Karma Vs. Will-power: Theory and Practices=

====Karma Vs. Will-power: Theory and Practices===========

. Nowadays peculiar types of trends and notions are prevailing in the name of knowing will-power theory of being. It is assumed to be the most ordinary kind of knowledge that comes in to all & sundry by birth. Some people of preposterous bent opines as to what is there to know into theoretical part of such issues, but at the same time go on talking around convenient but indexless part of such things. This is often leading to several baseless decisions, in part of Govt authorities , and inviting calamities for mankind. Earlier such types of problems used to crop up on account of mental idleness. This provoked me to write this post. But before we proceed here follows a word of caution.

Time, Individual or universal, never move backwards. So irrespective of our perception about a thing in relation to past, we must look at the things in the perspective of existing state of affairs and its future. Meaning thereby though History lends horizon for right decision., but the things never repeat the same way. All of us are consuming ourselves every moment and what has been consumed stands redundant. Only that there might be still remaining sufficient quota of energy for one’s purpose. If something stands spoiled on account of human factor, it will never resume the same way.

Firstly to know about practical part of anything, one must have basic idea of the theory part of the same. But nowadays in the name of theory part what they know about is the ‘look & feel’ of celebrities from film or other walks of life. It is to be reminded that scope for any discussion lies only in theory part which is what Astrology is all about. But at the same time practical part also has to be theorized keeping in mind the issue of dichotomy of violence and non violence. This part is given the name of religion.

But even without astrology people develop such ideas through mediation or brooding and experience, as expressed through speculative philosophy. Practical part of this philosophy is given the name of religion, the target of which is how to derive all around pleasure from life in accordance with one’s own will-power leading to salvation (or ‘mukati’) after death. This includes how to strike a balance between individual and social interest, which is the hub of entire human civilization. But this message never reached to masses because of predominance of agrarian culture. Both astrology and religion remained a superstition or enigma for major part of mankind. In case of Astrology this attitude was partially justified because even later stage astrologer had no idea of will-power thing in relation to astrology. Moreover they used to profess it as medical science to make some earning out of it. So there was no point in revealing own secret.

Practical part of will-power theory, that is religion, is basically targeted towards an implicit issue, that is how to derive well-wishes and how to avoid ill-wishes of associates, in pursuit of both pre-demise and post-demise salvation. (In old time this was termed as inviting blessing(Vardan) or curse (Abhishap). Actually this terminology too was meant for only literary purpose.) At the same time it ensures how to a avoid developing bonds of attachment with worldly relations. This issue has myriads of dimensions keeping in mind the fact that no two individual/mind can ever be identical.

Additionally it has a negative face, inbuilt jealousy/sadism part, always trying to negate the element of religion into it, and trying to make the whole issue as something arbitrary. But such troubles may also arise on account of some negative factor of individual’s will-power itself. It is a trivial to remind that irrespective of all philosophical prescriptions for happiness, both joys and sorrows are inbuilt into the scheme of pleasure as two sides of the same coin. So amidst all precautions one will follow the other.

As said ‘karma’ has two parts. In the part beyond religious dictates, there is no scope for discussion. This is because it thrives upon sweet deception. But if such things are freely exchanged there remains no scope for deception. But ignorant people out of newly acquired realization of well-wishes and ill-wishes often start to speak out such type of issues and thereby not only making it redundant but creating a situation for unnecessary broil. Because even if we are aware of these issues there is no index, nor can there be, of any such issues to say accurately who did what. So it is meaningless amidst all realization. Even if we have to appreciate someone it must be done in term of just a ‘liking’ for each other’s company. If such thing is not based upon cordial interaction, or is not contextual, then irrespective of good or bad intention, result will inherently be negative for the other side. ( It is just like “Cat has cut across the way(बिल्ली रास्ता काट गयी)” leading to some accident which may have innumerable interpretations. ) In some cases it may generate rivals as well. The issue of will-power and karma, so described, is applicable between each & every two persons on the earth, and each & every moment, even if they are as close to each other as being husband and wife. So exchanging any such talk between the two amounts to suffering from ‘attachment’ in relation to each other which may finally lead to aversion towards each other or to divorce. In nut shell exchanging such type of talks, in relation to personal interest at least, is the height of egoism amounting to criminality. If there is some scope for any such discussion, it is only in relation to absolute will-power of subject under discussion, as nowadays may be required in relation to recommending someone for some high ranking positions, or sometimes in marital affairs even. Need not say that even such things are by product of individual’s own action , so there is no point in absolutism in this respect too. Such things are generally based on impression based on observation, not on any absolute knowledge of the thing. Moreover one’s persona consists of two parts-fore/apparent part and latent part. Two persons may have same fore part but different latent part. I personally call it Native planets( fore part) and Relative planets ( latent part).

A question often raised out of ignorance is whether one can change his/her destiny through karma or not. In fact karma itself is always preordained. If some of our action is not preordained , it becomes ‘kama’ that is lust. But lust cannot change destiny. However we cannot know what is preordained. This leads us to well known verdict of Gita, i.e. Karma is within our control but which of our action , and when would it, fructify itself is beyond our control. Evidently Gita has element of astrology inbuilt into it.

This confusion arises because in term of well/ill wishes there are two types of will-power, namely Jovian and non-Jovian. In case of Non-Jovian person, such things always have one-to-one effect and cannot be felt before it has been translated into an event. There is almost no physical effect( ignoring the issue of being nut which has myriads of traps). Conversely Jovian’s thing can be felt in advance at physical plane. In case of Jovian of high stature there may be one-to-many effect. But agrarian people or labor class people are generally not exposed to any such experience and hence start to talk explicitly and in the process making a mockery of the entire law of karma. Meaning thereby at least in relation to non-Jovian category, if a person talks in term of the practical part of one’s own will-power or karma, it is a sure sign of the same being a person of criminal bent. Unfortunately it is not possible to frame any mundane law in this context, otherwise it may be misused. So it should be, as it is, exercised as discretionary power. It may be called as a form of ‘Contempt of Court’ if raised during proceeding in Court. It should be beyond the power of even judge to condone it.

A complete study of astrology amounts to catching infinity into fist. However, Astro-philosophy as implied in astrology incorporates all branch of learning related to humanities. So I would like to switchover to astrology for further light on the issue. But prior to that, I would like to emphasize that one’s horoscope is the sketch of one’s will-power, as derived from planetary position at birth time. That is to say it is like the snap of birth moment of time cycle. For the time being let us ignore the controversial issue like that there may be born one person at the same moment, etc.

In astrology all the planets are associated with two distinct zodiac signs. So the corresponding dispositions, for the respective planets, are of two types. First one is called as planet being ‘depressed’ or ‘debilitated’ or ‘Neech ka’ in Hindi. Second one is called as planet being ‘highly placed’ or ‘exalted’ or ‘Ucch ka’ in Hindi. In exalted position a planet is endowed with both the qualities that is to say male and female quality in equal proportion. The two qualities counterbalance the ego part of the other. So it’s very congenial for the associates. They are charming like female and extrovert and dynamic like male. On the other hand in debilitated position person lacks both the qualities, so is a very drab type of self destructive person. There is another interpretation that in Neech position a planet/person becomes enemy of one’s own will-power, that is to say become self destructive and also looks down upon person of his/her own type/bent, as a result looses all the power what it was basically meant for. ((For example Jupiter in Capricorn sign has the trait of being “Mai hi Shikar Mai hi Shikari( I am the predator , I am the prey )” as a result becomes incapable for both. Such people are easy target of double mouth nut of opposite gender as derived from Gemini sign.))On the other hand planet in ‘Ucch’ disposition overcomes all the negative tendencies associated with the planet, and presumed to be in Karm yoga in first birth itself. The disposition for true Karma yoga is attained only in case of reincarnation.

But the interpretation of Rahu/Ketu for Ucch and Neech is very subtle and requires more explanation. This is because these are not planets in traditional sense. It has astronomical meaning, ontological meaning and astrological meaning associated with it. But for astrological purpose it represents the point in soul which is gateway to God/super consciousness. It may also give idea of the previous birth of the individual, if there was any. It may also give idea of the coming birth. This factor determines the evolutionary course of lineage and so on. I will come to the issue of its depressed and exalted aspect in next post.

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