theme. But as a matter of fact it has come back with a new vigor beyond tolerance. What I am going to say here below is a little unconventional and is concerned with the not only sociological but economic implication also. As usually, however, it has been written  only in Indian context. Please bear with me till the ending part.

Nowadays there has started to prevail a notion in our social life that it is unfettered sexual liberty to all & sundry which is responsible for whatever has happened in the name their economic well being .There is volley of porno videos all around in public life, justifying illicit relation which even Islam did not justify ever. Does it mean that someone had been misguiding mankind for the last thousands of years? No, unfortunately it is a mistaken belief which finally found its expression & justification in some misplaced activity on social scale.

Indians in suburban areas don’t realize as to who would like to go against such a simple solution. But it is also true that exploitation is the way of life. One person hell may be others heaven. But who would define what exactly hell or heaven is. It should be allowed to remain a natural scheme of evolution. Any conscious but artificial effort in that regard is bound to lead to disaster. Now such people given to “red handkerchief” type of debauchery (male prostitute) have started to equate their things with normal girl/boy friendships of bachelors with or without marital intention. Even courts of law are misguided on such count as a defense plea. So such type of people are first to defame others on such grounds. But in any case inversion in social order is direct fallout of any such culture which may finally crash onto itself.

But in this respect the one thing, that was definitely wrong ever, was guilt-sense fostered into the vein of adolescents under the dominance of animal force in social affairs resulting in undue conservative attitude in part of guardians. But sublimation of sex instinct is prime condition for innovations even in the field of arts. Basically Religion and Sex (that is pleasure) are complementary things, as Acharya Rajneesh always tried to emphasize upon in his discourses throughout life. But priority must be given to the persons of religious bent( of course not man of religion), no matter whether in immediate context it appears like accomplishing something or not. This is to be reminded that attachment with both knowledge and pleasure are equally hell, but attachment with the former is better because it leads one to ultimate knowledge that is detachment.

As a matter of fact irrespective of one’s social or official status, in this world nobody bothers about anything other than one’s own chair, his/her team of 10-15 members and the Sweet Home. Remaining is a matter of only bookkeeping and chance. So the ensuing discussion may be taken in the spirit of only informal discussion.

Journalists are well known for bloating the thing out of proportion. It is agreed that everybody is running around to carve a scope for egoism. It is the one of the primary aims behind all economic pursuits, even though it cannot be a means. But there is no point in deriving egoism out of others achievements. One must leave a margin for growth in perception as well.

There was a time when journalism was equally regarded to be custodian of eternal value of life. Now they think who cares a damn about these things. We should not forget that irrespective of any economic well-being, there cannot be any change in the way one becomes man of consequence for oneself and society. These people are mistaken. Everything is in place as it is. Only that, now we need to shed attachment with our glorious past. We should take present phase of social life as one step ahead in term of perceiving the truth and values of life. The trouble is that due to some aberration in law & order the link between human exaltation and economic well being has broken. We need to restore it. But this is because people in both the streams, Intellectual and Venusians, believe in extremism rather than complementation. Moreover Venusians must maintain a low profile because unless this instinct is sublimated it may turn out to be source of flux and violence, at least in term of cultural fallout.

Now of late all around there was a speculation regarding the aim of our economy being set to 5 trillion dollars in term of nominal GDP( which is as good as 20 trillion dollars in USA, however reduces back to 5 trillion as per per-capita income, or say population, in India). Irrespective of whether we are anywhere near to the same or not, now in post lock-down phase, ignoring the latest surge in the infection, we feel complacent on the ground that ours is still far better than that of western world (America/Europe). We should realize that economy does not stand for only consumption. It basically stands for infrastructure part in all spheres of life as per the latest available technology. (Of course in a country like India nobody regards Research and Development as being a matter of any economy.) In respect of the infrastructure part the western world has reached to almost saturation point if not zenith point. How does it matter whether I eat two loaves of bread or one? How does it matter whether I drink or not, whether I smoke or not, whether I change model of car or not. Further, how does it matter whether one falls sick or not? We know that Health is equally subjected to Adam smith’s philosophy of creation of demand. All these things may pick up any time without any investment or effort in anybody’s part.

Now, as an average, in India almost everything that was being sold for 10 INR only 5 years back is being sold for 20 INR in the market. So if in 5 years 2 trillion dollar becomes 4 trillion dollar, basically we are standing as it where we have started from, of course except 3g-4g-5g. Now except in the realm of some raw edible items like onion and tomato, there is no gap between supply and demand, still the traditional rules of economics remain applicable as it is, that the moment demands increase, irrespective of existing extra stockpile, price always tends to increase, all the price tag of the item manufactured changes next day only. This is done behind the shield of increase in prices of raw materials.

But our journalists seem to be deriving pleasure only for themselves by counting figures. They behave more as a marketing person less as a journalist. This has made our currency to be cheapest currency of the world. On the other hand I think Gold/silver price should not be dependent upon its trading in the market. This is because these two metals are used as standard but there is no link between trading of other items and Gold/Silver. What is the fun that amidst steep decline in market, Gold is shining?


Actually there are certain permanent issues which are basically matter of economy. It is the job market for coming generation which is the primary index of economy. Of course jobs can be created only if there is increase in production and export. The latter again depends upon their economy. So what we are left with is to promote over consumption.

But there comes the religious dictates that you don’t consume a thing but basically you consume yourselves. Moreover nobody regards debauchery to be good thing. But over-consumption always depends upon gay things which again go to make one irresponsible, and leads to downfall in socio-cultural standard leading to inversion in social order. So we are caught in a vicious cycle.

Meaning thereby growth on social plane is not a matter of any amount of wishful thinking in anybody’s part. But we can control the socio-cultural standard of our society by giving priority to eternal values of life. Short term approach is always in conflict with right social-order. They say if wealth is lost nothing is lost. If health is lost something is lost. But if order in priority is lost, everything is lost.

It is a deploring state of affairs that under the influence of Cinema/TV 90 percent of the Indian middle class housewives have turned into pimps or prostitutes. I may be excused for going a little personal. I am a totally grey beard person. But pathetically enough I have to still face these things. Now one’s age is age, and everybody around is aware of it. I don’t understand what ‘looking like’ or ‘not looking like’ about it is. There is nothing to say into it that marriage is everybody’s requirement. But my profile is really unlike 99 percent of the persons in middle class, and is well known to be theoretically unfit for adultery kind of things. It is not that I did not ever crave for affair kind of things but still I never had the traditional preying instinct. But out of covetousness against sleekness of film stars, they think that handsome or white people always remain in search of other’s wives. The more a person is better-looking and clean-minded, the more he is either expected to fall for indecent overture, or the more he is looked down upon. But rugged or blacks persons are looked up amidst all egoism, or are taken as deserving it.

Outside the professional hierarchy the sense of action stands for an art of taking other’s sentiments in hand, without which all of us are just animals remaining ever in mood of devouring each other. But for such blacks sense-of-action stands for either bowing before physically stronger person or just browbeating like a cat from a distance. The fact is just otherwise. The more a person is good-looking, the less he is capable for undue interaction and flirtations, because in final analysis all such things are a face of violence. The creed or the prerequisite for any kind of healthy relation and exchange is love-ethics. Excellence may not be necessarily a matter of cinema.

I am not having any personal acquaintance or good relation with the film stars like Bachhan or Govinda, but in this respect Bachhan and Govinda were the two most reticent persons of cinema industries, having lowest number of illicit sexual relations, though with them only started all the liaisons between cinema and underworld/mafia.

In fact whatever happened with both of them, it was byproduct of a preordained scheme of things in favor of cinema, of course, adultery serving as major force behind it. In fact adultery is very sublime concept. It is not only a physical concept. It is something intrinsic. The sin aspect of women design knows no relation, or no religion. Yes there may be sense of obligation to be discharged through fidelity. In case of extreme dissatisfaction this may be called a sort of underworld. So without physical relation, adultery instinct may turn out to be force buttressing criminal histrionics in a person seeking it, wittingly or unwittingly, with persistence in relation and admiration. This has to be of life long sort of relation. But with physical relation it may turn out to be simply a way to hand-to-mouth type of marketing arrangement, sometimes leading to violence on account of aversion due to too much of intimacy. But in any case all such persons/actors have to first earn and to spend crores of rupees to be capable for any such thing and further to afford any such thing.  

Remaining of the stars/starlets are the children of already crorepatis (millionaire/billionaire). For them cinema /TV are like local club. The magic of close-up and readymade dialogues has become bane of India, leading to rush of not only trash towards the industry but the industry itself becoming a bin of misplaced activities. But amidst all figments, it is an unorganized sector. So In the initial stage it becomes difficult to distinguish between any such good and bad.

Moreover the creed of present day world is to give priority to one’s own ego with utter disregard to any social requirement or the future of the particular discipline. It has to be reminded that there is difference between good person and servile person. There is inverse relation between the two. Excellence in any walk of life is the own responsibility, if not duty, of the senior people of that walk. Unfortunately a few misplaced successes have shattered all definitions of excellence slowly leading to erosion in values and undue social fallouts.

In fact nowadays under the spell of cinema middle class women go on forcibly conjuring up the premarital relations of their husband and thereby start to trouble the boys in neighborhood. And most of Indian males in middle class have really become the kind of ‘Lal Rumal(Red handkerchief)’ until the children are grown up, no matter whether they could ever strike any such good chance or not. Obviously it is not possible to draw an exact line of demarcation between who is such a black or such a white and such an Indian. The trouble is not sexual inclinations, but the resulting criminal thoughts infecting the society as whole. Earlier this used to be born out of illiteracy, futility of social norms and voidness which go on increasing with one’s age. TV was assumed to be solution for it, even at the cost of being dubbed as idiot box. But as logical extension now the TV itself has become the source of all trouble.

In India, traditionally speaking, black males are slave of sex. They have learnt how to emote goodness to woo women but they don’t harbor any morality or religious concept around it, as to whether or not I should ignore/deny any such proposal on moral ground. But whites themselves fear any such ignominy in relation to girls even. Blacks have coined a readymade shameless argument “She has herself made the overture, or She has come at her own accord. I did not do anything”. No white can dare to make such a statement even if it is true. In fact a good looking person given to academics has to fear these girls/women, and tread with bowed head, mostly for saving focus of mind and memory hassles of learning. But these women dub such white persons to be a damn fool, for not knowing that it is the illiterate indirections of their mind which accomplishes the thing, not books. Mysteriously enough no male could ever do anything worthwhile through any such approach, but still they would go on presuming. Whatever a little good might have accrued to husband, or to any other acquaintance, from whichever source, such ladies would immediately appropriate credit for it until the things are spoiled again. Meaning thereby it is definitely adultery or sin so long as it is oriented towards only one’s own pleasure, in part of male or female. This may sometimes give birth to coercive thought also..

But marital affairs apart there is something seriously wrong with everybody around over here. Everybody wants to loom large, even outside cinema/TV by pursuing their daughters to go flirt, while boys still feel a little shy. Further under the influence of TV soap operas/shows the young couple in rural/suburban areas , as exposed to the same day & night since school time, have started to make plus of their illiteracy. There is because they wonder, going by the activities in soap operas or reality shows, as to what these actors know, still they are big people. This becomes troublesome for anybody coming from outside or metro areas. They need to be reminded that even for getting chance in TV soap operas, behind the screen literacy counts, which of course in such forums stands for knowing spoken English. But in other walks of life, other than in business of Micro/small nature , the final index is literacy, through whichever mode of action one attains it or one learns something. For the same, willingly or unwillingly, written English has come to stay as an index.

Further sin is always sweet but is retrograde in nature. This is true in relation to oneself at least, though sometimes some other person of the same polarity can be beneficiary of other’s sin. Even a sinner of the stature Gandhi could never achieve anything for himself except the hell of immortality, that too on account of being assassinated. Now nobody knows what exactly go to constitute sin. But suffice is to say that any kind of extremism and coercion ( in relation to whether the so called nobilities and good things of life or so called bad or pleasure oriented things) leads one to the realm of sin. This is summed as ‘attachment’ in Gita. Sometime the people normally not given to sin, that is extremism, may go to commit it out of frustration or voidness at the ending part of life. In that case their children or coming generation has to pay for it. Though divinity has its own reason for devising everything yet sinners have to be kept under check. There is no pint in betraying any emotion in that respect. They won’t stop tendering apology at gun point. Aim of all growth is pleasure but pleasure is always anti-growth. This ensures change and evolution in nature.

These are eternal kind of issues which has to be assimilated into vein before it can fructify itself. Finally everything is settled through right kind of procreation which is partially sub conscious or divine process also. The interest of world stands for ubiquitous egoism and parasitism. But in any case who would like to go extremist for the sake of world to invite all the troubles and hell for oneself. But sometimes it happens.

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